On Passion's Wings

Black Diamond

Summary: This is not your average story of boy meets girl. For one thing, the boy is a superhero who has traveled to the end of the galaxy-y seriously. And your girl a Thanagarian warrior who has been reincarnated time and time again. The story follows the promiscuous love affair between the League members Hawkgirl and Green Lantern as they try to cope with feelings and deal with the changes they have had to face with the Thanagarian invasion.

Chapter 1: Fallen

"Shayera, watch out." The warning came little too late. Sinestro's power blast sent her careening into the ground, nocked out.

"NO." Green Lantern shouted sending his own power blasting into Sinestro.

Black Canary rushed over to check on Shayera, but Killer Frost intercepted her, drawing the Canary in a confrontation.

Shade was giving Wonder Woman a hard time. John nocked Sinestro out giving Buster Gold the opening he needed to finish off Sinestro.

"Shayera." John whispered into her ears leaning down to check on her. She was out, and her pulse was low. That attack by Sinestro had been aimed at him, it was a powerful blast. Sinestro had been aiming to kill and he might have succeeded.

John took her into his arms and called in to headquarters.

'Preparing to Teleport.' J'onn's voice rang in his head. John sent his response and they were teleported to Watch Tower.

There was a medical crew already waiting there for them. They had Shayera on a stretcher and began to wheel her to the medical center.

The center was located near enough to the teleportation center. John stayed close to the stretcher, and when the medical team moved her from the stretcher to the hospital bed he kept a close eye, to make sure they did not worsen her injury.

"Sinestro attacked her." He stated when the Doctor Sheila Cartel took out a pad and demanded notes on what to do. She wrote down everything that took place and nodded.

"Well for now, her vitals seem low, but considering she is part Avian and not fully mortal I am confident it will return back to normal on its own accord. Just allow her to rest, I have dealt with Shayera before her healing abilities are phenomenal." John nodded and watched as the doctor walked out of the room.

He looked at the monitors, her heart rate was excessively low, far too low for the standard. She was close to flat-lining.

But he knew Shayera, and her biology. She has gone through worst. This was nothing. Nothing at all.

"John? How is she?" Diana came in concerned. She looked a little shoveled up, but nothing major. A few cuts and scratches here and there that would heal soon enough. She did have a bandaid covering one shoulder, but that was the worst of her injuries.

"Doc says to let her rest. What about?" Diana went to the bedside and stared at Shayera.

"We handled them. Sinestro escaped with Shade. Batman thinks they are up to something. That someone else is helping them out." Diana leaned against the wall staring out at the view of open space.

"Who?" Not that John could not name some names, but the list of villains willing to orchestrate this was a rather long one and if the Bat had managed to shirring down that list of suspects.

"He's working on it. " She took a final look at the bed-bound Shayera and sighed.

"Let me know how she's doing okay. I know I haven't been the most supportive about her return, but I really am glad she is back." Diana stated looking at John with a frown.

"Don't worry, she understands that." John said looking over at Shayera. He knew she understood that, but there were moments when their egos and their little female bickering gets on his nerves. Why did they have to be so strong willed.

Diana left and John seated himself on the sofa across from her bed. He would keep watch over her, just to ensure that nothing goes bad.

Looking out at the blackness of space there was no way for John to tell weather or not it was day or night. All he was certain of what that he had been seated there in the hospital room for what seemed like days.

Doctor Sheila came in a few times to check on her. She had left only seconds ago.

"Hey. How is she doing?" Flash stuck his head in from the hospital door. John sighed for what seemed like the millionth time in that single day.

"Better. There was some improvement, but its really slow." Flash walked into the room and stood besides John, he leaned against the wall and crossed his arms across his chest.

"Its really weird seeing Shayera all relaxed like this. I mean, that woman can be one feisty warrior. This rest is good for her." John began to make jokes about how the only time Shayera seemed to get any rest these days was when she was knocked out.

John laughed as well. The woman was always active. Being inactive somehow just makes her go mad with boredom and there was nothing more dangerous than a bored Shayera. Before they had broken up, she would spend her free time with him; and well she was the reason he bought his new Wii and that virtual World Game that he had to pull some strings to get from a buddy of his off planet. Shayera had a tendency to get bored really easily back then, and it seemed as if things hadn't changed much.

Lately however, she had been spending too much time trying to get rid of her excess energy by fighting. She refused to come by and hang out with him like the old times, instead choosing to go out with Carter, who ends up dragging her into one of his numerous battles with Shadowman rather than allow her to relax.

Flash suddenly stopped speaking focusing his gaze on Shayera lying down on the bed.

"Vixen just returned." The silence that fell over the room after that statement was unnerving. It as obvious that Flash had informed John so that he could leave and go meet with her. She had just arrived from a difficult mission and would probably need the comfort.

But then again there was Shayera. Despite his continued insistence to stay with Vixen, everyone could see that he did not belong with her. And Vixen was the type of woman to enjoy a ride to the very end. She would not be the one bringing this relationship to end, because despite everything she did love John.

"Shayera needs me." John finally broke the silence. Flash sighed removing his mask to reveal the beautiful red locks that fell around his face in disarray. He ran his hands through his hair, attempting to somehow organize it.

"Look. Shayera is passed out at the moment, she will not even know you are gone. So unless you want to end this thing with Vixen permanently then I suggest you go see how you girlfriend is doing." Flash emphasized the girlfriend. John took one look at Shayera and took note of the serious look in Flash's face and he immediately got up.

John knew that Shayera was important to him, far too important than she should be, but so was Vixen.

"I'll be right back." John said walking out of the room to go and meet with Vixen in the lounge.

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