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By the time Jim got down to med-bay (after a vary long …shower) things were all ready moving on. (and by moving on I mean moving on from crazy and straight towards insanity)

For a minute Jim did nothing but watch.

Bones was treating someone, someone who seemed to be bleeding badly (but Jim's angle wasn't that good and let's face it he's a Captain damnit, not a doctor). But Bones didn't seemed too concerned or at least nobody else was, because five or six nurse/lieutenants/ext. were running back and forth stopping to talk to Bones, holding out pads (none of which he signed ) and babbling mumbo jumbo while Bones issued orders like a champ.

For a full minute Jim watched and felt amusement and pride and a touch of concern mix in his (very suddenly) rather relaxed state of mind.

Something caught McCoy's eye because he was suddenly staring (and glaring) at Jim making motions for Jim to come closer. Something Jim was hesitant to do because the bloody gloved hands of a very mad doctor were not comforting.

Walking closer Jim stopped just far enough away to give the gurney some space, but close enough to talk to his best friend.

"What's happenin' Bones…other then that guy's internal and very invasive surgery, ya know not everyone likes having their organs man handled…"

McCoy let out a sound somewhere between a snort and a growl. (This kid was not as funny as he thought he was…) "What's up Jim, is that there have been several more explosions…"

Jim felt his heart skip a beat and his stomach drop through his shoes and possible that rushing sound in his ears was his soul leaving his body (or all his blood draining down with his stomach) and quiet suddenly Jim was shivering, cold to the core, needless to say his tentative good mood had vanished.

McCoy knew his best friend, probably better then anyone else (for the moment). Jim had never feared for his life. No, Kirk had faced death too often too young. Jim greeted the possibility of his own death more like an old friend then an old enemy.

But the one thing Jim had never faced well was the possibility of those under his protection coming to harm.

And his Crew was his to protect (the way Jim saw it anyway). Kirk had withstood many things, from the icy pits of hell to watching his crew die all around him, but it had never made facing others pain any easier.

(Well others as it relates to the innocent and those he is sworn to care for, enemies can go jump off a cliff, Jim was never into the whole sportsmanly conduct thing, war wasn't a game, lives weren't pawns and anyone who thoughts should go jump in a hole and pray he doesn't find them…)

That's why McCoy knew the look in Jim's eyes, knew that dead cold stare, and felt fear and empathetic pain mix in the back of his throat like bile. And he realized his mistake.

"Kid…Jim look no one but this idiot got hurt and he was inured trying to close a breech one of the bombs made…look at me Jim everything's fine…"

Jim took a moment to swallow. Bones was his best friend but Bones didn't lie, he didn't do sugar coated. If Bones said that everyone would be fine then it would be. And slowly his blood/soul/various internal organs found their way back to their proper place, but a sense of guilt lingered a sense of responsibility he recognized and he knew it wasn't leaving for quiet a while.

McCoy watched for a moment then turned his attention back to Lt. Majors. The man was done all he needed now was a couple rounds with the regenerator and he wouldn't even have a scar to show for his idiocy. Glancing over he caught Chapel's eye. The woman smart as she was knew what he was saying, without a word she came over and gently pulled the gurney towards the heavy duty regenerators.

"Jim, you with me?"

Jim looked at his friend, and glanced around for the guy with a gapping stomach wound. But Bones was walking away and pulling off his gloves, so (mystery of the guy with stomach issues remaining) he followed Bones to the sink.

"Yeah Bones I'm with you, so you want to give me the once over? Cause I'll tell you right now I'm feeling just fine." Remembering his earlier activities his patented grin started to return. "Yeah, doing really well, in fact I might just be on the very top of my game…let me tell you…"

McCoy heard the tone creeping into Jim's voice and one glance confirmed all suspicions (Jim is not exactly difficult to read).

"I told you… Jim I gave you fair warning about what would happen to you if you mentioned Your sex drive and that Vulcan in the same sentence and Jim I would prefer not to be disemboweled by a repressed half Vulcan."

Jim's gin had spread, but the look in McCoy's eye told Jim that he'd had enough (and Jim might not have much self-preservation but he had experience to know better then to push this.)

