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Takamachi Nanoha of 2814

by Shadow Crystal Mage

Chapter 12: The Linker Cores War, Part 6: Counterattack and Annihilation

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters in this story. If I did… well, this would all be canon. WARNING: MAY CAUSE HEAD EXPLOSION!


In the sky above Juuban, Vita and the masked TSAB boy dueled.

That is to say, they would be dueling in the sky above Juuban if you defined the sky as 'twenty feet off the ground'.

This was actually Vita's doing. Much as conventional wisdom dictated that altitude was key when you had the ability to fly, and the more of it the better, Vita knew this wasn't one of these times. If she allowed herself to be goaded into fighting at a higher altitude, the mage– really, what kind of stupid-ass name was 'Tempus'?– could be indiscriminate with his attacks without having to worry about hurting anyone who wasn't Vita. If she kept the fight at a low altitude, she'd limit the usefulness of flight, allowing her to close in, where she could do the most damage. Press him down long enough, and the Servants would be able to grab him.

She kept this little bit of strategy firmly in mind as she relentlessly tried to bash the boy's head in. the boy wasn't as fast as that scythe-using girl from that night, but he knew how to use what he had, moving his body just enough to be out of the way and always ready with a deliberate riposte when she sometimes overextended herself, briefly forcing her on the defensive and at times nearly driving her skyward. Her enemy was coldly methodical, eyes blankly white in their mask as they fought, face never shifting from iron determination.

Sankt Kaiser, he pissed her off. Her body ached from their initial clash, but she'd been able to dodge the brunt of his attack. Graf Eisen had slammed square into his weapon, but it was obviously made of sterner, if dumber stuff than the green girl's had.

Hey, a little backup here? she called out, as she dodged another of the mage's Break Impulses.

Busy at the moment! Signum snapped, sounding strangely irritable. Again with the roses! Take this, yo–

What is it, Vita? Zafira said smoothly as all the Avengers below simultaneously roared, and there was a shift in the chaos below at ground level. The guardian beast was trying to loose himself momentarily in the chaos to give himself time to talk to Vita.

We need to grab one last target, at least! Vita said as she lashed out with one foot, only to be blocked by the mage's staff. Graf Eisen's groin attack was similarly blocked, with much more haste, leaving the mage wide open for a head-butt. Vita took shameless advantage. Keep the others busy, I'll try to go for the crazy woman screaming about planets.

Well, I'll see if I can pencil it into my busy schedule, Zafira said sarcastically, even as Vita followed through with a second unblocked groin attack. The mage's eyes crossed as he lost altitude, falling on top of the green-haired girl making water sculptures that tore things apart. Nice aim.

Of course! Vita said smugly, having had no idea what they'd been above of. I'm going in.

As there was a brief deathmatch to introduce the dropper to the droppee, Vita held Graf Eisen in both hands in a guard position and hoped she didn't have her head crushed in…


Signum was starting the consider the possibility that maybe, just maybe, Vita might have a point about getting Hayate somewhere else.

"You are an infinitely aggravating man," Signum said evenly to the tuxedo-clad figure in front of her. Then, since at some point in the distant, distant past her mother had raised her to be a good girl, she added, "And a worthy opponent. I believe it might be difficult for me to defeat you without killing you."

A small smile twitched on the corner of her opponent's mouth, next to a shallow cut she'd put there. "You know, that's the first time anyone's ever said that to me. We'll have to give this event an anniversary."

Her own lips twitched too. Then they were back to trying to tear each other apart, Laevatein's blade meeting cane-sword and cane-sheath in another blurring exchange. Although Signum knew she was faster, Laevatein's size and mass worked against her in this fight, her opponent's lighter weapons allowing him to move more dexterously, and with more precision. As it was, she was sporting a lot of small cuts along the outside of her arms. He wasn't fairing well, either, though, Laevatein's greater reach having done it's work. Aside from the cut on his cheek, something she'd needed to pull lest she really go against Hayate's wishes and kill someone, she'd manage to tag his arms, as well as three shallow cuts on his torso. Most of it he'd been able to deflect with that damned cape of his. How the heck had he jumped like that in those pants, not to mention those shoes?

Still, it didn't matter. She wasn't that badly hurt, and blood-loss wouldn't be too big an inconvenience to her. Everything was going according to plan. Just a little longer, and it wouldn't matter if the TSAB showed up.

She really should have taken Vita's call…


The Time Key and Graf Eisen slammed into each other, the two vaguely phallic weapons battling for dominance in a symbolic and homoerotic manner. Around them, Vita's Berserkers did what they could to keep the Senshi and Super Young Team back as Sailor Uranus's howl of sudden rage echoed through the air.

"Fall already, darn it!" Vita swore, trying to take what advantage of the height difference she could and attack Sailor Pluto's legs. She was not going to fail here, darn it! This was for Hayate-chan! "Drop already!"

