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Takamachi Nanoha of 2814

by Shadow Crystal Mage

Chapter 10: The Linker Cores War, Part 4: BEWARE HER POWER, TOMOYO'S MIGHT! Or 'Tomoyo Will Killz You, Suxorz!'

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters in this story. If I did… well, this would all be canon. WARNING: MAY CAUSE HEAD EXPLOSION!

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Superman twitched for some reason, and had no idea why. Though it felt like someone a few universes away was talking about him being beaned by a girl with a magic croquet mallet. And why did he suddenly feel an urge to own a giant robot…?


Kinomoto Sakura was having a perfectly average day. Get up, get dressed, get pissed off at her big brother for teasing her, meet with Tomoyo and Lee on the way to school, say hi to the nice tall gray-haired man with the eye-patch and trench-coat who Tomoyo seems to know just standing around, say hi to the other nice tall man with the eye-patch and trench-coat who Tomoyo seems to know just standing around, say hi to the nice tall gray-haired man without the eye-patch and trench-coat who Tomoyo seems to know just standing around, say hi to the nice tall dark-skinned and –haired lady in the white coat who Tomoyo seems to know just standing around, go to school, head home, get trapped by unknown magical forces…

Wait, that wasn't right.

Sakura froze as the strange feeling of the magic washed over her, one hand reaching up to clutch at her key. Lee had taken a step back, eyes darting from side to side as she called for his sword, heedless of any possible witnesses. And then she felt them.

"Oh no…" Sakura said, paling in fear. "They're here… but why–"

That was all she had time to think before Lee suddenly tackled her to the side, causing her to hit a wall. The boy sorcerer had his sword up in a guard position as a large metallic ball streaked towards him…

Tomoyo let the gym bag she was carrying fall off her shoulder as she dropped and swept Lee's legs out from under him with a spinning kick, and he fell to the ground hard, the metal ball streaking mere feet in front of his nose, right where he'd been nano-seconds before. His back and head throbbed from being dropped like that and he glared at Tomoyo, who smiled her saintly, mysterious smile ©. She was suddenly holding an energy pistol in her hands, her Lex-Blaster 500. "Please be more careful with Sakura-chan in future, Lee-kun," she said, then turned to Sakura, and swore. Her gun snapped up immediately, pointing at Lee's head. "She's $%^#%^&*^$!&W$&#$ unconscious, moron! I should shoot you right now."

"Hey, that wasn't on the Lex-Blaster 500 list we talked about," Lee said, wondering if he could cut off her hand before she pulled the trigger.

"Lists get updated."

"And until they are, it doesn't count."

Tomoyo glared at him and reluctantly lowered her gun.

Lee kipped himself upright as Tomoyo turned in the direction the ball had come from, a second blaster now in her other hand, both unwavering. "You know, you should let Kinimoto see this side of you," he mentioned casually as he drew his ofuda. "She'd be all 'Squee!, Tomoyo-chan is so cool!'"

"No one is cooler than Sakura-chan," Tomoyo said, smiling grimly. "To say otherwise is blasphemy."

"What, Sakura-worship is a religion now?"

Tomoyo just smiled.

"You have it registered as an actual religion, don't you, Daidouji."

"The world must be informed of the radiant beauty that is Sakura-chan!"

Not for the first time, Syaoran wondered if it would so bad not to follow his heart and marry his cousin.

The two tensed as a red-clad figure approached them, a croquet mallet in hand, followed by two others, a pink-haired woman and a man in blue. "Someone you know, Daidouji?" Lee asked. "It looks like she raided your Sakura Closet."

Tomoyo sniffed. "Red that deep is much too unflattering a shade for Sakura-chan."

"Sakura-con," Lee muttered.

"You say that like it's a bad thing."