"So Bones…what have I missed, everyone's running around like their head's just go chopped off…"

Jim commented as McCoy shuffled him to nearby chair.

Briefly McCoy considered were to start, grabbing Jim's left leg he started checking Jim's reflexes.

"Alright, the short version is someone or someones have been placing a series of pretty much untraceable small explosives all around, your room's boom was the biggest …the weird thing is there have been like 7 or 8 of these things but nobody sees anybody put anything anywhere…the security team can't link anyone they can't find anything on the security tapes it's like the thing is invisible…

"So basically we've got nothing, and I assume we're still stuck over heating in a bubble made of sunshine?"

"That would be all we know in a nut shell…Alright you seem well enough, and Do. Not. Comment. On that statement." Jim smirked. This was great, (he could frell with Bones for months on this one encounter alone.)

"Come on, there's gonna be a staff meeting in 15."

Spock's good mood (not that he had a good mood, it was just that he was feeling rested…or maybe he just really really needed to meditate soon, or he might just be loosing his mind…what…what…what? Don't hurt me I'm just a simple author and if my characters are out of character I can't help it.)

(Back to the point) Spock's good mood lasted for all of 4.54 minutes. It ended at the this time because this was the time it took Spock to go from his new quarters (their new quarters?) to the main security office. Upon entering Spock noticed a distinctive lack of security personnel (So much for that video feed).

The security room had been bombed.

Now granted the explosion was clearly not as large the first, but the fact that there had been a second…and no one had informed him (Necks were gonna be pinched ).

"Commander Spock thank goodness I found you, there were…"

"Lt. Sanders would you care to explain why I was not informed about this most recent attack?"

The Lieutenant looked slightly taken back but had enough brain power to sense when her answer mattered.

"Uh…mm Commander…this isn't the most recent attack, there have been at least three more explosions in and around Engineering and several reports of explosion in cargo bay and beyond but the numbers and locations are as yet unconfirmed…All of this has happened within the last 10 minutes…"

"Are there any causalities?" (Spock is not without priorities)

For once Spock's expectation that everyone have all the relevant facts was not badly offended, Lt. Sanders proved herself actually competent with a prompt response. " There has only been one reported causality, he is already in Med bay Doctor McCoy is certain he will make a full recover the rest of the explosions were all located in unpopulated areas."

"Why was there no one in the security…?"

"All of us left for other emergencies, we were getting flooded…but half of the calls had no source and the other half, didn't actually have problems. I think it was a ruse to get everyone to leave the room."

Spock studied the surroundings, "A logical conclusion," As much as he didn't want to admit it Spock was seeing a pattern. "It seems that the bomb or bombers are not interested in causing casualties. As they made specific efforts to ensure no casualties, it is possible that the injury incurred upon the captain was…accidental.""Commander?"

Spock was done. This room, if it were anything like the first crime scene it would yield no clues…and it was illogical to continue a line of inquiry that would lead no where. He needed a new direction, a new strategy a new angle at which to attack this particular problem and find a solution, because Spock would find a solution, his greatest skill, his greatest talent was solving problems.

(it should be noted that if he knew, Kirk would argue that Spock defiantly had a better skill set that lay no where near problem solving and had a lot to do with his tongue but that is neither here nor there.)

"Gather all relevant personnel, the heads of all departments, there is going to be a mandatory meeting in 5 minutes in conference room 4-B. Are the comm systems still functioning?"

"Yes…""The please inform the bridge, Lt. Uhura of my orders, she will see that the rest is taken care of." With that Spock turned on his heal and headed for the door.

"Um sir…Commander…"

"What Lt.? I have several places I need to be and several things that need to be done now…Is there anything you need or did not understand?"

Lt. Sanders could not bare the stare of a furious Vulcan she shook her head and headed for the door. (she'd been about to mention the commander's hair, but she valued her life.)

The staff room was busy and buzzing with people when Jim and McCoy arrived. The room was packed, and every shirt of every color in the rainbow was present. Jim did a short double take. He had always seen himself as a relatively involved captain and he knew all of these people by name if not personally…but he didn't really realize just how many people there were, that were needed in running a star ship.

Well he knew but he just didn't k.n.o.w. if you understand what I'm saying.

