A/N: This episode takes place during the evens of the Superman: TAS series finale, way before Yue's Judgment of Sakura, a few Days before episode 4 of Nanoha, after the School Festival but before Ala Alba head for England, and somewhere around chapter 7 of Fate/KALEID LINER Prisma Illya 2wei!. Because I CAN do more than crack, darn it!


Takamachi Nanoha of 2814

by Shadow Crystal Mage

Chapter 4: Legacy: Magical Girls, COUNTER ATTACK!-!-!-!

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters in this story. Also, I'm using 'Raging'. It's just more grammatically compatible with 'Heart'.


The world was attacked in the middle of the night. At least, that' s how Nanoha saw it.

Sirens, occasionally screaming and distant roars of engines greeted her as her sister shook her awake, as well as an occasional distant BOOM. The older girl was fully dressed, her jacket zipped tight. Two sheathed blades stuck out from her belt.

"Miyuki-neechan?" Nanoha asked fuzzily as she rapidly shook her head to clear it. It felt all too much like GL bootcamp under Kilowog, being woken at odd hours to go through hellish combat exercises. The other cadets had been quite resentful at how much she'd enjoyed them, after the surprise of the first time around had worn off. "What's going on?"

"Grab a jacket, Nanoha-chan," Miyuki said, straightening and heading for Yuuno's basket, where the little ferret was slowly rousing. "We have to go."

"Go?" Nanoha said, pushing herself out of bed and heading to her closet. "Go where? What's happening, onee-chan?"

"Invasion," Miyukisaid as she hurriedly bundled a confused-looking Yuuno– Nanoha? What's going on?– into a towel. "Invasion. Aliens are attacking. They've already crushed NATO and now they're– Nanoha? Where are you going? NANOHA!"

Nanoha dashed out the door, rushing past her surprised mother and her grim-looking father and brother. Their cries echoed behind her as she flew through the front door, running for all she was worth, her ring subtly floating and accelerating her for more speed.

Yuuno-kun, stay with my family! she cried in her mind as she rapidly ran around corners to throw off her family's pursuit. I'll handle this!

Nanoha! What are you doing? Yuuno called frantically.

My duty!

"Raging Heart, onegai! By the Power of the Ring, in the name of the Guardians…"

Seconds later, Green Lantern's light flew through the skies.


Sakura, Rika, Chiharu, Naoko and Meilin stared at the TV in horror as they watched CNN's coverage of the sudden invasion.

"Superman-sama," Naoko gasped, staring at the damning footage of the black armored man whose chiseled face was known to practically everyone on the planet. "No, it can't be! Why would he…"

Sakura clutched her key hard, conscious of the few Clow Cards she had in her bag a few feet away. She'd bought them to the sleepover out of habit, and was now dearly wishing she had them in her hands right that instant. Tomoyo had stepped out of the room a few moments ago, and Sakura could hear her conversing with the kinda cool ladies who were her body guards. There were muffled sounds of cupboards and drawers being opened outside the room, and a brief shout asking where the emergency stash of fuel was.

The door quickly opened and shut as Tomoyo returned, her normally tranquil and tropically sunny features now contorted into a small frown of worry. "I'm sorry everyone, but we need to change to a local channel," she said, and no one protested when she clicked the screen to one covering local news.

"– ask viewers to stay calm and remain indoors," the anchorwoman on Tokyo Ichi News said as a monkey pelted her with marshmallows. "The JSDF is mobilizing to meet the oncoming invaders, who are estimated to make landfall from the east within 15 minutes. This estimate is not solid, however, as they are reported to be using some sort of teleportation technology. Viewers are advised to clear the streets for military traffic and– wait, this just in. Observers report sightings of green and pink energy on the horizon. Though it is unconfirmed, witnesses report it is the same shade of green known to be associated with the Magical Girl known as 'Green Lantern'. Further reports say that Big Science Action is mobilizing in support, with Boss Bishonen, the group's unofficial spokesman saying they are entrusting the final line of defense to the JSDF, Super Young Team, and the rising new 'Magical Girls'. Hammersuit Zero-X is staying behind to help direct heavy artillery placement. In other news, the ban on whaling is once more–"

One of the security ladies stuck her head in, her long straight hair framing calm and professional pale eyes. "Oujo-sama, I'm afraid we'll need to shut down all non-essential electronics to conserve power. We don't know how long this is likely to last, but Tsunade-sama says we should be prepared for the worst. Your mother agrees."