"No," Sailor Pluto answered coldly, drop-sweeping Vita's feet out from under her. The knight rolled, adding another tumble and managing to get her head from being crushed in. Vita kicked her way to her feet as she blocked the woman's following strike, grabbing the time key in that moment's pause and suing it as leverage to swing herself inside the woman's guard, slamming her knee into the Senshi's gut. Sailor Pluto grunted, doubling over, but didn't relent, suddenly pulling the Time Key close and trapping Vita against herself. "Everyone, I have her! Fire at will!"

"Pluto–!" some of the Senshi behind the wall of enemies cried.

"DO IT!" Sailor Pluto cried even as Vita struggled to get free, one fist slamming itself repeatedly into Sailor Pluto's kidneys, the other holding Graf Eisen trapped between them. "NOW!"


"Stinger Blade! Execution Shift!"

"Are you crazy?-!"

The mass of blades tore though the wall of Servants, a quarter of them down for the count, while the rest were merely inconvenienced by lost limbs and parts of their heads being cut off. They streaked towards the locked pair. Vita, panicked, slammed her foot into the inside of Sailor Pluto's knee. There was a sharp crack, and Sailor Pluto gave a cry of pain, her grip loosening. Vita, both arms now free, spun Sailor Pluto around, crouching beneath her and using her as a shield. The blades wavered at the last minute, many diverting in a circle around the two. Some weren't able to divert in time, slamming into Sailor Pluto, who let out another cry. A few clipped Vita's arms, drawing blood.

"Light's out," Vita said, slamming Graf Eisen into the side of Sailor Pluto's head, knocking her out. "Zafira!"

"Here!" the guardian beast said, loping to her side. His form rippled, shifting into his humanoid form, also masked, "Steel Yoke!"

White spikes rose, the semi-immaterial blades phasing through people's legs, locking them in place. Phantom pain from magically disrupted nerves screamed through them as the Servants charged, keeping them pinned. Vita flicked open the Book of Darkness. "Begin download!"

Sailor Pluto screamed again…


The air wavered as Yuuno and Arf Transferred them into Earth from the Dimensional Sea. They'd caught up with Nanoha only a few seconds ago, and already she was rushing to fly to the scene of the battle, eyes determined.

"Shouldn't we be going after her?" Arf said as she supported Negi, with Fate on his other side.

Yuuno, focused on his ring, shook his head. "Not yet. Wait for it…"

A moment later, Nanoha was back. "Um, did they say where the emergency was?" she said, blushing in embarrassment.

Arf and Fate both face-palmed. Negi screamed as he was dropped. He bounced off the trampoline that Nanoha made, which then raised him back up to conversation level.

Yuuno allowed himself a small smile. "Sailor Mercury's still online. She says the Wolkenritter have drained three of them. Chrono's there– at least, it sounds like Chrono– but there was a little misunderstanding because he fell on Shiny Happy Aquazon. Hilarity Ensued. I'm transmitting you the location."

"Received," Ring-chan said.

Nanoha flew off, knocking several clouds out of the way.

"Enthusiastic girl," Arf commented.

"Thank goodness I'm no longer on the receiving end," Fate agreed.

Negi screamed as his trampoline disappeared, and Yuuno caught him in a giant butterfly net. "Ah, Yuuno-san," Negi said as he tried to balance himself. "Can I ask you for a favor?"

"Huh?" Yuuno said.

"I'm going to need different clothes…"


A cartridge was ejected from Laevatein. Flame burst into existence around the weapon as Signum made one last attack. "Hiryu Issen!"

"Manhole cover!" Tuxedo Kamen countered.

The area around the his feet was torn apart by the fire attack while his thrown manhole cover slammed straight into Signum's gut, sending both flying back. They managed to land on their feet, still facing each other. Signum's wounds had clotted, but there were a lot more of them now, and a rose-stem was still stuck in her leg. Tuzedo Kamen's cape was in tattered all along it's edge, and his top hat had a long cleave down the middle from where Signum had nearly finished him off. Both knees of his trousers were out, and there was blood on his gloves, which still held both parts of his cane ready to attack.

"It looks like we'll be at this all day," Signum panted, a touch of eagerness to her.

"No, just until everyone else realizes you're isolated from all your backup and are an easy target," Tuxedo Kamen said, also panting slightly. He grinned at Signum's suddenly flat look. "I'd yell to get their attention, but that doesn't seem fair, somehow. Plus you'd probably take the time to shove that sword down my throat."

"Such a gentleman," she said dryly. "Are you always so nice to women?"

He tilted his head slightly. "Between you and me?" he said, voice low and inviting confidence. Signum wasn't such an idiot that she leaned closer in any way. "I must really thank you for this fight. It has been an extremely frustrating few years. I was this close to almost becoming a misogynist. You have helped relieve a lot of pressure."

"So glad to be helpful," she said, lunging for one of his legs. He whirled again, movement's obscured by his distracting and ridiculously billowy cape. She changed tactics in mid-attack, slashing at the cape and there was a brief ring of resistance, and he stumbled slightly, cape slightly wrapped around him and beginning to deflate.

