A/N: Written for the glee_angst_meme, the prompt: "Finn is home alone one night, and Kurt's new boyfriend, Sam, sneaks into the house; attacking Finn, and raping him in his own bed. Rather than calling the police, or telling someone; Finn goes into denial, washing his sheets to get rid of the blood stains, and pretending that he's fine whenever Sam is invited over for dinner at their place. Burt and Carole notice Finn's discomfort whenever Sam is around, but Burt accuses Finn of being homophobic again." And I have a feeling I'm going to really regret writing this when season 2 airs and Sam has an actual character. :|

1: The Roses

Finn's just hanging out at his house one night, idly watching something on TV – he's not really paying attention. He's the only one home; Burt and Mom have gone on some date, and Kurt's out with the girls – Finn doesn't mind. He's content just lounging there, being lazy, when the doorbell rings.

He frowns a little, but crosses over to the door and opens it. He seems Sam, Kurt's boyfriend, dressed in black jeans and a fancy-looking equally black silk shirt. He holds his hands behind his back, and looks anxious.


"Hey Finn," he says. "Is Kurt home?"

Finn shakes his head. "Nah, he's out with Mercedes and Quinn and Tina," he explains. "And what's behind your back?"

Sam snorts slightly. "Wow, I missed my timing. And they're roses," he says, pulling them out from behind his back. Finn blinks.


"I wanted to surprise Kurt. You know what a romantic he is," Sam says. He sighs and hands the flowers to Finn. "Tell him I was here, and I brought these. Don't want this visit to be for nothing."

"Wait," Finn says as Sam's about to turn around and go home. "You can come in. There's no-one home, I'm bored."

Finn steps aside so Sam can come in, and he does so, putting the flowers down on the table. "Thanks," he says. Finn goes to the kitchen and for the fridge.

"You want a beer or something?"


Finn gets two out and returns to the lounge room, giving one to Sam, who is grimacing at the show. "Oh god, tell me you don't actually watch this," Sam says.

Finn frowns. "Um. No? I'm not that sure what it actually is. Wasn't really paying attention."

"Oh thank god," says Sam. "It's terrible. Terribly written, offensive, cheesy, and it's just not funny."

"Dude, relax," Finn says. "It's just a show. We can change the channel."

He does so, although he doesn't pay any more attention to this show than the last one. He and Sam make small talk, discussing football, Glee (which Sam isn't in, but he's interested in what Kurt does), Kurt, Rachel, a whole bunch of crap. They just sit there for ages, occasionally pausing because one of them needs to go to the bathroom – Finn remembers to threaten Sam with bodily harm if he touches his beer.

After a while, Finn starts to feel a little woozy. This confuses him. There's a buzzing in his ears, and not the pleasant kind he'd get if he was wasted – sure Puck's drunk him under the table every time they've actually checked, but even he's not enough of a lightweight to get drunk off one beer – it feels like having a wasp in there, and wasps freak him out – he's allergic to bees and apparently that means wasp stings can kill you – so this is bad. He takes another gulp of his beer, hoping it will clear his head, but it only makes things worse – he feels tired, and he feels a little sick.

The hell?

Sam notices the expression on Finn's face, and looks concerned. "You okay?"

Finn shakes his head. "No," he says, the word getting slurred in his mouth. His vision is starting to blur; his head feels like it's swimming, and he no longer feels like he has any control over his limbs. They feel loose and unsteady, like jello.

Sam puts down his beer, then reaches across and takes Finn's out of his hand, putting that down too. "You look like you need to sleep," he says, getting up and kneeling before Finn. Finn nods thoughtlessly. "Your room. Can you walk?"

Finn isn't sure, so he tries – he unsteadily tries to stand up; his knees buckle and he collapses. Sam manages to catch him, and somewhere at the back of his mind Finn is a little impressed – being six foot five does not equal being an easy weight to catch.

"Come on," Sam says, wrapping one of Finn's big arms around his shoulders and starting to walk. He drags Finn up to his room (somehow, he knows which one it is) and puts him down on the bed. Finn closes his eyes and groans, tired on levels he wasn't even that aware of, and curls up slightly. His body will only respond in the tiniest of ways to the commands of his brain.

Sam sits down on the bed with him, which surprises Finn – he expected Sam to walk away, go home or call Kurt, saying "Hi, your almost-stepbrother's dying for no real reason, mind getting your ass back here?" but he doesn't do either. Finn opens his eyes slightly, and Sam gently strokes the side of his face – Finn shivers a little, thinking the hell?

"What?" Finn tries to ask, but it just comes out as a meaningless sound, like 'Fah?'. Sam smiles, and his hand wanders slowly down, mapping the area of Finn's chest through the stretchy fabric of his T-shirt.

"It's okay, it's okay," Sam whispers, but the room in Finn's brain not taken up by the buzzing really doesn't agree. This is scaring him. He wants to leave. He tries to get back up, but his body doesn't obey – he makes it up about a third of an inch – and his head is spinning too much for him to have any idea how to get out of here. Through his blurry vision, he thinks he sees the area of Sam's crotch looking bigger, but – no. It's just his crazy eyes and crazy brain, Sam's not really going to...

That thought gets cut off midway through when Sam reaches for zipper of Finn's jeans, dragging it open slowly. Finn makes a choked, panicking sound, to which Sam responds, "Shh, shh, it's okay." Finn doesn't believe him. Sam slides the pants off way too easily, and Finn whimpers – if Puck was here, he'd probably make fun of Finn for sounding like a girl. Sam's hand then reaches for his own jeans, standing for a second to take them off, then carefully unbuttoning the shirt. Finn uses the opportunity to try and get up again, but he doesn't succeed any more than he did last time. Soon, Sam crouches before him, naked – although Finn's vision is still too blurry to see the finer details – pressed against Finn.

He enters roughly, with no preparation, and Finn wails – it hurts. A lot. Tears form in his eyes, somehow making everything even blurrier. The bizarre swirling effect in his head is doing its best to block out a little of the pain, but it's not working, not with the rough thrusts inside him that make Finn whimper and wail. Something snaps and he's pretty sure he can feel blood over his thighs, although it's hard to concentrate on any one sensation at a time; he gets torn between watching the spinning Earth, feeling the pain and the nausea, and listening to Sam's grunts and his own girly cries. Pathetic, Finn thinks, and he's not even a hundred percent sure what that means, so...

He rolls his head back on the pillow, desperate to focus on anything but the horrible image of Sam above him. He strains to make the sight of his headboard come back into focus, but then Sam roughly tugs his head back down, which fucks up that plan. "Look at me," Sam says, holding Finn in place so he can't really disobey. Sam picks up the pace and that makes it hurt more; Finn winces and flinches. His head is still screaming nopleasedon'tdon'tnoplease, but his tongue feels useless in his mouth, and he just can't talk – all that comes out are garbles cries and whimpers.

Sam comes and it's finally open; Finn's body just lies there as the other boy pulls out of him. Sam breathes heavily, pulls his clothes back on, but doesn't bother with Finn's.

When he's fully dressed, Sam walks out of the room, leaving Finn bloody and lying there on the bed. His head still feels like a swarm of insects, but as much as Finn can think, he thinks Sam is leaving, before he comes back into the room.


Sam throws something and Finn blinks at the barely-there weight landing on his chest; the soft touch and the prickle of thorns. He looks down as much as he can, and sees the bloom of red across his chest – his blurry vision and addled mind makes him think it's just the blood for a few seconds, but then he realizes what they are. The roses.

"Don't give those to Kurt. Keep 'em yourself," Sam says, and goes. Finn hears the front door swing open, then shut, and mercifully passes out.