Tomoyo nodded, turning off the TV with its depressing news as everyone let out of a breath of… well, not exactly relief, but slightly lessened tension. "Understood, Hyuuga-san. Everyone, follow me. We need to get down to the bunker beneath the house. It's safest there."

"B-bunker?" Meilin stammered. "No! We can't! My Syaoran-kun is still out there! I'm not going anywhere without him!"

Sakura gasped. "Outo-san! Oni-chan! Yukito-kun!"

"I will leave instructions for them and anyone else who shows up to be lead to the bunker," Tomoyo said, a microgram of annoyance making its way to her voice as she began chivying the others to stand and picking up Sakura's bag on the way. Had she not been watching for it, Sakura would never have noticed her friend's hands darting inside and pulling out a small deck of Clow Cards. "But we have to hurry! The estate's radar station is saying that some managed to get past Green Lantern-san and Big Science Action, and are entering our airspace! Time is running out."

Despite the seriousness of the situation, Sakura and company stared at the heiress. "You have your own radar station?"

"Mother does not trust Lex Luthor to not try and take over the world when we're not looking," Tomoyo said.

They stared at her some more.

"Hurry!" she chided them, and they jerkily began to move, Meilin still crying about Syaoran.

They weren't halfway to the bunker when shouts began to rise, and suddenly the air above the Daidouji estate lit up like it was New Year, a BOOM echoing through the air. In nightmarish rainbows of flickering strobe, what appeared to be flying tanks began to attack from the skies, followed by a hoards of gargoyle-like monsters.

Tomoyo's body guards moved themselves between the nearest windows and the girls, pulling futuristic-looking pistols out of concealed shoulder harnesses. Some began to return fire, only to stop at an angry command from Hyuuga-san. They moved to hug the interior walls, trying to keep out of sight of the windows and drawing attention with their movement.

Out of nowhere, a group of the gargoyle-like things crashed through the wall ahead of them, some shaking their heads to get plaster out of their faces. Others turned to the women and raised immediately identifiable gun-like weapons.

Sakura felt Tomoyo tackling her to the ground as Apokolips broke loose…


The Senshi had chosen their battleground. No one was hitting their favorite ice-cream parlor if they had anything to say about it!

"Pluto?" Sailor Uranus said as they waited for the attack they knew was coming. In the streets below them, people were hurriedly being evacuated, soldiers were taking up positions. "Did the Time Gates show you anything about this? You know, for future reference in case we live through this without getting killed again and I still haven't used up all my aggression?"

"Clouded, the future ish," Sailor Pluto said, looking up into the clouds from an adjacent building, holding the Time key almost casually, the Garnet Orb resting on the side of her head. "Ever-changing the waysh o' tomorrow are."

Sailor Mars gave her a sideways look. "Are you doing a Yoda impression, or are you just drunk?"

"Little bit o' both," the tanned one slurred slightly. She proved it by grinning widely. "Shtill, I don't know about you, but I think thish ish gonna be fun."

"How could it possibly be fun?" Sailor Jupiter said.


"You know," Sailor Mercury said consideringly. "This might actually be good for her…"

Then the Parademons came, and the battle was joined…


"Trace, ON!" Kuro Illya cried, and another pack of Parademons fell to a hail of swords. "Is that the best you can do? Huh? HUH? Face m– whoa, mana rush. Need more power…"

"Maximal Schnieden!" Prisma Illya cried, waving Kaleido Ruby, the red wand producing the massive amount of beamspam that basically made up the attack. She turned to check up one her fellow magical girls and sweatdropped. "STOP MOLESTING MIYU IN THE MIDDLE OF A BATTLE, KURO!"