Signum, I believe we have overstayed our welcome, Zafira's voice suddenly said, and it was only uncountable years of combat experience that kept her from losing her stride. Recommend we withdraw now. The TSAB is here. The Green Lantern child can't be far behind.

The TSAB? Why didn't you tell me sooner?-! Signum snapped back as Tuxedo Kamen's sword cane suddenly stabbed through the cape at her, and she parried it aside with her armored forearm. A knee struck Laevatein, knocking it aside, there was a tearing and another whirl, and a pair of roses flew out of the mess, one clipping her bicep and aggravating a wound already there, the other getting caught in one of her puffy shoulder pads.

You said you were busy. Something about roses, Zafira said innocently. Do you need someone to help you get away from your new boyfriend?

He is not my boyfriend! Signum snapped. She lashed out with a sweeping kick, which he met with his own, and there was a confused moment of the two of them trying to pull each other off their feet. They both gave up in disgust and resumed trying to stab each other.

De-ni-al! Vita sang, and it was never more apparent she was a child then now, when her mental voice managed to rise to that annoying pitch.

Vita, how would you like it if I beat you to the bathroom in the morning from now on? Signum said as darted back, swinging Laevatein in a wide vertical arc that tore up the street and sending a small cloud of dust flying.

... Bitch

That's Fuhrer Bitch to you, she said as she shot up into the air, landing on the lampshade of a streetlight. "It's over, warrior," she said as the cloud of dust was dispersed by Tuxedo Kamen's cape. "I have the high ground. We have achieved our objective. This battle is decided."

"Pardon me for not letting it lie at that," Tuxedo Kamen said, twirling the sheath in his left hand absently. "But my girlfriend would be disappointed in me if I simply ceased making an effort." He threw the sheath underhanded, and even as Signum raised Laevatein to deflect it, he whirled, cutting the streetlamp clean through, the metal edges orange-hot and slightly melted as the structure collapsed. Tuxedo Kamen drew back, weight on his ear leg as he readied to lunge–

Signum raised her eyebrow at him from where she floated. "I can fly, you know," she said.

He glared at her. "You had to ruin a perfectly good dramatic response, didn't you?"

"I am not interested in drama," she said coolly. "Only our objective."

"Which was?" he said, as he stood up straight to keep from looking like an idiot.

"We have drained the Linker Cores we need from your friends," she said, and watched as his eyes grew cold and angry. "It wasn't your fault. You did very well, occupying my attention, or else we might have gotten more. These girls aren't very disciplined."

There was a non-committal grunt. "One of us will stop you," Tuxedo Kamen said, twirling his sword-cane and eyeing her appraisingly, as if he was debating on whether to take a chance and throw it as well. "You can't evade justice forever. We will stop you."

Signum raised her blade in salute. "But until then…" she said, and turned to fly away.

A rose flew, lodging in one of the exhaust holes on Laevatein's cartridge ejector.

"I will kick your ass next time," Tuxedo Kamen said as she paused to look at him, tugging out the flower. "But until then…" He bowed.

There was a sound behind him and he turned. Sabers stalked towards him in various states of disrepair, many still armed with their blades. A grim smile played on his lips. "Hello, misplaced aggression…"

He attacked.


Signum flew into the air, soon followed by Vita and Zafira. They dodged the attacks sent their way, and Vita's hammer mercilessly struck the shrunken winged-human who tried to follow them up into painful unconsciousness.

"Zafira, bring down the barrier," Signum said tiredly. "Let's go home. Hayate-chan wa saying she was planning to make stew."

The three paused for a moment, all thinking the same thing. Hmm, Hayate-chan's stew…

Zafira grinned, mouth slightly watering, and raised his hand to disperse the barrier they'd raised. It faded away and proper colors returned to the sky. "Home free…"

There was a ripple, and suddenly another barrier snapped up into place.

"What the hell?" Vita cried.

"Stinger Blade! Execution Shift!"

Zafira threw the two women behind him as he raised up a barrier, trying to shield them from the worst of the blast.

"Surrender!" the masked TSAB agent, code name Tempus, cried, Device pointed at them in the classical 'angry wizard about to make merry hell' pose. "We have you surrounded! Resistance is futile!"

Vita blinked at him. "He's already up after getting kicked in the nuts?" Zafira winced, almost crossing his legs in sympathy even as he flexed his muscle to get rid of some stinger blades lodged in them. "What's this boy made of?"

"I AM A MAN!" Tempus cried. "BLAZE CANNON!"

An enormous burst of fire exploded from the end of the Device, the knights scattering to avoid it. Even then, they were caught in the heat bloom of the spell, sending them tumbling through the air. They righted themselves, Vita tucking the Book away for safety. "HAH!" she taunted. "That the best you've got?"

"Emerald Stinger Blade," a voice called from above them. "Execution Shift!"

