an: Sorry about this- thanks to everyone who has reviewed, however there is one I must address.

Blank, Feared things and fact check- quite apart from the fact you come across as rude and somewhat superior, I'd like to take the chance to correct you- I hope this chapter is a wonderful surprise.

Your first review- all I can say is what you seem to be lacking is patience. This is a story, not a recount of an event- human beings have something called emotions, and if I disregarded them I wouldn't be much of a writer.

the second- actually, having read the next chapter- I hope you realised there was a feared set of circumstances emphasised and made a visual metaphor. He knows subconsciously his fear of being close to her and deliberate avoidance is destroying the possibility of having children with her- this is a point of self conflict. By preventing the possibility of something he wants very much, he is 'shooting her'- though considering they are NOT entirely honest in terms of perspective of truth, the Hathoria emphasise this. It seems you are lacking in that thing so beloved by intellectuals and artists- in spite of your obvious depths of knowledge- an imagination. Also- I'm afraid I'm not studying pyschology- this is a work of fiction, and should not be taken as anything else.

the third- did I mention anything about her becoming human? I thought it was where her time lord self was stored- as exemplified in the episodes with the master, and the two you mentioned. Donna does not need to change her species, she needs to store her excessive consciousness- this is not done by a chameleon arch- which is a device of transferral. I'm sorry- would you like to watch the episode again? In the end though- I'm not writing this for an obsession with Doctor Who- I'm doing it because I find it enjoyable, it seems odd you would go out of your way to make it the opposite.

I hope one day you can overcome your arrogance and frankly know-it-all attitude, and learn something from the show other than the technicalities- like the art of life, love, joy and time. Until then, I'm afraid if you post any more abusive comments without me being able to reply I will report them- I have no wish to be attacked by someone unwilling even to go by the same name.

There is a difference between being a critic and being an insecure superior bully. Apparently you have not yet learnt that. Until you do- please don't do this to anyone else.

Katherine Moonhawk.