"Hey! Who are you two supposed to be?-!" Vita cried as she saw them standing over the downed form of Sakura. Shamal had identified the girl as being powerful, but with seemingly no long-range attack capability, and a complete novice in battle, psychologically speaking, though her unarmed combat skills had been top tier. Given than she'd been slightly apart from the others who had arrived so suddenly to back up that Green Lantern girl, they'd chosen to harvest her first, on the strength of her being unlikely to have backup.

Tomoyo's eloquent response was to shoot the girl in the head with both blasters.

Vita barely managed to raise a generic shield in time to keep her hat, and by extension, her head, from being perforated. "The hell?-!" she cried. It wasn't that she hadn't been expecting some kind of response, it was that she hadn't been expecting that response to come from someone who was obviously a non-mage.

"For the foul heresy of attempting to harm the gloriousness that is the great and beautiful Sakura-chan," Tomoyo said breezily, her saintly, mysterious smile © never leaving her face, "I levy the judgment of the church upon you, strangers. By Sakura-chan's boundless mercy and generosity, I give you one final chance to turn away from this evil path you tread and embrace the light of goodness that is Sakura-chan! Bow down to her divine beauty, and you will be forgiven this heinous atrocity, for all things are loved in the nice, soft, squishy, developing bosom of Sakura-chan's infinite heart. Persist, however, and there is no place you can hide from my Vengeance, no hole too deep, no shadow so dark that I cannot find you to exact a thousand times over the harm you would wrought upon this most blessed Sakura-chan! Persist and know that from this day forth the Specter of death hangs above you, and that nothing will spare you from my most unholy Wrath."

Lee let his face fall into the palm of his hand and resisted the urge to bang his head into the nearest wall. It was all right. The three attackers looked like they were in the same quandary.

The pink-haired one recovered first, drawing her own sword and making Lee tense. "Those terms are acceptable."

Tomoyo frowned at this. "Oh, you really are new, aren't you? That is the wrong response for such a threat. 'Those terms are acceptable' and its permutations are for when you are heavily outnumbered by superior numbers and firepower. It is meant as an act of defiance. You are using it in the wrong context. In this instance, the traditional response is one of amused derision or contempt, something along the lines of 'you and what army?'. It might be trite, but if you are going to be attacking people on this planet, you must learn that there are traditions and conventions to be followed. Otherwise you are just being rude."

Lee had though nothing else Tomoyo could have possibly said could be any more ridiculous than her last threat. He had been wrong.

The dog-eared man with the attackers had one eyebrow raised at full extension, and the pink-haired one was giving Tomoyo that long, level look you reserved for lunatics. The one in red's mouth was dropped open so wide it was practically scrapping the ground.

"And so, I say again unto you: for the foul heresy of attempting to harm the gloriousness that is the great and beautiful Sakura-chan," Tomoyo repeated, still wearing her saintly, mysterious smile ©, "I levy the judgment of the church upon you, strangers. By Sakura-chan's boundless mercy and generosity, I give you one final chance to turn away from this evil path you tread and embrace the light of goodness that is Sakura-chan! Bow down to her divine beauty, and you will be forgiven this heinous atrocity, for all things are loved in the nice, soft, squishy, developing bosom of Sakura-chan's infinite heart. Persist, however, and there is no place you can hide from my Vengeance, no hole too deep, no shadow so dark that I cannot find you to exact a thousand times over the harm you would wrought upon this most blessed Sakura-chan! Persist and know that from this day forth the Specter of death hangs above you, and that nothing will spare you from my most unholy Wrath."

Lee looked longingly at the point of his sword.

"YEAH? You and what army, bitch?-!" Vita cried.

Tomoyo smiled and nodded in approval. "And now for my variation of the traditional response: the one surrounding all of you right now. All points, this is Ravager: lethal force enabled."

Lee had just enough time to realize she was talking to someone else when all hell broke loose.

From her vantage point on the roof three houses behind the attackers, Tatsumiya Mana let loose from her rifle, barrier-breaking mage-killer rounds flying with extreme accuracy. From a similar position Behind Tomoyo, David Cain and Deadshot both let loose. Tomoyo's blasters screamed as she shot, lancing forward at velocities faster than mere bullets. From somewhere else was the chainsaw-like sound of a heavy machine-gun of some kind.

