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Takamachi Nanoha of 2814

by Shadow Crystal Mage

Epilogue: End of A's

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White Primate Murder

He opened his eyes. Blank, soulless, without pity, remorse or anything resembling emotion, they surveyed the area about him. To his back, the sea rose and crashed, spray exploding into the air above, uncaring of his birth. Like the first life, like the Fey Folk, the Titans, the Gods, and Aphrodite before him, the sea had made him out of itself, the source of all life from great mother Gaia.

He rose, virgin untested limbs struggling to support his form for the first time. His pale white hide shone in the darkness of the night, tail lashing out. His gaze rose, and he set his eyes upon the unnatural glow of light before him, on steel and concrete towers that had no place on Earth.

His expression never changing, he began to stalk for prey…


Magical Shinji?

Matou Shinji, who'd been in a coma for a while and had probably been forgotten by readers for even longer, lay on his bed aboard the TSAB's base, staring at the ceiling, and wondered what to do with his life. Seriously wondered what to do with it.

To go back to a world where he had no magic? Or join a group that called him one of the most powerful mages they have discovered?

He smirked.

No brainer.

Which was good, since he only had slightly more than that to work with.


Lost And Found

"It's here," Shamal said as she led Tuxedo Mask and Gilgamesh into the Yagami Garage. Lacking a car, they'd mainly used the place for storage.

The Senshi of Earth– such as he was– carefully followed the blonde, very much aware that Gilgamesh was likely just waiting for the faintest excuse to attack. Forgiving enemies had not been popular in old Uruk. Doing unspeakable things to them as an example had been, and the Wolkenritter still ranked VERY high on the former Servant's enemies list.

Shamal led them to a long object covered by a tarp. Reaching almost to their hips, it was about eight feet long, and seemed to be covered with angular surfaces, from what they could make out on top of it. Shamal gripped the tarp to pull it off, but Mamoru beat her to it, grabbing a handful and gesturing for Gilgamesh to do the same. The blond scowled slightly, but did as ordered, and they both pulled the fabric off the object.

A large crystal lay on the floor, and within a man lay, eyes closed as if in a coffin. Gilgamesh sucked in a breath, falling to his knees to get a better look at the sleeping face. Mamoru managed not to do the same, but only because a stack of boxes was in the way.

Hands shaking, Gilgamesh pressed his hands on the surface of the crystal. "B-brother…?" he gasped, staring down at the slumbering Jadeite…


Prana Restoration

Saber threw back her head, letting out a moan as Shiro, er, restored her prana. After the battle against the Defense Program the day before, her levels were dangerously low. Shiro was remedying that, with Rin once more 'supervising' since he still couldn't properly initiate. Rin, her part done, was occupying her time tending to parts Shiro was too… busy to see to properly.

The transfer completed, Saber made a very loud confirmatory sound as she fell back on the bed, her bright green eyes staring blissfully at the ceiling as her brilliant blonde hair stuck to her sweaty face and neck. Shiro collapsed to one side of her on his narrow bed, spent in several ways.

"Hmm…" Rin murmured, idly pushing Saber's hair out of the Servant's eyes. "You're looking good. Hey, your eyes are back to normal…how do you feel?"

Tired as she was, Saber managed to give her a look, eys half-lidded and smoky, never mind what color they were.

"Oh, right," Rin said, giggling.

For a while, the three of them just lay there, panting.

"So…" Rin said, smiling mischievously, reaching down and making Saber gasp. "Another round?"

"I think you need to get an answer before you do that…" Shiro said, shakily pushing himself up to his elbow. Saber, and then Rin pulled at him, their lips meeting, and he began to move back in position…

Someone knocked very loudly on his wall. "Either keep it down or let me join in!" Kuro yelled through the wall.

Rin hung her head, giving Shiro the stink eye. "Your sister is a real pest, Emiya."

"Hey, as a little sister, I have rights!" Kuro cried.

"Kuro, would you shut up and let me pretend I can't hear anything?" Illya's voice came through the wall, followed by the sound of a pillow hitting a loli. It was a sound Shiro had learned to identify from all the times he'd heard Illya hit Kuro with one.

There was a more muffled wall banging. "Shiro-san!" he heard Sella's voice cry, muffled by having to pass through Kuro and Illya's room. "Remember your place as the son of the house! You shouldn't engage in debauchery! Kuro-sama, you mustn't be corrupted by Shiro-san into an unnatural and unwholesome path!"