About a hundred green energy blades hit them in the back.

"AHH!" Vita cried in pain as the impacts stuck her from behind. She whirled, Graf Eisen ready to attack. "What the hell?"

Green Lantern floated above them, her green and black dress a sharp contrast to her appearance the last time they'd seen her. Corps symbols glowed a spectral green against her black skirts, and the green construct staff she held faded even as they watched. Her gaze was determined behind her mask. Her eyes glowed with neon radiance.

"Servants of the Book of Darkness!" she declared. "I am the Green Lantern of Earth and Space Sector 2814! As a duly appointed freelance law-enforcement agent of Japan, you are under arrest for several counts of assault, destruction of property, vandalism, littering, malicious mischief, and assaulting an officer, namely, ME! And there might be other charges!"

"Heh!" Vita said, sneering. "I kicked your little green ass last time, glowrod! What makes you think I won't do it again?"

"Because she's not alone!" a cry from a nearby building rang.

Fate Testarossa stood dramatically on the building's highest point, her hand thrust into the air. Arf and Ferret Lantern flanked her, all glaring up at the knights. "Bardiche Assault!"


Meanwhile, down below…

"You know, these are a lot less squicky-looking than the Dark Kingdom Youma that I remember," Tuxedo Kamen commented casually, back to back with Sailor Mercury and Shiny Happy Aquazon. "Remember those? They made that Sadako character look pretty. I mean, ick."

"The Dark Kingdom ones were always rush jobs," Sailor Mercury commented. "Really just something they put together cheaply to try and drain humans. These seem to have been built with more attention to detail and effort. I mean, the one has most of its head gone, and it's still moving."

Shiny Happy Aquazon impaled with a spear of water. It twitched but kept on trying to move. "Would you stop geek-gasming over these things and help me put them down!" she snapped.

"Jovis Tempestas Fulguriens!"

A concentrated spiral of blazing electric energy lanced down diagonally from the sky, vaporizing many of the Servants around them and turning the rest into char. Negi Springfield landed lightly in front of them, now wearing something he wasn't embarrassed to be seen in. The Magia Erebea-limiting Opera Gloves wrapped around his arms, as he stood clad in a version of his vaguely Ranma-reminiscent fighting outfit, except this one had a long, fluttering tail that had no purpose except to flutter dramatically, essentially serving as an ass-cape, ring-reconfigured from his previous girly clothes. A silver ring wrapped around one finger, the Ring-wand Chamo had been able to finally find for him, hidden in Setsuna's underwear drawer (the experience had apparently left the ermine highly traumatized, muttering about 'nothing but bike shorts'). A green domino mask was on his face, obscuring his features.

"Sailor Mercury-san! Tuxedo Kamen-san! Shiny Happy Aquazon-san! Are you all right?" he asked them, back to them and crouched in a ready stance. This way he didn't notice the girl's looks.

"We're fine, um… uh, what exactly are you calling yourself? I notice you're wearing a mask…?" Tuxedo Kamen said when it was apparent the girls wouldn't be saying anything.

Negi nodded in acknowledgement. "Call me Magus Erebus. We need to get everyone to regroup! If we remain separated, we won't be able to concentrate our fire on this things. Without the servants of the Book of Darkness to direct them, they seem to be attacking randomly, without strategy or support. We need to get word to the others. Can Sailor Mercury contact them while we hold them off her?"

Silence. "She can," Tuxedo Mask said for the mutely staring Senshi.

Negi nodded. "Please watch my back," he said. "Melodia Bellax!" He cast, charging into the fray, Sagitta Magica already forming around him for his Mahou-Ken techniques.

Shiny Happy Aquazon stared at Negi's form. "Sugoi!" she squealed. "That. Was. HOT!"

"Oh, my…" Sailor Mercury agreed.

"You realize the kid's about eleven, right?" Tuxedo Kamen said.


"Just making sure."

"So… manly…" Sailor Mercury whispered. Tuxedo Kamen felt offended. All these years, and he'd never even…!

He cracked his knuckles. "Right. You two call everyone, we men will kill things to keep them away from you."

For the first time in years, he felt he might actually enjoy getting into a fight…


"A cartridge system…?" Vita said, staring at Fate's upgraded Bardiche. "MEGAMANNING COPYCAT!"

Green Lantern frowned at her. "Why are you trying to complete the Book of Darkness? More importantly, why are you trying to complete the Book of Darkness now? You've obviously been on Earth for a some time. You were probably here for the Jewel Seeds. Why did you let those go by and only started taking Linker Cores recently?"

"How do you know how long I've been on Earth?" Vita snapped up at Green Lantern.

"You've been here long enough to dig deep enough into TvTropes to find the Megamanning page," Ferret Lantern pointed. "Granted, that doesn't take all that long, depending on where you start, but first you'd have need to find the website, which means you know how to use the internet, which means you have free time to do so…"

"Oh, shut up!" Vita cried.