Lee threw himself on top of Sakura, putting his body between her and what bullets there were.

Normal people would have been turned into ground meat by this. Most metahumans and magical girls would have been in dire straights in the first five seconds, and dead at fifteen. Even Superman and Green Lantern might have been heavily inconvenienced and possibly even injured, due to the fact Tomoyo had used Mana's contacts to provide all her employees with mage Black Market magical ammunition.

The Wolkenritter, however, knew how to deal with this.

Zafira raised his generic defensive field as Via and Signum cast Panzers Geist and Hindernis, the three quickly moving to block from all directions. Despite the barrier-piercing abilities of Mana's procured bullets, they had been designed and empowered to overcome the abilities of an average mage operative. The Knights' barriers, compared to them, was by default set on 'Overkill'.

There was a blast of exhaust and various loading sounds as a cartridge was expended from Laevatein. "Schlangenform," it said. Flames danced between the links.

"Hiryuu Issen," Signum said, snapping the attack in Mana's direction, completely destroying the house she was on. Thank goodness they were inside a barrier, and thus out of phase with real space, else some family would have been in for an unpleasant surprise.

Similarly, Vita sent her Schwalbe Fliegen careening towards the other sources of fire. At least, that was her intention. Tomoyo shot them out of the air with negligent ease, resuming her own bombardment as if there had been no interruption. Vita growled in frustration, and Signum turned to Tomoyo, the tip of her sword suddenly snapping forward. Three shots from Tomoyo's blaster hit it before she realized it had no effect, her feet already trying to move her out of the way well before her conscious realization of this fact.

Lee's sword swept up in an arc, catching the whip-like blade, a deft twist of his wrist, wrapping a loop of it around the sword he held. "Raitei Shourai!"

Electricity crackled down the length of both swords, causing Signum to withdraw her weapon even as Vita managed to send her metal balls flying towards the other shooting positions and causing explosions now that Tomoyo couldn't instantly shoot her projectiles. There had been flashes as the shooters attempted to shoot them down themselves, to no avail.

In the brief lull, the Wolkenritter charged, closing in to try and use their proximity to Tomoyo as a means of discouraging further fire.

Lee met them head on, his blade clashing with Signum's as they met, metal ringing on metal. Vita and Zafira charged around them while Signum kept Lee pinned, charging towards the unconscious Sakura.

Tomoyo hesitated briefly before sighing in frustration as she dropped her guns, kneeling down as she quickly leaned over her dropped gym bag, from where she'd pulled her blasters, and pulled out some of the other items inside.

"Shinmei-ryu Ken Jutsu," Tomoyo intoned as she drew the sheaths of her katana and kodachi. "Raimeiken!"

Vita had not been expecting to be hit by lightning that day.

Zafira barely avoided Tomoyos blades before the girl moved to engage Vita fully, the red Knight cursing a storm at the unfairness of it all. He was close, so close. The gunmen had apparently not been able to get into position yet, so all he had to do was retrieve the girl…

A woman suddenly jumped over the wall behind their target, landing between him and the girl. Asian, her expression was arrogance and contempt as she barred his way. Zafira threw a punch at her and–

What was he doing upside down and covered with bricks?

"Know what honor you find bestowed upon you, creature," a woman's voice said as someone– her– came into his view upside down. "I am Shiva, become death, the destroyer of worlds, and I shall kill you."

This was turning into a very bad day.


Signum felt she was getting the upper hand when she suddenly felt a presence behind her, and drew Laevatein's sheath in time to counter the completely silent blow of the man who had just appeared. He was dressed in bifurcated dark and orange and navy blue, and his helmet only had one eye-hole.

The man moved silently, quickly and efficiently, moves ruthless and intended to kill. Signum should have died in the first five seconds of his arrival.