"Oh, shut up, Sella!" Kuro cried back. "We can hear you when you and Liz go at it! You're right in the next room!"

From across the hall, Saber could clearly hear Irisviel's voice. "Now Shiro-kun, remember, a proper gentleman lets Saber-san come first! Are you starting with her— I have to tell him these things Kiritsugu, how else is he supposed to know? Yes, I understand that, but Saber-chan is my friend too, and I want her to be as satisfied as I am with you… No, of course not Kiritsugu, I have you. Well, yes, but— ah! Oh, yes, there! Ah! KIRITSUGU!"

"MY EARS!" Illya screamed, clearly hearing the same thing.

"Come on Oniichan, I can help in there…" Kuro called in what she probably supposed was a seductive voice, before the sounds of a fierce pillow beating echoed through the wall. "Damn it Illya, stop cockblocking me! Ow!"

"Maybe we should just go to sleep…" Shiro suggested.

In response, Rin reached off the bed into the pocket of her discarded skirt and pulled out three pairs of earplugs.

Saber held out her hand, and stuck a pair into her ears.

Shiro was outvoted.


Super Myths!

Who are the M0thB0st0rs? 0dam S0vage…

"Stop sparking my ass!"

and J0mie Hyn0m0n...

"I was nowhere near that grassy knoll or President Kennedy."

Between them, more than thirty years of special effects experience. Joining them, T0ri B0ll0ci…

"I used to be a Wayans Brother, you know. But I left before they became famous…"

K0ri Byr0n…

"Okay, no more myths about Ouija boards, mirrors, or anyone named Bloody anything! Can we get a superhero here please?"

and Gr0nt Im0h0ra…

"Someone beat me to building a robot girl? NOOOOOO!"

They don't just tell the myths - they put them to the test!

"Well J0mie, what have we got today?"

"Well Ad0m, we've got something of a superhero myth going on."

"We're not testing the ascender again, are we? Because I know we've got a lot of letters from Gotham and Star City and—"

"No, we're not doing that again. No, the myth we're testing is about Superman. Specifically, is he really: faster than a speeding bullet; more powerful than a locomotive; and able to leap buildings in a single bound."

"Huh. Sounds like a tough myth to test."

"Well, normally yes, but today we've got an honorary Mythbuster to help us."

"Hey Ad0m, J0mie."

"Holy bleepity bleeping bleep! It's Superman!"

"So, shall we get this myth started?"


"That's Ad0m's way of saying yes."



Yagami Hayate was in hell. She struggled not to cry as agony shot up her arm, trying to persevere. But it hurt… it hurt so much! How could such pain exist in this world? Who could devise such senseless cruelty, such unspeakable torment? She was not going to cry, she was not going to cry, she was not going to cry! She was a big girl now! She was a strong girl! She was a frickin' Magical Girl for crying out loud! Hero of Justice, Destroyer of Worlds, awesome badass, etcetera, etcetera!

She really, really wanted to kill herself. Her chest pains were nowhere near this agonizing!

Nearby, Vita was gritting her teeth, determined not to break, fist clenched in defiance. The fact she was making stepped-on kitten sounds from her throat was not at all relevant. Signum's face was a mask of grim determination, chewing her lower lip as one hand clenched the chair she was trapped in, the metal arm rest slowly buckling and deforming under her grip. Shamal had already broken, begging for mercy as tears streamed down her face. Poor Zafira was suffering worst of all, his hand shaking uncontrollably, looking like he wanted to tear his own throat out. And Reinforce…

Reinforce sat, seemingly catatonic, head bowed as if overcome, broken. Only her arm still moved, tapping out in the morse code of agony.

The door slid open, and their diabolical torturer walked in, arms full on new hells to inflict, a demonic smile wide over her devilish face. "Still not done?" Nanoha said cheerfully as she put down the latest tall stack of paperwork. "Come on, it's not that hard! Look, I've already filled out my parts of these things. You just need to get into a fun rhythm…"

"I should have killed you when I had the chance…!" Vita choked out as she filled in yet another form for the TSAB… or was it Mahora? Oa? They were all meshing into one painful blur.

