I will have my happy ending.

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Tears rolled down from her soft cheeks. It was the middle of the night and everything was silent, except for a girl, weeping on her bed. She can't stop thinking that the one she loved was gone.

"I can't forget you and you know that. I can't…" Tazusa's heart was filled with sorrow and grieving.

She did her best to try just sleep but it was too much. She tossed and she turned in her bed. Her heart was with discomfort without her angel guarding and watching her every night.

"I didn't even get a blink of sleep last night." She thought and she fixed her bed and got dressed.

"Tazusa, you seem troubled these past days. Are there any problems?" her coach asked with such sincerity in his voice. Tazusa just smiled and gave that caressing smile that isn't being seen for a while. That afternoon in class, she was spacing out in every subject and always to be saved by her seatmate from getting caught.

"Pete…" her voice disappeared in the wind and she let out a sigh. She stared into open space and thought of her love. What used to be the happy and energetic Tazusa seemed nothing after Pete stopped haunting her. Her friend Mika has been noticing and had been trying to let her spill the beans, but Tazusa is too hard.

This night. Tazusa fell asleep peacefully compared to the other nights. She felt like someone was watching, caring and missing her too, and it was no mistake that it can Pete.

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