"We don't want to have to fight you!" Fate said. "This doesn't have to lead to violence! Just tell us, why do you want to complete the Book of Darkness?"

Vita crossed her arms, trying to ignore her injuries and putting up an indifferent front, trusting her teammates to watch her back. "You know, we have a saying in Belka," she said.

Oh, not that old joke again, Signum groaned. You always get the punch line wrong!

Vita ignored her. "'If you're an emissary of peace, don't carry a spear'," she continued. "Even though you say you want to talk, you came armed and attacked us first, moron! You idiot!"

"Sorry, did we get your customs wrong?" Green Lantern said, a little saccharine sarcasm in her words. "I thought that was how you people greeted each other. After all, wasn't that what you did to me?"

"Ooh, BURN!" Arf said.

Chrono and Signum's eyes met, and even through their respective masks, opposing sides, and enmity, their thoughts were perfectly clear: I am surrounded by idiots. Yes, I feel your pain. No, I'll still kick your ass.

"This is your final warning!" Green Lantern cried. "Will you come quietly? Or will we have to use force?"

Graf Eisen extended, and Vita slapped a couple of cartridges into empty slots. "I kicked you ass already. I'll do it again."

"I was unprepared and overconfident last time," Green Lantern said, her left hand clenching tight. "Bring it on."

"Hey, can't we try talking and getting to know each other and finding out the whole picture before we commit to an inescapable cycle of revenge?" Ferret Lantern said timidly. "Because I really don't want to be a poor communications kill!"

"Violence is the only answer!" Vita cried. Ferret Lantern slumped when he saw Green Lantern make no response except to look more determined.

Everything stood poised for a dramatic moment. Then everyone blurred in a flying fireworks display of colorful violence!


Most of the Sailor Senshi had almost become useless.

"Look at those moves…" Sailor Jupiter said as she finished sending a half-hearted blast of lightning at the Servants that were now on one end of the street.

"Such focus and concentration…" Sailor Mars fluttered.

"So handsome…!" Sailor Venus gushed.

"Come to mama…" Crazy Shy Lolita Canary agreed.

Well-Spoken Sonic Lightning Flash stared at them as he finished putting down the last of the unconscious Outers. "He's about eleven," he pointed out, confused.

"So? I'd tap that…" Sailor Uranus said dreamily.

The other Senshi blinked and stared at her, mouths hanging open. A beat later, she blinked herself. "Did… I just say that?" she said.

The others mutely nodded.

"About a guy."

More nods.

"Who's… kinda young…"

Nods again.

Sailor Uranus wrung her hands guiltily. "Um, can you not tell…"

Of course, nods. Sailor Uranus could have kissed them. The thought did not help her guilt.

Crazy Shy Lolita Canary and Well-Spoken Sonic Lightning Flash exchanged confused looks at the byplay as the Senshi went back to watching Neg– er, Magus Erebus– go at it.

"Remember the olden days when we first fought these things?" Sailor Venus said.

"Sailor Moon's skirt was still blue," Sailor Mercury recalled, looking down at her own skirt.

"No funky shoulder pads for anyone," Sailor Jupiter added. "Just Those accordion things."

"Moon's attacks were less embarrassing to be around…" Sailor Mars sighed wistfully.

At the reminder, they all launched some attacks, clearing a bunch of the enemy.

"Remember the crazy ideas the Dark Generals had?" Sailor Jupiter said.

"Evil bakery…" Sailor Venus recalled.

"Evil fortune teller…" Sailor Mars said.

"Evil teachers…" Sailor Mercury sighed.

"So… same tactics as all the ones we've been there to fight with you?" Sailor Uranus said.

"Well, except for the fact they lasted about a day or two when pulling off their evil plans, pretty much," Sailor Mars said.

"We used to be able to combine our attacks with Sailor Moon," Sailor Venus sighed. "Remember that Frisbee of death she used to have?"

"Made by throwing her tiara," Sailor Mars said, nodding in remembrance. "And she had a sonic attack based on how loudly she screamed in terror. I used to think that was a pretty silly attack." Sigh. "Recent years have proven me wrong."

"Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss," Sailor Mercury said with a straight face.

"I miss the lightsaber Frisbee…" Sailor Mars moaned.

"A little help here?-!" Tuxedo Kamen cried. "If you don't mind?"

They blasted.


Once, Hayate-chan had watched an old American movie about a big fish with them. Vita thought it was kind of hokey. After all, was it really that hard to kill one stupid fish? Sure, it killed some people, but it was obviously a predator. The panic was all out of proportion, and the effects were overdone. Really, nearly pulling a boat underwater and then biting it to pieces? Putting a tank of compressed air in its mouth and shooting the tank to make it explode?

Vita had thought it was silly at the time, but doable, but Hayate's favorite American show, the one on before 'Trope-tan Organization the TV', with those two guys with the beret and the one who liked to reject reality had proven that it was impossible, although that thing with the sawdust looked like fun.