Kuro broke the kiss. "Shut up, I need more mana!" she snapped back, and dived back right in. Miyu looked quite embarrassed.

"I WANT A SABER!" Rin cried, her finger flickering as she sent blast after blast at her targets. "Gand! Gand! GAND!"

"Shut up, shut up, SHUT UP!" Luvia cried as she shot her own spells into the air.


The full moon would see blood spilled that night.

Evangeline grinned, an expression of pure ecstasy as she rose above the clouds, the little power the moon gave her surging through her body. "Come to me, creatures!" she cried. "Come to Dark Evangel! Know your DOOM!"

She laughed as ice began to dance between her hands. "Lic Lac La Lac Lilac…"

She didn't care one dead rat for Mahora Academy. But until either annoying Springfield finally lived up to their word to free her, it was the only place she had to live, and she'd be damned if she had to redecorate!

Plus the meat buns were awesome!


I am Green Lantern of Sector 2814, Nanoha repeated to herself as she dodged a blast, its heat bloom being absorbed by her barrier jacket. An Emerald Smasher took out the Parademon and all his friends around him, sending them flying into the sea, broken. I am Green Lantern of Sector 2814. I AM THE GREEN LANTERN OF SECTOR 2814! I WILL DO MY DUTY!

She willed her thoughts to be true. Everywhere she looked, there were tanks and creatures and despite her best efforts, more and more were making their way to the mainland. She could already see flicker of light back that way, mostly lightings that dropped down into the same area too precisely to be natural, though there were slashing beams of energy as well. Big Atomic Battery Boy, perhaps?

A flying tank hitting her square on her energy aura bought her mind back to the present. Raging Heart's automatic 'Protection' managed to dampen the blow, and her barrier jacket and aura took the rest, Nanoha bouncing off the armored vehicle. Flier Fins glowed from her feet, catching her as ring-power was diverted to her aura, and she caught herself in mid-air, making a slashing motion with her ring-hand that sent a blade to tear the tank in half. She rode the shockwave of it's explosion away from it, and cursed herself– well, called herself 'poozer' very harshly– for fighting in the dark.

"Ring-chan, lights!" she cried. Glowing hoops burst forth from the ring, rising to the sky and glowing brighter, perverse Lantern Signal's bathing the sky in emerald light for miles around.

Tanks and Parademons filled the air as far as the eye could see.

Nanoha stared.

"This will hurt," Ring-chan said.

Raging Heart didn't make a sound, yet somehow managed to convey agreement.

Nanoha clenched fist, gritting her teeth. "By the authority of the Guardians of the Universe, I am a duly appointed officer of the Green Lantern Corp, Sector 2814, you are all under arrest! I order you to surrender to face possible Terran and Oan criminal and war crime charges! This invasion is in violation of Apokolips' treaty with New Genesis, and must cease immediately!"

Her wonderful audience responded by pointing every gun they had at her.

A random statistic Nanoha learned on Oa flashed through her mind. The average length of a Green Lantern's service to the Corps before being terminated by death is five years.

It looked like she wouldn't even have that.

Twin beams of heat and light shot out from behind Nanoha,

"Green Lantern-chan," an older man's voice said behind Nanoha. "I'm afraid we have not yet properly extended out thanks to you for so quickly dealing with the situation some weeks ago."

"Indeed," another man's voice said as Nanoha turned in surprise. Around them, confusion began to reign as Parademons found themselves under attack by more than just one girl. "It was very quickly done, though a tad anticlimactic. Still, the city quite appreciated the lack of collateral damage."

Rising Sun and Sunburst, two of Japan's most senior meta-beings flanked Nanoha, glowing with heat and light. She grinned, and bowed her thanks. "It was my duty and my pleasure," she said. "Shall we?"