The noise was overwhelming, and the heat was absolutely stifling.

Bones summed up his thoughts nicely when he entered just behind and said matter of factly "It's hotter then Hell and smells like something died here three days ago, good god do we really need all these people?"

"Hey, don't ask me I just work here…"

At Jim's reply Bones let out a snort making his way towards Sub commander Rayla. To talk about serious medical stuff Jim supposed.

Jim's supposing soon stopped. Rather suddenly, and (it might have had something to do with the fact that) at the same moment his mind shut down, Spock walked in. Long languid steps, he was half dressed but oozed nothing but business and purpose, so much so that the female Lieutenant he was taking to didn't even to have registered his sheer massive sex appeal.

It was perhaps the biggest turn on Jim had ever seen. (and Jim had spent a summer with a group of Orians who had very…flexible views on sexuality.)

Jim had never taken enough time to appreciate the sheer power of presence that Spock had. Sure when people thought of someone who could silence a crowd through sheer awesome charisma they thought of Kirk. Cause frankly there wasn't anyone better.

People just, instinctively noticed him. His leadership would bleed through a room and in minutes the mood of a party would attune itself to him. He simply filled a room without trying.

When he talked people listened, (whether they liked it or not was a different questioned) but he wasn't the type easily dismissed. Sure he was underestimated, and people often paid dearly for that but he evoked emotion one way or another. Other alphas instantly noticed and were threatened by him. Jim knew all this, but he'd never really noticed that Spock also had a powerful effect.

Spock's wasn't an emotional presence at least not in the sense that Jim's was. But he was a force of nature, and man who commanded instant respect, looking at him you knew he was the man to ask if you had a question because. He. Had. The . Answer. Period. (and if he didn't either the question was stupid or you were).

When he entered, the room's volume suddenly dropped. Not out of fear but out of respect.

His 'charisma' was like a potent focusing agent for all those around him, he made everyone think to stand up and pay a-fucking attention because the stupid were not tolerated. But have the correct information provided such an intense feeling of satisfaction of a job well done.

Jim made people want to please him.

He evoked loyalty and affection, people believed in him in his plan and they would do their damnedest to see happen but Spock…it was like he evoked a person's own self worth, different but just as potent he made someone who was ready and prepared feel useful , like they had measured up to an impossible standard or beaten an un-winnable test. Jim got devotion, Spock commanded respect.

Jim's strength flowed throughout the room, his presence made a man better then he was, Spock's strength was like steel centering a room grounding it's people, his presence made a man aware of his own value.

It intrigued Kirk, this sudden understanding. And it made him vaguely consider getting down on his knees right there and then and worshiping whatever god it was that had seen fit to place Spock in his life.

Spock was his perfect balance. Where Jim was emotional he was reasonable, where Jim used intuition Spock used facts where Jim was everything gray Spock was black and white. He could not name one thing about Spock that could be enhanced or needed changing. Spock was everything Jim needed everything he wanted…

Then Jim's stomach gave the smallest of lurches.

He had it bad…

Really fucking bad, and the lurch was the last of his fear, his fear that Spock wouldn't love him as much as he loved Spock, his fear they would soon die, that all of this would go up in smoke.

But it was a small lurch…because James T-fucking Kirk did not believe in impossible, in fact he did the impossible all the time.

So fuck fate and fuck chance and fuck the heat and fuck being stranded. And fuck the fact that this realization qualified as the worst timed realization in all of god-damn history. James Tiberius Kirk would win over his Vulcan and he would save the day.

And he would make it look easy

It was what he did.

(It didn't escape his notice that Spock hadn't yet been told about his hair…but that was alright…He as a hot mess…and Jim has totally fallen for him.)

Spock walked in and immediately knew that his Captain was in the room. It couldn't have escaped his notice…Jim's smell was just soo…so and even though the tried to fight it, when he wasn't concentrating his thoughts strayed back to his captain.

And then there was the 'natural parting of the tides' effect. Humans Spock had noticed just seemed to sense superiority in one another, even if they didn't realize it themselves their body language naturally differed to their viewed 'superior'. Jim was a lone and in a corner and even though he wasn't saying anything he was having an impact.

