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I was only ever trying to make Beck jealous. Keep that in mind. I mean, I couldn't bear seeing him with that stupid slut Tori so soon after we broke up. I didn't think he had the balls, to be honest. But if he was going to date her, then I was going to show him what he was missing. I was going to make him jealous. Because Jade West doesn't crawl. People crawl to her.

It was Tori's fault. She doesn't belong here. Sure she can sing, but she's like a drunken gazelle when she moves. A klutz. And she had to tempt Beck, by being all sweet and nice to him. I may have overreacted, dumping him, but I thought he'd come crawling back for sure. But he'll realise soon enough what a fool he is. He belongs with me. He's mine.

I know seeing me with someone else will kill him. But who? I know Sinjin's always had a thing for me, but he couldn't make a wet mop jealous. I need someone weak, someone easily persuaded. But someone hot. Sure, it wasn't a nice thing to do, but I'm not nice.

I ran to the bathroom after I saw them walking down the hall together, holding hands. As much as I want to cry, I can't. Not in school. My eyeliner runs too much. I didn't even know anyone noticed that I ran off. Usually people avoid me when I glare at them like that. But Cat was always different. And it was like a lightbulb going off in my head when she walked into the bathroom, looking for me. I could use her. She was sweet and naive. Perfect. I could fool her so easily. And it would drive Beck crazy to see me with a girl, I knew it.

"Jade... are you okay?" She came up to me slowly, tentatively. She wasn't stupid.

I chewed my lip, my idea swirling around in my head. I knew it would work. Cat was so easy to manipulate. "Because I saw Tori with Beck... and then you ran off... and- and I thought you might be upset."

I felt another surge of jealousy run through me. I took a step towards Cat. She looked around uncertainly. "I'm okay Cat." I force a smile, but that just seems to scare her more. I let it drop. "No. I'm not okay." I try to look as miserable as I can. It's surprisingly easy. It seems to work, as Cat comes closer.

"Aww, Jade... don't cry."

It takes all I have not to snap at her. I don't cry. Well... I do, but only when I choose to. I sniff a little bit instead, wiping an eye. And then Cat's wrapping her warm arms around me, and holding me like I'm fragile. My heart beats faster. I have to get him back. This'll work. It has to. I move my arms around her, and she looks up at me, her red hair shining so brightly under the fluorescents. She's so fucking innocent. Someone like her is just asking to be corrupted. She shouldn't be so tempting. I move a hand to her face, tilting her chin up. "Jade?"

I smile, because she's so clueless. It doesn't faze me that she's a girl. Labels are for idiots who need to define everything. Although I am fazed by the depth of her stupidity. She's just standing there, not even realising what I'm about to do, just watching me, waiting. I move my face to hers, and I touch my lips to hers softly, so softly. I hear her breath gasp in, and press my lips against her harder, making her kiss me. Her lips are tentative at first, but she starts to respond, her little body trembling against me. It's probably the first real kiss she's ever had. But she's not bad. She's actually a pretty good kisser. But too soft and sweet. I swear, she actually tastes like candy. But it's not as unpleasant as I thought it'd be. It's actually kind of nice. Good. It should make it easier.

Our lips part with a soft sound, and she's breathing out through her mouth, her hot breath feathering my face. "J-jade?" Her voice is all soft and sweet and confused. I cup my hand against her cheek and she shivers, leaning into it slightly.

"Do you wanna be my girlfriend Cat?" I don't have the time, or the inclination to be coy. I'm blunt. It's who I am.

"Y-you like me?" This was even easier than I thought it would be. Her voice is so hopeful, like she can't believe anyone would like her. I study her for a moment. She's more fucked up than I gave her credit for.

"Yeah. You're cute." I don't know how she's even believing me. My voice is flat, emotionless, but then I guess it always is. "And... sweet."

She looks down, and I have to squint, but I think she's actually blushing. "That's so nice!" She gushes. I lift her head again and kiss her. Anything to shut her up. She meets me more eagerly this time, and I was right, she does taste like candy. The bell does it's weird chime thingy and she jumps, squeaking. I suppress the urge to roll my eyes and take her hand.

"Let's go get some lunch."

Her eyes light up, and I swear she'd be clapping her hands together if I wasn't holding one. "Yay! Lunch!"

Ugh. She's so cheerful. It sickens me. I smile smugly as we walk out of the bathroom, Cat's hand warm and smooth in mine. This is gonna kill Beck. I know it. And then he'll beg me to take him back. I glance over at Cat, who's chattering away about something. Sure, it'll probably hurt her, but she'll bounce back. The girl's a paradigm of optimism. And she'll learn a valuable lesson. Never trust anyone.

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