They turned and rejoined the assault. There were a lot more people now, Nanoha noticed. Boss Bishonen, fiery hairy flickering in the night, was riding from attacker to attacker, setting them on fire. Ultimon, the last surviving member of the Ultimon Society, grappled with them in tens and scores, hurling them left and right. Dr. Light threw devastating bursts with nearly ring-like precision, and there were others Nanoha only vaguely recognized, if at all. An archer who stood on the back of a jet, arrows striking with lethal accuracy. And… where had that blimp come from?

"Aerial Chachamaru units, attack!" some lunatic wearing a lab coat called, standing on top of the huge vehicle. What appeared to be scores of winged girls with guns charged, meeting the Parademons head on. "REMEMBER CHAO! This counter attack bought to you by–"

"SO HELP ME HAKASE, IF YOU START ADVERTISING IN THE MIDDLE OF A BATTLE, I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU!" a girl in skirts and armor with rather cartoony wings cried, her enormous sword cleaving flying tanks in half.

"Baka Red, please watch the names," a girl in meido and nekomimi said in passing, her wider, more realistic wings spread wide to catch the wind, twirling and slashing like she and the Parademons had choreographed this. "Zantetsusen!"

"Eh?-!-? Didn't I say my code-name was just supposed to be 'Red'? What's with the Baka?"

"My apologies, 'Red'. Force of habit."

"Well, make sure you don't forget it… Bodyguard GAR-Girl."

"Getting quite crowded," Sunburst commented as the three of them stood back to back, energy flashing in a classic Death Blossom maneuver. "Though I must say I don't recognize half of the young ones. Was that Shinmei-Ryu just now, Izumi-kun?"

"Looked like it. Haven't seen those people in a while. Not since we went to that inn over Hinata way. Kami, the things young people wear to battle these days."

"Yes. I feel young all over again."


"What? Maids are hot!"

Nanoha suppressed the urge to giggle. Suddenly, things didn't seem so hopeless now. There were the winged flying girls, and various vaguely Yakuza-looking people in suits flying around and blasting some sort of– magical, Raging Heart identified– energy blasts and spells.

One delicate-looking magical girl wearing a tan hood and robe had gathered lightning in her hands with a cry of "Rastel Mastel Magister" to blast a crowd gathering to storm the winged pair, before proceeding to beat the living daylights out of a group of Parademons that had come to ambush her, her bandaged wooden staff blurring. A black-caped girl who looked like the moe-moe version of Gundam Deathscythe cut her way through those in front of her. A blonde in black was directing black-cloaked, white masked forms…

Nanoha's heart suddenly felt very light.

I am Green Lantern of Sector 2814… and I am not alone…

"Divine Emerald Bombardment!-!-!"

Pink and green fire rained from the skies.


"Wah, Master looked so COOL! Just like Harry Potter!"

"Ruby Moon, would you please stop saying that and go back to fighting?"

"Eh, but Master Eriol does!"

He loved her, he really did, but sometimes he just missed Yue.

Besides, he was more into Dresden than Potter these days…



Tomoyo calmly blew on the barrel of her Lex-blaster 500, the faint wisps of heat radiating from it's barrel curling away. "Is everyone all right?" she asked her friends behind her.

There were hesitant murmurs of confirmation as the girls dared look up. The Daidouji estate's security forces had managed to rout the intruders away from the girls with a combination of concentrated fire, gas and grenades. Tomoyo's mother had lead the way, three bodyguards desperately trying to keep up with reloads for her rocket launcher.

"Daidouji," Meilin said hesitantly. "Where did you learn how to use a gun?"

"Oh, it was part of my self-defense course. Mother takes my safety very seriously, though I mostly do it for fun these days," Tomoyo explained brightly.

"Tomoyo," Sakura said breathlessly. "You're cooler than me."

Tomoyo looked scandalized at the very idea. "Oh no! No one is more wonderful than Sakura-chan!"

Sakura's head drooped. Well, it had been worth a shot.