Thank goodness for barrier jackets.

The blade bounced off harmlessly, not penetrating, but it still threw Signum off balance as he used the contact to push her, nearly putting her in the way of the boy's blade, which hummed with power and could probably cut through her barrier jacket eventually.

The boy suddenly stepping back and to the side was all the warning she had before someone tried to shoot the back of her head. Her head snapped forward as her barrier jacket's nonphysical protective field took the blow, and her head rung like a bell.

"Fuuka Shourai!" the boy cried as a blast of wind sent Signum slamming into and through a nearby wall. Several, actually.

Panting, Syaoran whirled, sword-point aiming for the back of Tomoyo's opponent wearing the almost-certainly-Tomoyo-Original-Production-in-Red, who barely managed to side-step it. Tomoyo parried his blade away from her with dainty grace, before leaping back herself as Vita finally managed enough leverage to swing Graf Eisen properly, blowing crater into the ground. The knight spun again, her hammer heading for Syaoran, who brought his blade up to guard and nearly had his arms ripped off their sockets at the impact. He darted to the side, trying to keep himself from being trapped by the way, moving next to Tomoyo.

Tomoyo moved to attack, but the girl was getting her rhythm now, hammer swinging in wide, pulverizing arcs, her footwork insuring that Tomoyo, and more precisely Tomoyo's head, stayed well within striking range, and not inside it. Walls were being demolished without so much as slowing the hammer down, and Vita was screaming something highly uncomplimentary about crazy earth people and why every third person on the planet seemed to have anti-mage attack capabilities, and were the TSAB on CRACK when they said Earth produced few mages of any level of power?

Signum was down for the moment, Zafira seemed to be getting his ass handed to him by some woman who wasn't even using magic, and Vita was find herself surrounded by the boy with the sword, the man with the sword, the crazy girl with the swords, plural, the dark-skinned woman with the guns who was trying to shoot Vita and barely being helf off by Graf Eisen's haft and her own generic red shields, and oh look, two other men had decided to show up, doubtless the gunmen from before, given one seemed to have guns strapped to his forearms and the other was carrying what Vita could vaguely identify as the kind of gun you needed if you wanted to cut down small trees. .

Vita, for a moment, seriously considered taking Hayate off-planet and trying to convince her Earth had all just been a bad dream. It certainly felt like it to her. Seriously, letting their master live in this madhouse couldn't possibly be good for her mental health.

She was barely able to keep from braining Zafira as the woman he was fighting somehow made him throw himself into her area of attack, nearly breaking her rhythm as he lay there, trying to get his sense of direction back. "Zafira?" she called out, not stopping lest he invite another attack.

"Did anyone get the number of the giant robot?" Zafira slurred. "I think it was a Gundam…"

Lee blinked, keeping the enemies and the unconscious Sakura within his peripheral vision as he looked at the older woman next to him. "Cassandra?"

She lightly rapped him on the head. "I'm on the job, dear cousin. That's Lady Shiva, to you."

Syaoran thought a minute. "Daidouji?" he guessed.

"I'm afraid I can't tell you that," she said, face perfectly straight.

He shivered. "That girl is scary," he said.

"Amen," Deathstroke, David Cain, Deadshot, Mana and Shiva all chorused.

Tomoyo sniffed. "You're all over-reacting. I am merely doing what any rich, intelligent, driven personality would do."

"Then why don't you try channeling Bill Gates instead of Lex Luthor?" Lee said, readying another ofuda.

"Both are so uninspired," Tomoyo said, sounding miffed and vaguely insulted. "The latter spends too much time and money pursuing an obviously homoerotic obsession with someone beyond the limits of humanity, attempting to bring them down to their level of vulgarity."

Lee made a point of quite obviously looking at Sakura, and being attacked be damned. Tomoyo gave him a level look. Everyone else quite obviously took a step away from this madman who would bait Tomoyo so obviously.