Vita had still enjoyed the movie though, mainly because Hayate-chan spent the latter parts of it curled up against her, holding her arm tight and trying to keep her feet off the floor, for fear of it getting bitten off. Plus Hayate-chan had insisted on doing the same for all the sequels…

Now, however, Vita was finding that maybe Hayate-chan wasn't so silly for being afraid.

"GAH!" Vita cried as she dodged the giant hundred meter green shark that dived up at her with jaws wide open. It's teeth were whirring chainsaws, and Vita could see all the way down it's throat which was a nightmare of spinning cutting rings. "ARE YOU INSANE?-!"

"I'm a Green Lantern!" the girl riding on the shark's back by holding on to its dorsal fin cried as if that were an explanation. "If I win this fight, tell my why you're doing this, okay?-! I'll need it for my report!"

"If you think you can win, you're welcome try!" Vita cried, before her eyes widened in panic again and she dodged frantically to avoid the open mouth of death. "GAH!"

"Bruce-kun, circle for another attack!" Green Lantern cried.

"This isn't fair!" Vita complained.

Signum was having to deal with Fate and Tempus.

"You're hurt," Fate said as scythe met sword.

"What was your first clue?" Signum said flatly. "The blood, the holes in my armor, or the fact I have a rose hanging off my shoulder?" She spun in an axis only professional acrobats and athletic superheroes knew about, her foot striking Song To You, pushing Tempus back slightly.

"It was the one in your leg, actually," Fate said, going for an underhand cut, Bardiche's new frilly scythe wings making it look like the firefly of death. Signum blocked it with Laevatein's sheath, shamelessly stealing Tuxedo Kamen's tactics and wondering if she could get Hayate to make her a cape. Using the scythe as an axis point, she angled herself and attacked the TSAB agent, trying to keep him from using any spells.

Tempus blocked, light already gathering around his Device. "Break Impulse!" he cried, thrusting the Device like a spear. Signum hooked her leg around Fate's forearm, using her body as a fulcrum and pulling the surprised blonde into the path of the attack.

"Defenser!" Fate cried, the shield snapping into place. Tempus tried to divert his attack, but his thrust had been too good, and it slammed into the shield at an angle. The shield broke, but it slowed down the strike enough for Fate to angle herself out of the way, avoiding the worst of the strike but getting clipped on the leg. She let out a hiss of pain as the makings of a large bruise appeared on her thigh. For some reason, she found herself thinking of her mother.

"While I would normally enjoy an encounter such as this with you, Testarossa," Signum said, "I have just had a really long day and would like nothing better than to leave and watch some 'Trope-tan Organization', maybe take a bath. I have no time to waste today."

"Tough!" Tempus said, righting Fate and interposing his body between the two women as Fate recovered herself. "We have all day."

Signum, her body aching, stinging and pounding with several versions and variations on the theme of pain, growled at him.

"Sexy Arf PUNCH!" Arf cried as her fist streaked towards Zafira, only to meet his crossed arms head-on.

Ferret Lantern, her back-up, stopped dead in mid-air, then face-palmed. "Oh, for crying… what happened to the devoted familiar who was completely Fate-centric?"

"I started hanging around you people," Arf replied with a grin, before she pivoted, her foot lashing out. "Furry Spirit KICK!"

"Hey, could you slow down?" Ferret Lantern said. "How am I suppose to back you up if I might accidentally hit you with anything I try?"

"Beast King Fist!" Zafira countered.

"Sexy Arf Boot to the Head!" Arf counter-countered.

"Falcon Punch!" Zafira counter-counter-countered.

"Homoerotic Thousand Years of Pain!" Arf counter-counter-counter-countered.

Ferret Lantern sighed. "I'll just go and see if Green Lantern needs any help, shall I?" he said.

They ignored him.

He sighed, muttering about getting Seven Arced. "So, um… I'll just check the perimeter, see if their master or that fourth person Sa– er, the one the Card Mistress found is hanging around or anything, okay? Okay? Hey, Fate is actually in love with Nanoha! No one listening? Oh, well…"


Shamal stood behind a window on the topmost floor of a building. The room she was in was an office, it's occupant evacuated once the alert about monsters had been released. True, the Servants and Senshi and assorted beings had disappeared once the barrier had been raised, but Tokyo knew enough to know that didn't count for much.

There's not much I can do on my own, Shamal transmitted as she looked out the window into the barrier. The Bureau's mages are outside maintaining the barrier from the outside. I can't destroy it with my magic alone. I'll have to use the Book…

Grr… Signum replied in frustration. Obviously, she was fighting, and obviously , she wasn't enjoying it. I don't like it. It was bad enough we needed to expend its energy to create the Jadeite Servants. I don't want us to start recklessly expending its energy whenever we face a difficulty.

What choice do we have? Zafira said. This sexy, big boobed familiar of theirs with the crazy hot legs and cute fangs is keeping me too busy to try and dismantle it myself. There was a moment of silence. Oh dear. I seem to have said that out loud. This is awkward.

