On Passion's Wings

Black Diamond

Summary: This is not your average story of boy meets girl. For one thing, the boy is a superhero who has traveled to the end of the galaxy-y seriously. And your girl a Thanagarian warrior who has been reincarnated time and time again. The story follows the promiscuous love affair between the League members Hawkgirl and Green Lantern as they try to cope with feelings and deal with the changes they have had to face with the Thanagarian invasion.

Chapter 3: Re-Evaluated Relationships

"So you what John? Did you think kissing her would make her heal faster. God I can't believe you thought I'd be okay with that." Vixen asked standing in John's living room with her suite case at hand. John sighed staring at her crestfallen.

"Vixen I told you it was all on impulse. I love you, you know I do." John dug his hand through his head exasperated.

"Yes I know you love me. But you love her too. And to be honest I don't know which one of us you would love to be in this relationship with. So when you figure that out come get me." John stared as Vixen walked out of his apartment. He wanted to stop her, or better yet a part of him wanted to stop her.

The other part of him wanted to somehow make sure that Vixen finds joy with someone else so that he would not feel dejected about pursuing Shayera.

And yet somehow, he had the innate feeling that this was not the way things were meant to be. That things were suppose to be happier.

He was suppose to be happier.

But he wasn't.

Here he was, without his girlfriend while Shayera was off at Watch Tower with Carter.

He stared at his empty living room and sighed again. Vixen had taken all of her clothes with her, she was moving into one of her flats in Pheonix, sunshine state and a flight away from him. At least she didn't relocate to Africa.

But there wasn't much he could do. He had kissed another woman so she had a right to leave him.

It was late, and there wasn't much he could do about Vixen at the moment so John just retired. It was a rare thing for him to get his required six hours of sleep with emergencies, weather planetary or not, rousing him in the middle of his sleep.

At Watch Tower Shayera tried to eat the meal Carter had brought for her from the Lunch room.

She picked at it while laughing at a joke Carter just made. It was good to have another Thanagarian around, some of their jokes no one else would understand because well…it was Thanagarian.

"Yes I would have loved to see that." She stated taking a bite at the caesar salad.

"How are you feeling now?" Carter asked. He wasn't gawking over her like a concerned mother hen; that would have annoyed the living stars out of her. No he was seated on the sofa across from her bed but staring at her with complete worry.

She liked it this way. If it had been John he would have been all over the place, worrying and babying her around like she was incapable of handling herself.

He would have most likely insisted on feeding her. As if she would allow that to happen. No John hadn't degraded her to the level of being spoon fed yet. Though he had tried once before after the Bizzaro incident.

Carter however wasn't John. He was Thanagarian and he understood she would much prefer to do for herself even when injured.

But for some inexplicable reason, she wasn't too pleased by the space he was offering her.

Sure John would have annoyed the hell out of her, but he always manages to end their interactions (cough* fights) with laughter or with a sense of pure serenity.

This, with Carter just left her time to contemplate things.

Things such as John loving Vixen now. And how she is trying to cope with the hurt by being with Carter-who reminded her so much of her home world and was the reincarnation of a past lover. A lover whom she did somehow love.

"Shayera!" Carter called again, she turned her gaze from her meal and looked at him.

"How are you feeling?" He asked.

Shayera sighed. She did not know how she was feeling. Emotionally she was in turmoil, and physically she ached.

"I've been better." Shayera stated, she wanted to get out of the damned bed but Shayera was practically naked and well, she wasn't ready to prance around practically naked for Carter yet.

They were still on the trial version of their relationship.

Thankfully Carter left a while later promising to return once he finishes his mission schedule. Sighing Shayera got off the bed.

"Shayera. How are you…" John stopped to stare. Shayera stared back her eyes wide with chock.

"Knock John. You never knock." He smiled, walking into the room and closing the door behind him.

"First, you were injured and bedridden I didn't think it would make a difference." When she made an attempt to respond he raised his hand to stop her.

"I know your injuries did not make you deaf, but I did not think it would matter, because I didn't think you would be up so soon. And third, I have already seen you naked." John said a smile engulfing his entire face. Shayera however did not look happy, she was pissed…but the red flare on her face only broadened his smile.

"Yes well. Next time knock. And where are my damned clothes?" Shayera asked looking around.

"Well they were ripped apart when I brought you in." John said staring at Shayera who just raised her brow.

"So you stripped me?" The look in John's eyes left her breathless. He ran his eyes up and down her body taking a full sight of her standing there in her red silk underwear and the matching lace maroon bra.

"God I wish… No, the nurses did…But I think you would like to know that from now on whenever I see you in that uniform fighting, I will be thinking of this day and the way you look right now." He grinned wider when she threw the bed covering at him.

"Get me something to wear." Shayera demanded. John left the room laughing.