Then Spock noticed the look in Jim's eyes.

It wasn't quiet like anything he'd seen before, there was the glow of determination, the dilation of arousal (and how not appropriate that was at the moment) and the predatorily angling Spock had seen before when Jim had been about to watch one of his plans come to a violent and often times life/universe/federation changing fruition. Like a tiger watching and waiting.

Before Spock could ponder/analyze/ dissect the hidden meaning behind that look he needed to get this meeting under way. He waited long enough for his Captain to make his way towards him.

"Yo…,my peps listen up, our resident master mind needs to speak, you need to listen and I need answers and we all need solutions and couple of hours of sleep and a nice could pinot-collate, "

There was a soft chuckle and the room was silent. (During the chuckle Spock raised an eyebrow at Kirk translating to: What the hell? And Kirk shrugged back a reply that said: Meh…why not…it worked didn't it?")

"Lt. Commander Scott would please explain the reasoning behind the locations of the bombings…" Kirk gave a mildly confused look, apparently Spock had been busy talking to people.

"aye, Commander, it seems tha' all the bombs have been placed in spots not actually on the official ship blue prints…I would na of noticed it had I na already been looking at the hard copies…the explosive in the captain's quarters was in a small hidden and sealed duck way…the same for the security head quarters…otha bombs were placed in hidden rooms and closed venting….'s why it did so little damage for the most part…aft'ta the first bombin' the subsequent explosions were all around the same time…and they all used a smaller amount…"

"Damage to the ship?" Jim spoke up, concern rising, maybe no one got hurt but that didn't mean his pride and joy of a lady didn't deserve a little TLC.

Scotty nodded, approving his Captain's question "She'll be fine, Capt'n those parts were all sealed on account tha' they weren't really important…we mostly juz got to worry about the debris and there was a small breech of the hull, got that more or less patched up and ready to go…"

"Any further information as to why someone is placing these bombs or how they are able to circumvent Enterprise security?"

'Cupcake' just shook his head, but Scotty touched his chin and mused aloud. "It is possible tha' these bombin's have something to do with the heating problems…if the heating problem is in one of those covered over areas…can't be certain…"

Spock's eyebrows drew together but it was Jim who responded. "That isn't a bad thought Scotty…but there isn't enough proof yet…I hate to say it but at this point it's bomber's move, the best we can do is sit tight and be vigilant…now I know that the security cameras seem incapable of getting a picture of this guy…or guys so we're switching to sweeps…

Three to a group, very short we don't want anyone getting over heated or jumpy in the less well lit corridors phasers on stun only…don't want to accidentally hurt any of the other staff…comm contact at all times…

It doesn't seem like this bomber is out to hurt us…at least not yet most of the injuries were accidental but stay awake people try to notice if something is out of place or missing…do we even know what those explosives were made of?

(There was a collective no) Then I want people to start coming up with possibilities…inventory personnel …Lt. Maves…go over every last paperclip…we need to know if this stuff is being made from our own supplies… look, I know it's late…so everyone get some sleep first I'm not kidding…Bones this means you, we need some rest, the heat, the stress it's getting to us and I need my team to be on the top of their game tomorrow…alright "

Jim glanced as Spock who nodded.

"Alright everyone dismissed and pass the message to those under you command…"

The room emptied out slowly, Bones and Nyota were the last to leave.

"Captain, we've been getting calls from command. How much of this do you want them to know about right now?" Kirk hadn't been expecting the question (or even the problem) but Nyota had a point.

But before Jim's heat dulled mind could think of a reply Spock had him covered, responding,

"Nyota, tell them only that we are suffering from additional internal problems, allow them to assume whatever conclusion they choose to draw from this, tell them little else and that we may need to limit contact with them to minimize computer and therefore heat activity…Command could provide little to no assistance at this juncture at best and could compromise the likelihood of success at worst. "

Nyota nodded, then threw a glance at Jim that went back to Spock that Jim was certain had nothing to do with that all too female ability to sense sexual tension like a Yoda could sense a disturbance in the force

