Firstly, thank you to every person who reviewed to Car Crash and asked for a sequel. This story, Repercussions, is a series of short one-shots from different POVs taking place after the car accident. Because people seemed to like my EPOV, this first chapter is from him. I think that's about everything, please enjoy. xx


"Edward" I glanced over at my Bella, sitting on the steps to my house. She was cradling a steaming cup of hot chocolate and wearing my jacket to keep warm. I always loved how she looked in that jacket; tough, mature, sexy. I also loved that she was wearing my jacket and that it would smell of Bella for days after.

"Yes Bella?" I asked.

She didn't answer but sighed heavily. I smirked. She thought my actions were unnecessary, superfluous – but she had given up voicing her opinions on the matter. Because I wasn't going to stop.

I was giving her beloved, ancient truck a workup. The incident with Jess's car last Sunday had gotten my thinking. Of course if anything ever happened with Bella's truck I would remove her from the cabin as swiftly and safely as possible. But what if I wasn't riding with her when something happened? What if she was driving home from work and her headlights failed and she crashed in the dark? I shook my head to dislodge the image. It wasn't going to happen. I would make sure of it.

Bella sighed again. "This is silly" She spoke in a normal conversation tone even though I was meters away. "Won't Alice just see an accident happening and tell me not to drive my truck that day?"

I spoke slightly louder for her human hearing. "It might not work like that. If your brakes gave way it would be random and unpredictable and wouldn't give me enough time to get to you"

She bit her lip, considering. I hoped she would take her own safety more seriously. Truthfully, I would be better at ease if she would always ride with me in my Volvo whenever she went anywhere but I knew that wasn't practical. I couldn't imprison her whenever I went hunting. I suppose I could ask Alice to drive her when I was away...

"Did Alice see the accident with Lauren?" Bella called out, breaking my train of thought.

I felt a low growl grow in my chest at the mention of her name. While I had told her that Lauren thought less than cordial thoughts about her, Bella still seemed unable to grasp the girls' wickedness. But I didn't want to explain the situation further; it would only upset and embarrass her. Not to mention tempt me to hurt Lauren. And I wanted to spend my Bella time with her and her alone. I should be with her watching a movie or in my room right now but her truck needed to be prepared. "Yes. She saw it about five minutes before it happened. But she couldn't tell when it would happen exactly. I want to be ready" Bella took a sip of her hot chocolate and she smiled to herself. "Is it any good?" I asked. Normally Esme made her drinks but she was out with Carlisle. I had prepared her drink myself, ready for when she arrived.

"It's great" she smiled. "Thank you"

"You're welcome" I smiled back at her.

"Why couldn't you look over my truck in the garage?" Bella pouted.

I frowned. "Are you cold?"

Bella blushed and huddled closer in her jacket. "No I'm not actually" I grinned, glad she enjoyed wearing my jacket as much as I enjoyed seeing her in it. "I was just curious"

I returned to checking the pressure on her tires. I wasn't working at my normal pace, but still a little faster than a human. It made conversation easier when Bella could actually see me. I frowned when her front right wheel was seriously depleted. "I thought the rain could give your truck a wash while I worked."

I watched as she looked over her trucks dirty underbelly and shrugged. "It's not my fault Forks is muddy. How does your Volvo stay so clean anyway?"

I grinned. "Stain resistant paint"

She furrowed her brow adorably. "Never heard of it"

I laughed. "I could get you a car with it." She poked out her tongue at me. "It wouldn't be that bad. It'd be a lot safer too. Airbags. Control steering. Seatbelts that don't outdate you"

"I like living dangerously" Bella rolled her eyes. "And may I remind you the crash had nothing to do with my innocent car"

"I know" I frowned. It was all Lauren's fault. She was being reckless and distracting herself with images of me. I shuddered. How she had deluded herself into actually believing my relationship with Bella was temporary never failed to infuriate me. I should only have to prove my love to Bella, not to our nosy classmates.

"Are you going to do a work-up of everyone's cars in Forks? Or just the entire school?" she was teasing but she had provided me with a seg-way into a conversation I had been meaning to have.

"Actually I would prefer it if you didn't ride with Lauren again. Or Jess" I stood still, waiting for her reaction. I had run through this conversation in my mind but I knew I would never be able to accurately predict her reaction. Anger? Laughter? I waited.

When she didn't say anything straight away, I straightened from my position hunched over her engine. She was looking down at her mug. I was about to ask if she'd heard me when she spoke. "Ok"

"Ok?" I asked, surprised, puzzled.

She glanced up and saw me watching her and looked surprised herself. "What?"

I ran over and sat on the step lower than her so that we were at eye level. She blinked at my sudden motion but otherwise did nothing. It was impossible not knowing her thoughts but I felt as though lessening the physical distance between us would help. "You're accepting? Just like that?"

She nodded, looking as confused as I felt. "Yeah - just like that"

I pressed her; I wanted to know the reasons behind her reply. "No anger? No demanding an explanation? Telling me I'm overreacting? You're just not going to ride with them again?"

Understanding flickered in her eyes and she laughed quietly. "No" she looked down at her mug. "I know how the accident upset you" – she had no idea the full extent the accident had on me. I'd been careful not to show her my true distress. 'Upset' was an understatement- "and I don't want to put you through that again...And I know you don't like Lauren, or Jess very much." She lifted her eyes to mine. "If it puts you at ease, I promise I won't ride with either of them again" I let out a slow breath. My Bella always surprised me. She understood me far better than I understood her. I knew she was astute but she always seemed to realise so much more than I meant her to. She was very talented at reading people. "Is that ok?" she asked shyly, since I hadn't reacted.

I couldn't stop myself from grinning at her. "Yes. Thank you"

She laughed again, sounding breathless. "That's ok"

I laughed along with her. "You know, Emmet and Jasper were betting on how you would react"

"Really?" Her eyes widened. "Who bet what?"

"Jasper thought you would laugh in my face. Emmet thought you would 'throw a hissy fit'" She laughed at that and I sat back, delighted, watching her glow.

"Does kinda maybe sound like me something I would do" she cringed.

A gust of wind blew from the east then; blowing Bella's hair to the side. She shivered and huddled closer in my jacket.

"Are you cold now?" I didn't need to ask; I could see the goose bumps on her flesh.

"Yes" she answered and looked at her truck. "Is it roadworthy?"

I stood and ran over to the vehicle. I closed the bonnet and locked the doors. "It is"

She stood. "Good. Thank you"

"Anything, anytime" I answered. I heard her heartbeat increase at my words. The words were a promise that I would happily fulfil and we both knew it.

I took her hand and led her back indoors just as a light mist begun, dusting her windscreen. The truck was far from perfect – I would replace it in the coming months – but it was safe enough for Bella to drive on her rare solo rides.

My Bella had surprised me again with her reactions and I smiled at her allowances of my whims. Bella was a lot stronger than she looked. But I would not allow her to be put in harm's way; whether from a vampire or a car. It was my job to make her safe.

Thank you for reading. Love, me