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The cauldron spewed some smoke as the blonde boy with a dark wig continued to stir its contents in the dark room. The firewood placed beneath the cauldron crackled a bright red. The only other source of light was the candle which was placed at one far corner of the room such that the rays of light do not fall on the boy at all. He stirred the cauldron for another ten minutes in the clockwise direction and then had to stop for two minutes, as the instructions in the book said. In those two minutes, he gave instructions to the other club members in the actual doings of the rituals.

"Alright, boys -" said Nekozawa Umehito, nodding.

"- and girls" added Tachibana Rei, frowning.

"- and girls" said Nekozawa, as he threw a smile in her direction.

"This is it." said Matsumoto Rika, her eyes alight in excitement.

"The one we've all been waiting for" murmured Ikkaku Reiji and yawned quietly. Matsumoto Hatori nodded fervently.

"Scented candles" said Nekozawa, smiling and nodding.

"Hail all scented candles!" cried the rest of them, while Ikkaku yawned at the end of this proclamation as well.

"Alright. Now, after this, I've got some more stirring to do. So, when my work is done, you will have to assemble around the cauldron in a circle and start the chant. When I raise my right hand, it means you have to assemble in the circle. When I raise both hands, you will start the chant. Got it?" explained Nekozawa.

The others nodded.

It took about five minutes for Umehito to finish his potion stirring as per the instructions. It was at the fourth minute that the others saw the right hand raised and at the fifth minute, both hands were raised and the members assembled in the circle chanted.

The following words filled the air of the Black Magic Club thirteen times: Nalci jnihs ehtl lafo lufrewop tsomeht dlrowrednueht fosnomed liveht rofgnirb

By the time the chant was finished, Umehito had bought thirteen candles from the cupboard in the class room. He eased his way to the cauldron as the members of the circle who were four in number had formed the formation by being as distant as they can get from the other person. Once there was silence in the air, only the slosh of candles falling into the emerald-green liquid could be heard. The other members of the Club crowded around the potion, bubbling in the cauldron with curiosity and waited.

To their utter joy, one of the candles which had previously drowned started floating at the surface.

"Well, that wasn't that much of a failure. At least one candle surfaced." said Umehito, optimistically. "Let's try this ritual once again after school starts. Enjoy your holidays, everyone!"

The rest of the club helped their president to put away the cauldron and the firewood. ("Why are we even using firewood?" muttered Ikkaku, trying to rub the sleep out of his eyes. "To make sure the ritual goes well, my fellow Black Magic member!" cried Nekozawa cheerfully, still having the effect of the part-success)

"Right, boss!" said Hatori, as he clutched onto his older sister's hand. "Happy holidays, Nekozawa-sempai, Tachibana-sempai, Reiji-kun!"

"Rei-chan, we have to go. So, come over to my house tomorrow, okay?" asked Rika, as she slapped her brother's pulling hand off her arm. "Stop pulling, Tori! Rei-chan?"

"Yeah, I'll be there" said Rei in a monotone which for a normal person would have seemed disinterested. But the Matsumoto's being anything but normal seemed to be satisfied with the response and left the room after wishing the other club members a good holiday.

Once Reiji and Rei left the room, Umehito took a few vials from the shelves and brought it to the formerly smoke spewing cauldron. He took a few samples from the potion and then poured the rest of the contents in a few containers, for future use. The vials he packed to take to his house while the container was to remain in the school cup-boards. The end-of-year vacation was for two months which gave him enough time to research on the way to make scented candle ritual work, he decided. The cauldron and the stirrer went to the corner of the room where he usually kept things that needed to be washed or cleaned. Finally taking Beelzenef in his hand, he strode out of the room, donning his wig, his cloak and his school bag.

"Maybe it will be in Potions of Everyday life?" he thought as he walked to the gates towards the limousine his family owned. Halfway to the gate, he saw that the benches and the chairs that were placed on the grass at the sides of the pathway started to fall teeter and fall suddenly.

"An earthquake?" he murmured, but kept walking.

He didn't see the smoke which spewed from the windows of the Third Chemistry Lab room after a few minutes.

A crystal present in the cupboard started to glow a bright blue colour. An unnatural wind was created in the Chemistry lab which caused the latch to ease itself open and the doors of the cupboard to open. The cap of the container opened by itself and the container tipped to its side so that a small portion of the potion formed a puddle on the ground. The crystal now glowed a bright, fiery red that the air around it underwent combustion to such a degree that it sent the firewood put away by the club members at the edge of the classroom to catch fire. But the unnatural thing in this is that, out of all the combustible materials in the room, the fire was controlled to only the firewood.

A gnarled hand came out of the puddle of blue potion on the ground. And if one heared closely, one could hear the snarls of an animal crying, 'At last, I get my freedom!'