Tomoyo's mother Sonomi returned, a necktie tied around her head and her rocket launcher slug over her shoulder. "We should hurry on to the bunker girls. The guards won't be able to hold them off forever. And it appears of friend of yours arrived at the gate a few minutes ago. I had the guards cover his run to the house."

Syaoran's sword was completely covered in blood, but he looked like his was at his usual good temper, that is, not very. "Meilin," he said without preamble as his butler Wei came up behind him, an assault rifle in hand and a soft golfbag filled with various other gear over one shoulder. "Didn't I tell you to call if anything happened? Honestly, why do you keep forgetting to carry you cellphone around with you?"

Meilin's eyes brightened at the sight of the boy. "Syoaran! You came to rescue me!"

"Well, you are my cousin…" he said, sounding a bit sulky, but Sakura could see the relief in his eyes.

Wei sighed. For a moment, he wondered if he should have taken up Pennyworth's offer to join him in Gotham City, all those years ago. Certainly it would a lot less hectic than life with the Lee Clan could be…

Sonomi coughed. "Well, this is all well and good, but we'd better be getting to the bunker before we run out of ammo. Reports say the Americans have dealt with Superman, but the fighting's still going on. Best to be safe."

Sakura looked around. Serendipitously, they were close to one of the mansions many bathrooms. "Um…" she glanced sideways at it.

Sonomi nodded. "Be quick."

Sakura dashed to the door, and began ruffling for her key. It might be a bit late now, but still…



"I hope Nanoha is safe," Momoko said, as she cooked some food at the Midori-ya's kitchen to take her mind off things.

Shiro nodded gravely. He was taking a momentary breather from the fighting, getting a bleeder under control. Outside, Akira, Feng and Miyuki fought the few Parademons that made their way to the area, while Kyoya ran interference to allow panicked neighbors into the safety of the café. "If anything happened to her…"

Yuuno curled up in his towel, trying to keep the light from his spellcasting small so as not to attract attention as he put what subtle barriers he could around the area. He could tell Nanoha was still alive, but beyond that, nothing. Nanoha…


The battle lasted well into morning. Whatever the Americans said, it had not stopped when they shot Superman. The reports of this caused confusion and outrage in many areas, and a few fights broke out as a result of this.

Nanoha found her way into the Midori-ya just before noon, gave a rather confused story about going to see if her friends had been all right but getting lost until she was found by Green Lantern, and fell asleep almost on the spot. No one pressed her.


Several days later…

The ring was a godsend when it came to rebuilding. Although the fighting had been short, it had been fierce, though fortunately without the mass leveling experience at the end of World War Two. Fires and structural damage were the worst of it, but all in all it looked like the result of a moderately strong earthquake than an invasion.

Nanoha was occupied for the next several days with helping rebuild and filing her after-action reports to Oa. Big Science Action and the younger Super Young Team had officially and unofficially thanked her, and she'd been able to finally meet with the Sailor Senshi, which had been nice. She needed nice.

Uminari city, thankfully, hadn't been badly hit. That time when the giant tree had been grown by the Jewel Seed had caused more damage, actually. School had resumed only three days later, to the annoyance of all.

When she was done, she looked for Superman.

The world had heard the story, that he'd been tricked and brainwashed in it, and the news was still filled with opinionated people on all sides. Nanoha didn't listen.

She found him in Metropolis, standing on the roof of a tall building with a big golden ball on top of it. When he turned to her, his movement abrupt and sudden, he looked like he expected her to hit him with Raging Heart like a bad puppy. "Green Lantern," he said nodding to her politely, distantly. "I've heard about al the good work you've been doing. Well done."

His eyes made her heart wrench. They were deep and pained and guilty, and they made him look so old.

Abruptly, she ran towards him, throwing her arms around his waist. "It's all right," she said quietly, fervently. "It's all going to be all right. You'll see. It'll be all okay."

She felt his hand tremble as he put it on her head. "Thank you," he said.


- To be continued...


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