Vita, what do you say? Shamal asked.


There was a brief pause. Don't you mean 'Gojira', Vita-chan? Shamal asked.

NO, IT'S THE AMERICAN ONE, GODZILLA, THE ONE THAT LOOKS LIKE A T-REX FROM HELL! Vita cried. AHH! HOT HOT HOT! Oh now, what? Why is it turning into a… giant marshmallow man?

Don't cross the streams, Shamal advised. If it asks if you're a god, say 'yes'.

Shut up, blondie. AH! GOOP! THAT IS SO GROSS!

Is there something strange in your neighborhood? Shamal chirped. Who ya gonna call?

Shamal, Signum's voice said with tried patience. Just shut off the Hayate-damned barrier, will you?


And do so quickly for Vita's peace of min– HOLY HAYATE, THAT THING IS HUGE!


"Emerald Supertrain Megazord, fire all weapons!" Green Lantern cried from within the giant-giant robot's cockpit. "Target the red knight!"

"I HATE THIS PLANET!" Vita cried, dodging missiles and ion turbine blasts as Graf Eisen loaded cartridges.

"Gigantform," the Armed Device announced as it grew bigger.

"Gigant Crusher!" Vita cried as the weapon extended and expanded to a ridiculous degree while she swung it in an overhead attack at the enormous green robot.

It nimbly stepped to the side, the strike missing it completely and only leaving a big flat indentation on the ground. The robot raised it's hand up, touching it's 'nose' with it's 'thumb' and waggling its fingers at Vita. "Neener-neener!" was the cry from the pilot seat. "You missed!"

Graf Eisen swept to the side, knocking the robot over.

"AH! Sore loser!"


"Am NOT! And what's a b–? Never mind, not important! Fall already!"


Shamal opened the Book of Darkness. Thankfully, it was now over the 400 page minimum activation requirement, and now could move around. "Book of Darkness…" she intoned. "Your Guardian, Shamal, orders you here and now to release yourpower to crush your enemies!"

Clouds began to gather as a large ball of crackling darkness began to congeal in the sky, purple lightning crackling around it. Down below, she could here people crying out in panic

"Fire! Annihilation Lightning!"

"Geschrieben," the Book said.

A bolt of purple energy lanced down into the barrier. Ripples began to emanate from the point of impact. The sky seemed to be cracking as blue and black lances of energy lanced down from the impact point, looking strangely like Kirbian dots. Battles paused as combats stared up.

"Well, it looks like we'll have to continue this some other time, Testarossa," Signum panted. "You might want to work on getting behind something…"

"Signum!" Fate cried, panting at the injuries the knight had managed to inflict on her. Well, to be more precise, it was from the injuries Signum had been able to cause her and Tempus to inflict on each other. The masked boy glared at the knight, sporting several slashes resulting from Fate's scythe being redirected.

Vita and the Supertrain Megazord both paused as the knight and the pilot stared up into the sky. Vita looked at the phenomenon with something like relief, and gave the robot a look of grudging respect.

"I am Vita, the Iron Hammer Knight of the Wolkenritter," Vita announced. "Who are you?"

"I am the Green Lantern of Earth," Nanoha said from inside her robot. "And that's all you need to know."

Vita growled. "Asshole!" she cried. "We'll finish this later! Next time, I'll kill you! DEFINITELY!"

Green Lantern glared at her as she flew away, debating whether to send an energy construct to snare her regardless, but one look at the sky convinced her there were other things she needed to use Willpower for. "Ring-chan, power check!"

"Willpower at 21 percent," the ring replied.

"Eh? So low?"

"You haven't recharged since late yesterday afternoon and you've been creating large constructs," Ring-chan chided. "Be glad there's so much left."

Nanoha frowned, and called by Ring and Telepathy. Thankfully, she'd figured out how to send messages to people other than Yuuno, although it was still only to those she knew who had devices. Fate would just have to tell Arf. "Everyone, get into the Megazord!" she called to them, opening an access door and pointing at it with a big bunch of blinking arrows. "I'll do what I can to block the blast!"

She closed her eyes, feeling the Willpower in her ring reacting to the small amount that was inside her, could feel the slight warmth in her eyes as they glowed. She concentrated, reinforcing the massive construct she was in already, preparing a much larger shield. She looked up as she heard people enter, seeing her friends. "Yuuno-kun, I need you to transfer as much of your power as you can into my ring," she said holding out her left hand. Ring-chan wrapped around her middle finger. "Everyone else, I need you to do what you can to shield us while I get the Megazord into position."

"Position?" Chrono said, ripping off his mask in annoyance and suddenly becoming more recognizable as Chrono as the disguising magic was removed. "Why?"

Nanoha pointed as the screens in front of her changed displays, zooming in. "We also have to cover the Senshi," she said grimly.


The Sailor Senshi, Super Young Team, Tuxedo Kamen and Magus Erebus stared up at the incoming death from above.