This was all the repartee they had time for as Laevatein's Schlangenform whipped suddenly around a corner, darting for Sakura. Tomoyo lunged, trying to parry the blade away, but it moved like the snake for which it was named, darting around her. Lee, with his thicker blade, managed to loop it around the whipping sword again.

It tightened around it like it hadn't before, and Lee suddenly found himself pulled off his feet and dragged along the ground and around the corner. There was a meaty sound of impact, and then a hastily cut off scream.

Tomoyo threw out a hand as some readied to attack again. "No one move," she said. "The contract was to protect Sakura-chan. Lee-kun wasn't part of it. He's a big boy. And I heard this wasn't fatal."

Shiva shrugged negligently. Since her sister, she had never really been one to play at happy families.

Lee's unconscious form was thrown to the ground into view a few moments alter, his sword clattering next to him as the pink-haired woman stepped into view, sword in hand, an open book in the other.

"Twenty-five pages," Signum said. "An unexpectedly pleasant return for this inconvenience. Though I believe the girl would yield higher, this is a sufficient harvest for now."

"I would advise that you do not try to target Sakura-chan again," Tomoyo said easily, "The heavy munitions I ordered were to arrive this evening. While I believe your magical barriers are capable to a great degree of protection, I doubt they can stand up against a tactical atomic bullet. Or several, for that matter."

The man whistled appreciatively at this. Mana rolled her eyes. "Boys. Always needing the bigger bullet."

Signum tilted her head, then raised her sword in salute. "Vita, Zafira. Disengage and withdraw. That Green Lantern girl is coming."

"Green light in the sky, five o' clock," David Cain confirmed.

Tomoyo had an 'after you' sort of gesture. "If you come after her again, I will kill you then. As it is, you have not really harmed Sakura-chan, so I suppose some leniency is in order. But if you are still here in five seconds, we resume."

Signum nodded, and the three left, the two supporting a still slightly dizzy Zafira and Vita alternately muttering a screaming obscenities about crazy earth girls. The sky changed slightly, and Tomoyo supposed that the 'barrier' they'd raised had collapsed.

Tomoyo knelt down to re-sheath her blades and put her guns back in her gym back. "Everyone, please make yourself scarce for the moment. I would rather not explain your presence to Green Lantern-chan."

They all nodded professionally as they suddenly as dispersed. Tomoyo moved towards Lee and casually threw his sword into her bag– it barely fit– before dragging him over next to Sakura. "Well," she said quietly to herself as she looked over the unconscious boy, "It looks like he wouldn't be too inadequate a protector for Sakura-chan." Quickly staining her clothes and face with dirt, Tomoyo got into character.

When Green Lantern arrived, having detected the dimensional distortion, a tearful Tomoyo greeted her as she cradled Lee's unconscious body. "Green Lantern-chan!" she nearly wailed. "Oh, thank goodness! It was horrible! A group attacked Sakura-chan and I on our way back from school, but Lee-kun protected us, but they did something to him, and now… PLEASE, help him Green Lantern-chan! Please help my friend!"

"Everything's going to be all right, Tomoyo-san!" Green Lantern said reassuringly, raising her ring to talk to it. "Ring-chan, run a full medical scan on these two. Connect me to the TSAB. Hello, Amy? There's been another attack, an attempt on one of the girls who came to rescue me…"

Lee was quickly airlifted out of the area by a determined Green Lantern, while Tomoyo reassured her that she'd take care of getting the more conventionally unconscious Sakura aid. She cried until Green Lantern was out of sight. Then she casually began to dab away at the tears with her handkerchief, cleaning her face, her expression once more back to its usual saintly mysteriousness ©.

"Scary, girl," Deathstroke said as the mercenaries all came out of hiding again.

"Oh, Wilson-sensei," Tomoyo chided familiarly as she drew her cellphone. "Hello, Tenten-san? Please bring the car around to my location, and bring the first aid kit and an ice pack. Five minutes. Good."