"Save the rainforest," Shamal was crying. "Must save the rainforest… stop paper production… this madness must end!"

"It's not paper, it's a paper-like construct." Nanoha frowned, looking annoyed. "Honestly, it's only a little paperwork! It's not going to kill you. Come on, only 482 more forms in triplicate and then we're done!" She smiled a bright, encouraging smile.

Hayate changed her mind. She wasn't bothering with flying spells. The VERY first spell she'd learn was some kind of beam attack so she could shoot Nanoha in the face!


Picked A 31st Option

In the end, Negi took Cassandra to the Christmas Ball, on the basis that she wasn't interested in him. He was learning enough to tell that much.

Cassandra, for her part, didn't see the point of dancing. If all these people wanted to have sex, they should just find a room and do it.

His parents arriving to surprise him was the best present he received that day.



He entered the city, passing unseen amongst the humans. They who had lost their bond to Gaia were blind to his presence. That is, most of them were.

His prey saw him, glimpsing him out of the corner of their eye. The pale gleam of his hide stood out, but he didn't linger. Though they were his prey, they weren't the right prey. He was a predator. A predator didn't strike those in the middle of the herd. A predator waited, biding their time. They marked one out, one who was weak, or injured, or sick, or cut off from the herd. A predator corners, isolating, seeing to it that no matter how much it called for hep, no help would come. And then… they struck.

He saw others like him, those borne of Gaia, part of Gaia. Youki and Ayakashi, their forms veiled in a disgusting parody of humanity. The dark ones, so young, borne of the darkness of humanity itself, wearing false flesh or dwelling in the shadows, waiting to drag the unwary back into the world, at one with the mother. Vampires, twisted parodies of perfection, still unable to destroy humanity after all these years. They had been a mistake. No predator who knows their part in the world would truly eat their prey to extinction. That was a human defect, and the children of the night were not human enough to make that error.

His crimson, unblinking eyes came to rest on one of his prey. He marked her out of the pack and began to stalk…


Dark Fragments

It's the little things.

No one had bothered to check within the sub-dimensional tube that had sent the Defense Program hurtling into space. The TSAB hadn't. Nanoha, for all her thoroughness, had overlooked it. Yuuno might have thought to check, except he'd been getting the Big Brother "If You Hurt Her" speech from Kyouya, the Fatherly "They'll Never Find The Body" speech from Shiro, the "I'll Make Your Existence A Living Hell And No One Will Ever Know" speech by Momoko, and the Big Sister "If You Touch My Imouto Or My Manga Again" speech from Miyuki, so he was kinda distracted.

Within the tube, Grail-Tainted fragments gestated, developing based on data observed or uploaded by the Defense Program before destruction… which wasn't as gone as one would think…


All-Star Supergirl

Kara In-Ze, a.k.a. Kara— or Karen, depending— Kent, a.k.a. Supergirl, the last survivor of the Argo colony, felt like taping her foot in impatience. Green Lantern had asked to meet her to discuss… something. The cute little girl had been pretty vague as to details, and from what Kara had gathered, that wasn't like her. From what Clark had said, the girl was very definite about things.

"Kara-san? I hope you haven't been waiting long."

Kara yelped, spinning around in midair. Green Lantern was floating behind her, holding a glowing green picnic basket, looking politely concerned. "Whoa! Did you just sneak up on me?"

"I was practicing my stealth mode," Nanoha said. "Sorry if I startled you. Um… Kara-san… may I ask why you wanted to meet here?" Here being a random spot in the Pacific Ocean.

"Paranoia," Kara admitted. "You never know where Lex Luthor has a camera."

The two shuddered at the thought, though probably for different but related reasons.

"So… why'd you call me?" Kara asked.

In answer, Nanoha held up the basket and opened it. Two cats, one black, one white, poked their heads out.

Kara blinked. "Ookay... I think I'm going to need some context."

"They wanted to speak to you," Nanoha said. "Luna, Artemis, this is Kara-san."

Kara paused. "Okay, is this some Earth thing I'm not getting?"

"Hello Kara-san," the black one said, speak with what sounded like a pseudo-English accent. "There's a matter we wish to discuss with you."