"I am going to die a virgin," Tuxedo Kamen said, then added conscientiously, "Again."

"Here here," the Inners echoed him.

"You'd think we'd figure it out by now," Sailor Mercury said philosophically.

Negi frowned. "What's a virgin?"

The Emerald Supertrain Megazord stepped over them, arms crossed in defense.

Nanoha threw up her barriers, dozens of angled, multilayered constructs as the Annihilation Lightning came down, while behind her Arf and Yuuno cast their own defensive spells. The Lightning slammed into the first of them and tore them apart like they were cobwebs. Nanoha stared screaming as psychic backlash began to tear through her, but she kept her will and focus in place, keeping all the constructs as strong as she could and didn't waver, even as Arf, Yuuno, Fate and Chrono made what defensive spells they could. The Lightning kept slamming down, tearing the will-based constructs like they didn't exist. The Megazord was torn apart around Nanoha and her friends, her screams rising uncontrollably now as capillaries in her head broke and bled, as the Lightning struck the ground, and there was a blinding burst of purple-tinted light as a bubble-cloud of energy suddenly rose, erupting like a destroying wave.

Silence fell.

Nanaho collapsed to the ground, blood pouring from her nose, ears and the corners of her eyes as the others' shields faded, the platform Yuuno had barely been able to ring under them lowering them gently next to the stunned Sailor Senshi and company as the barrier began to disperse above them. Chrono had slapped his mask back on, and was calling for backup, saying they had wounded and drain victims. They stood on an uneven circle of relative untouched concrete as the Lightning deflected just a crucial miniscule bit by Nanoha's efforts.

Fate cried out as Nanoha fell, rushing towards the falling girl as Arf moved to shield her identity as best as she could. The blonde cradled the fallen Lantern, watching as the pinpoints of shining green light behind the eyeholes of her mask slowly winked out…


- To be continued...


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Omake: Black-Winged Angel!


The Wolkenritter and Hayate all slipped on Cool Shades as they drew out their instruments, and proceeded to rock out!

"Estuans interius

ira vehementi

Estuans interius

ira vehementi



Estuans interius

ira vehementi

Estuans interius

ira vehementi



A Belkan summoning circle opened above them as more Ominous Latin Chanting as Reinforce began to descend, dressed in full Sephiroth leather. She opened her eyes as the summoning came to it's climax.



"Hello, Clouds," she said, looking down at them. "Hello, mother."

"Praise be to mother!" Vita cried.

"All glory to mother!" Signum agreed.

Shamal spread her arms wide. "Group hug!"

Zafira sighed. "What am I, the motorcycles that get blown up?" he muttered sourly.

Hayate clenched her fist. "And now, it is time for… the Reunion!"

"Yes!" the others cried. "Time to see everyone again!"


Omake 2: A Painful Betrayal!


Fate stared at the pink-haired leader of the Wolkenritter, taking in her disheveled appearance. "Signum!" she cried indignantly. "You've been fighting someone, haven't you!-?"

Signum stared at her in panic, trying to dab the blood off her arms as she waved frantically. "No! It's not what you think, Fate-chan! I, uh, fell! Into some rose-bushes! Yes, that's it, rose bushes! It was all an accident!"

"LIAR!" Fate cried tearfully. "Admit it! You have another rival! Someone other than me! How could you, Signum?-! How could you?-!"

Signum's fist tightened, and she bowed her head. "Y-yes. I admit it. I've… been fighting someone else."

"I knew it!" Fate wailed. "Oh, Signum, how could you break a poor maiden's heart? I thought we had something special! Did all our violence and fighting mean nothing to you?"

"Of course it did!" Signum cried, holding her arms out beseechingly. "He meant nothing to me, I swear! It was just a one-act fight, nothing serious! I didn't even get his name! You're the only rival for me, Testarossa!"

"How can I believe you?-!" Fate snapped, tears still running down her face. "You've obviously been going around behind my back, fighting people left and right. How can I trust you again?"

"Testarossa…" Signum said despairingly, then firmed her resolved. "I'll show you how much you mean to me!" She drew out her sword and attacked Fate. "See? See, you're the only one I want to fight! Only you, Testarossa! You're my one, true rival!"

"Oh, Signum," Fate said, parrying with Bardiche and trying to gut the other girl. "I… I don't know if I can do it again… this heartache…"

"Believe in me, Testarossa!" Signum cried as she tried to set the girl on fire. "Feel my sword! It only wants to pierce our flesh! Yours is the only body it wants to enter!"

Fate broke. "Oh, Signum! I can't stay mad at you. I'll take you back, you cheating bitch!"

"Testarossa!" Signum cried happily as she tried to cleave the girl's head in.

"Signum!" Fate cried, trying to behead her.

"TESTAROSSA!" Signum exclaimed with tears in her eyes as she tried to put her sword into Fate.

"SIGNUM!" Fate called, going for her legs to cut them off.






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