Terminating the call, she slung the gym bag over her shoulder before regarding Sakura critically. She knelt down and gently lifted the girl bridal style. "Tatsumiya-sensei, if you would please stay with me? The rest take positions around Sakura-chan's house. They might be laying a trap."

They nodded, moving out of view as the two women waited for Tomoyo's ride.


Tomoyo managed to get Sakura bandaged up and her swelling down by the time they rolled to a stop in front of the Kinomoto house. She'd been extremely worried about Lee– bless her boundless heart within its nicely developing, soft and squishy bosom!– but had been mollified when Tomoyo said Green Lantern had taken him to be treated by those space-wizards.

Daidouji Tomoyo had a perfectly average evening. Go home, see that the shipment of highly illegal extremely powerful weaponry was properly distributed to her assets, go over her properties, do her homework, have dinner, take a long, soapy shower while thinking of Sakura-chan and her, and maybe a little Lee thrown in, go over her papers for tomorrow's meeting in her bathrobe, head for her room to finally get some rest…

Tomoyo sighed at the lack of noise behind her as she pulled off her dressing gown, leaving only her shift. "Really, Batman, we have to stop meeting like this. Do your little boys know how regularly you sneak into the rooms of half-naked little girls?"

He didn't appear out of the darkness so much as manifest from it, soulless white eyes glaring at her from his mask. "You've been warned, Daidouji," he said. "Hiring international assassins and mercenaries? All to protect some girl? What's this really about?"

"I salute you inadequate grasp of the obvious, Dark Knight," she said, turning to face him and completely unmindful of the fact that the shear fabric of what she was wearing hid absolutely nothing. "I do not see what business is if of yours that I have recently hired the services of some of my old teachers, but they are commissioned purely in a defensive capacity. I'm sure the city will soon be getting Green Lantern-chan's report on what happened. She's quite prompt with filling her paperwork."

"And the heavy weaponry?" he asked sarcastically.

"Clearly there has been some sort of addressing mistake," Tomoyo said, smiling innocently. Lex Luthor would kill for that smile. She took a pose of maidenly virtue. "How could a mere child possibly acquire such things? And to what purpose? Clearly, someone is having a cruel jape at my expense. Oh, what is a poor, lonely heiress to do?"

But he was gone.

"Inconsiderate man," she said, shaking her head. "He could have at least closed the window on his way out."

Yawning, she picked up her katana and made her way out of the room to the guestroom next door, knocking on the door quite loudly before entering. She batted away the knives streaking toward her casually as she closed the door behind her. "Good evening, Tsukuyomi-sensei. I'm sorry I could talk to you earlier, but I had to wait out an inevitable visitor."

Tsukuyomi smiled. "Did you slice him up real good?" Tsukuyomi asked, giggling slightly as she twirled her short sword.

"Alas, I had to think of the carpet, sensei," Tomoyo said, smiling.

"Tomoyo-chan! Have I taught you nothing?"

"Alas, my deepest apologies, sensei. I will try to do better next time."

The two exchanged smiles and Tsukuyomi began to laugh, eyes turning to gold on black. "Well, see to it, Tomoyo-chan. And how was your little flower today? I do so wish to meet her myself, if she is as wonderful as you always say. She must be very pretty."

"Touch her, and I will end you, sensei," Tomoyo said, her smile never wavering even as one of her own eyes turned into gold on black. "None may taste of Sakura-chan's sweetness be they unworthy."

"Ah, so much like me you are, Tomoyo-chan," Tsukuyomi sighed as their eyes returned to normal. "I can tell you think so much of your little flower. Just like I do with my own Setsuna-sempai… Ah, Setsuna-sempai!"

"Ah, Sakura-chan!" Tomoyo agreed.

Their girlish giggling echoed in the night. Stars died.


- To be continued...


A/N: was very tempted to make Syaoran's sword an Intelligent Device passed down the Lee Clan since Clow Reed, but stopped myself. Barely. No, this isn't a badly written battle at all. After all… It's Daidouji GODDAMNED TOMOYO!