Kara stared. "Ooooooookay… I might need a bit more context…"


Dirty Old Men

Eriol Hiiragizawa, reincarnation of Clow Reed, sipped at his tea. The London Cafe made an excellent brew, one of the few such establishments which he approved of, which was why he'd arranged for the meeting to be here. His companion, in contrast, was enjoying a coffee liberally imbued with rum and topped with a generous amount of whipped cream. Wizard Marshall Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg, clad in a concealing coat and wide-brimmed hat, not to mention a few protection spells, really didn't seem the type, but he was addicted to the things. Sometimes he'd even claimed he'd invented them, to which Eriol called bullshit. After all, he had obviously invented them a hundred years ago, having seen their future existence in a vision.

See, this was why they never invited that stuffy Jason Blood or that ass Constantine to these things. No sense of humor. That, and Constantine was liable to find a way to get them killed. The ass.

"I told you making those Kaleidosticks the way I specified was a good idea," Eriol began by way of conversation.

"Yes, yes, you were right," Zelretch said in annoyance. "Again. You don't have to be so smug about it."

"Of course I must," Eriol said cheerfully. "That's the way of the magi, isn't it? When in London, after all. Besides, I won the bet."

"You cheated somehow," Zelretch said, sounding childishly petty. "I know you did!"

"For shame, Zelretch," Eriol chided as he picked up one of his tea biscuits and broke off a piece. "Why would you say something like that?" He popped the piece into his mouth.

"Because I would have found a way to cheat somehow!" Zelretch snapped. "How could you have predicted the results of the two meetings of our creations?-!"

"My foresight defeats your Second Magic, vampire. Suck it up and deal with it," Eriol said. "The girls get to keep the Kaleidosticks. But don't worry. I'm not petty. I'll pick up today's check."

Zelretch threw a cinnamon stick at him, finished off his coffee and took off. He was obviously pissed, since he didn't think to abuse Eriol's footing the bill.

Eriol smiled, taking another sip. "All according to plan…" he murmured.

Someone sat on the seat Zelreth had vacated. "Well?" the girl said, smiling impishly.

"I won," Eriol said. "Thank you for informing me last century."

"See? Cheaters do prosper!" Chao Lingshen smiled, leaning back and raising a hand to order. "Now, I need you to pay me back."

"If it is reasonable," Eriol said.

Chao's smiled became slightly… evil. "Can you 'forget' to tell Sakura about the 53rd Card until she starts to notice it…?"

Eriol grew still. "Daidouji-san will murder me."

"Big invincible sorcerer like you, you'll be fine," Chao assured him. A beat. "Maybe."

"She will tear my still-beating heart from my chest with her bare lady-like hands," Eriol said gloomily, looking at his teacup like he wanted it to be filled with rum too. "She will rip out my intestines and force-feed them to me. Then she will stop being nice."

"Oh, well, if it's too hard, I can just go over to Zelretch-san and—" Chao said, preparing to get up.

"Fine." Eriol managed. He gave Chao a level look. "You are a twisted, manipulative young woman, Miss Chao. You remind me greatly of myself."

Chao smiled and winked. "Who do you think taught me?"

Eriol blinked and stared.

Well, not really, but screwing with people was one if the few fun things she could still do, darn it!



Beneath the hot Bialyan sun, Cassandra Wu-san, Sandra to daring relatives, Lady Shiva anyone who wanted to live, stalked the streets. She was not being touristy. Definitely not. She was doing needful, practical, assassin-y things, like familiarizing herself with the territory, watching out for tails, acclimating to the environment, stuff like that. Definitely not looking for black market knickknacks to use a belated Christmas gifts because she was missing Yelan's party.

Pausing in front of a merchant to check her back trail and definitely not to scope out the things on sale, she picked up a carved blue rock in the shape of a beetle…



"Resound," Sakura incanted, hair bleached pale silver, eyes crimson, "horn of judgement… Ragnarok!"

The blast ripped at the target, a large rock Yuuno had gotten from somewhere for target practice.

"Yeah!" Sakura cried, dancing a little despite the pain in her magic circuits, circuits whose contents she'd been using for the first time.

"Hmm…" Yuuno said thoughtfully as Hayate stared, open-mouthed. Reinforce just looked intent. "And you say you didn't know you could do this until you saw Hayate-chan use it?"