(YEAH I WENT THERE of course in my au star wars exists…as a sci-fi fic from the 20th century …. And Jim personal thinks the idea of space samurai is cool…but totally unrealistic, however he has plans in the works with Scotty, Checkov and Sulu to make a light saber…of course Spock does not know about this dangerous experiment…)

Of course Jim is very good at denial when he wants to be…

So the room emptied and Spock was left standing in a room with his Captain, who still smelled like sex and like him…(Spock was starting to believe Jim should always smell like that…but just for Spock…nobody else should be allowed access to that indescribable scent. )

Then Jim turned his eyes light blue with an innocent kind of joy that did not make, (note the phrase did not make, and no you should not replace that phrase with made, cause that would be wrong…;) ) Spock's stomach flip and squirm with a pleasure he'd never felt before.

"That wasn't so bad…other then the fact we are farther from getting out of this mess then ever…Hey did I ever mention how sex it is when you go all 'business time' seriously…hot."

And then Jim wasn't talking anymore because Spock had him pinned to a wall, again.

"Baby…" Jim murmured as began rutting himself on Spock's nearby convenient really-really sex firm and wonderful thigh. "We are gonna half to talk about you and your need to pin me against a wall…"

Spock let out a hash low growl, and began nibbling on Jim's left ear.

"Maybe another time then…hum?" Spock's only response was to shove his leg harder against the now clearly leaking length of Jim's cock.

Jim saw stars and for a moment he though his legs would give out. Not that it really mattered now, Spock had his whole body pinned to this wall and goddamn if it wasn't hottest sweetest…

And then Spock growled again snapping Jim back to the present. His Vulcan was currently eyeing his shorts like they were the most offensive thing he'd ever seen and it didn't take a genius to figure out what was running through his mind.

"Babe…Spock, please, we need to walk out of here and we'll have a harder time not attracting unwanted attention if neither of us has pants left…"

Spock let out the smallest of chuckles his hand finding it it's way down…down…down the front of Jim's pants where he wrapped his hand around Jim's weeping cock. Tugging everso gently he purred into one ear "You do have a point Captain…." Jim let out yelp that might have also been a whimper before replying.

"Fuckin'…oh please, God…Spock you have to…have to call me Jim…or …or I'll get an erection every time you all me Captain on the bridge and I'm….oh ooouh ney…not ..responsible…for yes again…again.."

Spock smiled, who needed a lover that could speak…Spock much preferred this melted gasping cussing beauty. Leaning in again Spock nibble Jim's shoulder and then bit.

The pain was instant. The pleasure was flowing and slow. Jim wasn't sure what mark he'd have their tomorrow but god damn.

Spock could feel it now, Jim's mind pressing on the edges of his mind. But this time there was no doubt or uncertainty, not from either of them and rather then gripping at long lost control Spock reveled in the burn, falling smoothly into the beast that had come to live in his chest. The beast that demanded and needed and was so much more then mere human emotion.

Spock could sense it, Jim's surrendering need and it was all he could do to remember Jim's words, something about propriety…no matter for the moment he contented himself, feasting upon Jim's succulent neck and pressing his rising need into the firm hip of his new lover.

"God yes baby…nuh…Here …here I was wondering how the Fuckin'hell…how I was gonna seduce you…make you promises and offers you couldn't refuse buy you're already…ahuh 6 steps ahead…like fuckin usu…enuh usual…"

"And what promises were you going to make Jim? " Spock asked ideally his voice nearly as normal as it was on the bridge but softer and more…forbidden.

Jim whimpered again as Spock started to peel his shorts off, the curse'd things were to tight and sticky and sweaty and Jim's hard as fucking diamonds cock kept fucking catching on it.

"Oh the usual that I would show you …no…oh…the best fucking time of you're life…I'd worship your..BO..dy you're mind…you're cock…please" Spock had finally gotten Jim's shorts down to his ankles and though Jim was bucking an writhing and begging him he felt no inclination to hurry. Instead he very slowly spread the drips of pre come from the tip of Jim's cock to the base, playing with the slit as he did.

"Continue Jim…"

Now Jim loved to talk during sex, he couldn't help it, couldn't stop it, couldn't shut up but never had it felt like his partner was so very interested in it…so very aware and Jesus Christ on a cracker if Spock kept that up he was going to come before he'd even freed his hands.