Anyway, this happens during the time the intelligent devices are getting upgraded. The knights decided not to waste any time since they already had viable targets. Pity they chose the wrong one to start with…

Tactical Atomic Bullet: a weapon from the GOOD JLA series before the crisis of infinite retcons. Basically a mini-nuke that leaves no fallout, making it 'clean'. I've always like the sound of it. And is anyone else sad that the GOOD Justice League series right now is 'Generation Lost' rather than the main one? Seriously, magic gorilla and blue Starman? WTF? I love how Booster's team seems to be headed away from being the in-universe joke Justice League. As lame as people say Detroit was, International gets more flack.


Omake: Rich People


Tomoyo sat down primly at the table, facing the man in front of her. "Really Mr. Wayne, we have to stop meeting like this. One might start inappropriate rumors about us. Soon I might find you in my room as I'm getting dressed."

Tomoyo giggled pleasantly as Bruce Wayne's business-like but slightly foppish smiled turned a shade sickly, while Tim Drake looked between the two of them in confusion…




Full Name: Daidouji Tomoyo

Known Aliases: Little Purple Ravager, Li'l Missy, Scary Girl, Pope of the First Church of Sakura, Harm, The Unholy Terror

Alignment: Lawful Evil

ECL: 666

Religion: Sakuraism. Church founder.

Family: Daidouji Sonomi (Mother), Kinimoto Sakura, Kinimoto Touya (Second Cousins?)

Affiliations: on the Board of Directors of the Daidouji Toy Corporation, as well as being a major stockholder in several companies such as Lexcorp, Wayne Enterprises, S.T.A.R. Labs, etc. Has a contract as an unspecified design consultant for Big Science Action. A member of the Japanese Olympic Pistol Shooting Team.

Background: the only daughter of Daidouji Sonomi by an unknown father– all attempts to ascertain the identity of her male progenitor, or even if she had a male progenitor, has led to failure– Tomoyo Daidouji was initially home-schooled because of her mother's not-unfounded worries that she would become the target of kidnapping. At the time, Sonomi still did not have a controlling interest in the company that would later bear her name, and some of her rivals were rumored to have criminal connections. At an early age, she was educated in self-defense by several hand-picked individuals, among them Maj. Slade Wilson, David Cain, Tatsumiya Mana, Floyd Lawton, Lara Croft, Cassandra Wu-san, Aoyama Tsuruko, with several others undocumented. It is know she is a practitioner of Musabetsu Kakutō Ryū, also more commonly known as Anything Goes Martial Arts. It is unknown where she learned this or who taught it to her, although it is possible she is the style's originator. Daidouji Tomoyo is often accompanied by a retinue of bodyguards who have been identified as practitioners of the Hidden Leaf style of Ninja Arts.

Her first attempted kidnapping was during a school fieldtrip, after her mother decided to finally place her in public education. She was kidnapped under the cover of a fire alarm, though she was later found unharmed. Her kidnapper had apparently had an accident, breaking his wrist and causing his firearm to inadvertently discharge into his head. Five times. All between his eyes.

She is on several international watch lists for her purchase of several high-powered explosive munitions. Ostensibly, this is because her mother developed a taste for explosive rocket fire during her own self-defense training and these munitions were intended as a birthday gift, but this does not explain her personal purchase of thousand smoke detectors.

She is often seen in the company of the girl identified as Kinomoto Sakura, who is possibly her second cousin. The girl has been identified as a high-level metahuman of possibly magical origin. All attempts to retrieve this girl, however, have led to several tragic accidents wherein the entire operation accidentally broke their wrists, causing their firearms to accidentally discharge into their heads. Five times. All between the eyes. Since the 36th incident, a moratorium has been placed on all attempts.

Some charges have been levied against her for questionably pornographic lolicon videos she has posted online, to no conclusive end.


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