Sakura shook her head. "No. I… after Kaze-neechan left me, I realized I could still do some things… fly, shoot, Negica Magia Erebea… I think I can do everything she'd ever done while she was in me, though I haven't had time to test the idea… I mean, we were together ten years, and I can't remember every bit of magic she did in that time…"

"But you're sure she never used the Ragnarok spell in that period?" Chrono asked, staring at the target. As the one speaking in the Wolkenriter's behalf, he needed to be present to escort Hayate and those of her knights present.

Sakura shook her head. "No. Never."

Amy and Shamal were going through the Linker Core scan data from Sakura. "I… I don't understand," the knight said, confused. "Her core… it's… potentially, it's greater than even Hayate's, and it seems to contain an un-Hayate-ly amount of data… but that can't be. No human her age could possibly have acquired so much unless…"

"Unless it was put there," Reinforce said, also looking at Sakura strangely. She felt unnerve by the girl's stare. They were too knowing, as if she was intimately familiar with Reinforce, a state of being not even her mistress possessed yet. "If what you say is correct… well, inside me is data derived from Makiri Zouken on the implantation of magic circuits and their data through crest worms. Theoretically, such information could be evolved to implant someone with the information through less invasive means, especially if the person and been… prepared… beforehand, but…"

"But that sort of research could take years," Yuuno opined. "Decades even."

There was a silence.

"I've always gotten the impression Kaze-neechan had lived a VERY long time," Sakura said. "Maybe long enough to do the research…"

There was a silence as the nerdy types digested that.

Hayate, not being the right kind of nerdy type, felt no reason to respect said silence. "That's so unfair!" she cried, pouting at Sakura. "How come you learned to do one of my spells on your own before I did?-!"

"Technically, I suppose I'm remembering how to do it, rather than outright learning," Sakura pointed out.

"If that's so, it's possible you know everything about magic Reinforce ever will…" Amy said, awed. "Everything she knows now, and ever will know, right up until the day she dies."

"Oh, that's so stupidly broken..." Hayate complained, slumping. "What kind of broken mage are you?"

"Hmm…" Sakura mused, amused. "The Broken Mage… kinda catchy… something's missing, though…"

"She's like the Infinite Library," Yuuno said thoughtfully. "All the magical knowledge of Reinforce-san… but without an index, or even a hint as to what she knows…"

"Actually, she does have an index," Amy pointed out, emphasizing with a gesture. "Hayate-chan and Reinforce. For a start, she knows everything they can do, she just doesn't know what she knows…"

The two girls exchanged a long look.

"Well…" Sakura said. "It seems I'm in your care, Hayate-chan…"

Hayate, still looking a bit miffed and indignant, suddenly smiled. "What's say we make this interesting… Broken-née-san…"

Rival, huh? Well, now Hayate understood why the other her had called this girl that…




A hand came up. It took a while to notice since even raised, it was still significantly below head-level of most of the lined-up cadets. "Um, drill sergeant Kilowog…?"

"WHAT IS IT, 2814? Er, 2814.2?"

"I've already gotten this speech from 2814.1... Can we skip to the actual training?"

"Oh, you want training, do you poozer…"

Yuuno's fellow trainees experienced new level of pain and suffering, and were introduced to new levels of loathing for Yuuno, who kept wondering when they'd go beyond the rudimentary stuff Nanoha had already taught him…



"So we do have magic?" Alisa said impatiently as that space non-wizard lady that was awfully close to Fate's brother Chrono put down the scanning wand thing after finishing with Suzuka.

"That much was obvious from you being caught in the barrier," Amy said, sighing. "We just can't tell what kind it is. Over a hundred different magic styles in the TSAB database and not one match!"

"That's because each of those 'styles' is essentially just a different way of manipulating the same kind of magical energy," Nanoha said as she walked into the room, several adults in tow. "On Earth, we have a lot more variety, in both energy source and application. Alisa, Suzuka, I'd like you to meet Fate-sensei— Doctor Fate— Zatanna-san, Blood-san, and Lee Yelan-san. They've graciously consented to help find out what kind of magic you have."

Zatanna walked over to the two girls, looking at them intently. "You're not some kind of ghost are you?" she asked Alisa.

Alisa frowned. "Of course not! I think I'd know whether I was dead or alive!"

Somewhere, the girl who didn't know she was Greta Hayes sneezed, which was bizarre, since she technically had nothing to sneeze with.