"I was g…gunna offer, offer blow jobs…really really good ones…you know I got compliments all the time back…" Jim was silenced with a rough demanding kiss…and was Spock's tongue rough or was that just Jim's …awesome imagination…

Spock liked the idea of what terrain's term 'a blow job' also known as oral sex the idea of those soft. Abused lips on his swollen straining cock was so very appealing, but Spock did not want to hear about the others who had gotten the same treatment.

As far as Spock was concerned James Tiberius Kirk was now his. End of story….he just didn't know it yet.

But what Spock didn't know was that Jim did know it…he was a goner for Spock from the beginning who didn't have a prayer…not that he'd pray other wise…or at all…in fact Jim was thinking of switching religions…the religion of 'Spock worship' sound good to anyone?

Jim pulled back from the kiss panting for breath. "Please…babe…let me …go down on you, let me taste you…please please. Please" and Jim's mantra continued for all of 4 seconds because Spock let go of Jim's hands and used his own hands to prop himself against the wall.

Now free Jim's mouth formed the most wicked of smirks. Sliding his arms down to the edge of Spock's waste band he played there for a while, occasionally brushing against that inviting bulge.

Then Spock growled….and Jim confirmed that he had acquired a new kink…His cock jumped in pleasure at the sound. Sliding down the wall, Jim tugged Spock's pants down with him, freeing that green tinted piece of eye candy.

Jim lowered until he was level, then kneeling he dove down on Spock's cock like it was desert. Spock had known it would be good, those angel lips that devil's tongue but the feel of Jim's throat around him…it was nearly more then he could bare. Jim hadn't waited hadn't worked up to it…and really he was glad he hadn't…Vulcan cum- sugar based….

Pulling back he licked from base to tip. Then played with the slit. Spock's hands travel down and pinned Jim's head stopping his movement.

"What's the matter babe…?" Jim looked up confused but the look in Spock's eye spoke volumes. Smirking at the challenge Jim worked to get the angle just right, bracing one hand on Spock's hip and the other on his own burning need.

Spock started slowly, fucking himself in Jim's mouth. He didn't want to hurt Jim…but the feel of Jim's voice vibrating on his cock….

Sound was filling the room and Jim couldn't tell were it was coming from and he didn't care all he cared about was the feel of Spock's dick and the taste of the strangely delicious lubricant and the feel of his own hand against himself and then it hit like magma thrown on an open fire, it went from 0 to 60 in nothing flat.

The mind meld was incomplete but powerful and for the space of seconds everything was doubled, and it felt Jim was having his own dick sucked dry and that his hip was being held hard enough to bruise.

Then it was nothing but the brightest white because Jim came first and Spock could feel it and then he came and Jim was feeling it all over.

This time Jim was already leaning against the wall but Spock slowly slid into his sticky arms. For a while they were quiet and Jim reveled in his post orgasmic glory and Spock enjoyed Jim's enjoyment.

"God…that was good…" Spock did not comment but merely flopped a little more to the side, so he wasn't crushing his lover.

After a time however he did think of something to say (and none to soon, Jim was starting to worry he'd short circuited his favorite Vulcan) "Indeed"

Many things rushed between them in that moment. Jim wanted briefly to confess his love his undying devotion, but he knew better then to scare Spock with excess emotion when they'd been dating for less then a day. Spock finally allowed himself to consider the word he'd been thinking about since that first accidental mind-meld but had tried so hard to deny.

T'hy'la…it was perhaps the only explanation… but he would not say these things because he needed to meditate and he needed to think…consider his problem…James T. Kirk and find the solution.

Both had much to say, but now was not the time. So Jim…being who he was merely ran a hand through Spock's hair.

"Spock…I don't know how you got blue slime in your hair, but it's making it stick up at all kinds of weird ass angles…"

Spock considered the words, and considered Jim's grin and considered the several strange reactions he'd gotten throughout the day…

"Perhaps I am in need of a shower…" He replied as enigmatically as possible.

Jim's eyes turned sharp again and it was clear his thoughts had gone right to the gutter down the drain and were well on their way to places best unmentioned when he responded…

"Hell yes…I love the way you think"

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