Zatanna smiled. "You'd be surprised how many ghosts are in denial." She turned to Suzuka. "Hmm… you're not a vampire or vampire-descended by any chance? Do you have a close relative who's a blood drinking Youki or Ayakashi?"

Suzuka blinked at that. "No, not that I know of…" she said nervously.

Somewhere, Shinobu sneezed, causing a brief humorous interlude before she returned to her threesome.

Zatanna exchanged looks with her companions. Doctor Fate was already pulling books from out of a giant glowing ankh. "Well, let's see what we have here," the Logomancer said, and the examination began…


Replacement Technician

"Shiro-san?" Luvia exclaimed in concern as Shiro and Saber stumbled into the room, Saber's hair and skin washed out, her eyes gold. "What is the matter?"

"Is Rin here, Luvia-san?" Shiro asked.

"No, it's her day off," Luvia said, trying to keep how miffed she was hidden. "I must say, I'd think you show more concern for your own Ministra Magus. Perhaps I can assist in whatever the problem is."

Shiro had the grace to look embarrassed, aware of the Pactio Card in his pocket. "It's… it's Saber. I need to give her Prana, but Rin usually does the… that is, she… um…"

"I see," Luvia interrupted. She was blushing fiercely, eyes flicking towards Saber. She coughed. "Well, I suppose if Saber's life is in danger, I can make the sacrifice. I shall assist you in the… transfer."

Shiro blinked. "Ah, no, she's not in danger, she's just feeling ho— Ah! Saber!"

Saber took her heel off his toes. "Shiro," she said imperiously, eyeing Luvia in a way that made the Finnish girl blush some more. "Let her. Where is the bedroom?"

When Rin found out, her scream of outrage was heard for miles.

When Kuro found out, her scream was heard slightly farther…



"In blackest day, in brightest night,

"Beware your fears made into light!

"Let those who try to stop what's right,

"Burn like my power... Sinestro's might!"

Sinestro, having finally escaped from the sciencells of Oa— he was a former Green Lantern and an archeologist, he was just THAT awesome!— finished charging his ring. It glowed with a harsh, golden light, mirroring the light from the bright yellow battery he'd empowered it from. The world he was on was one of those nameless affairs that hadn't had a proper designation attached to it in millennia, ever since the last sentient species on it blew themselves up experimenting with radioactive isotopes. He had discovered it in his younger days as a Green Lantern, and would have left it alone but for some unusual formations his trained archeologist eye told him were not natural. He had felt whimsical at the time, indulging in his old profession and had come across…


Deep, deep underground, in buried, ancient chambers closer to the core than the crust that by his analysis had remained undiscovered through the evolution and annihilation of at least three sentient species, inscribed with Ancient Oan, nearly Malthusian, iconography stating, in symbols larger than he was, "Do Not Touch! Failed Experiments! Really Stupid Ideas! Seriously, Don't Mess With This Shit!", Sinestro contemplated his old discovery.

"Really," he mused, not for the first time, "would it have cost that much to properly destroy and dispose of these?"

In the even, golden light of a gigantic yellow central battery, Sinestro regarded the transparent cylinder filled with glowing golden rings similar to the one he wore, in the center of the chamber whose walls were lined with glowing personal power batteries.

"Perhaps it is time I share these gifts with the universe," he mused aloud, twirl his mustache. "I need not be selfish in my vengeance… the Guardians have many enemies… we shall meet again, 2814…"

He considered that, sighed, and slumped slightly. "Seriously, I need to get over that brat… it's emasculating, having a child as a nemesis…"


Another World

"Well?" Negi Springfield asked.

Sailor Mars pursed her lips, adjusting her cloak and identity obfuscation sunglasses as she looked over the city of Ostia and its floating islands. "I think I can help…"


The Beginning

Yamaguchi Akiko was having a perfectly average day. Wake up, shut off her alarm clock and snuggle back under the cover, doze, turn off her second alarm clock, get up, go to the bathroom, bathe, get dressed, go down, eat, feel glad she was an only child, meet her friends at the bus, go to school, head out with friends, have fun, head home, hear mysterious voice calling her name…

My name is Incubator. The world needs your help. Make a contract with me, and awaken your potential as a magical girl!

Well, what a girl supposed to say to a proposal like that?



- To be continued in Kinomoto Sakura of 2814 and Takamachi Nanoha of 2814: LeaguerS



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