Ms. Fail: ( Panicking ) Eeveeloution in Tarace Toreroad

Chapter 2

The Monster Wapo

as a big Tornado that really looks a storm. And it stole my Megabuster!

Madisson: Don't worry Rayne! We'll soon make things right!
Wanda and Stella: And Yeah! Were gonna return things back to normal.

The Team went out of the building. They were in the forest when the Anti-Family poofed on their faces.

Anti-Cosmo: Oh oh oh! Your now looking for a monster Wapo!

Anti-Cosmo lifted Rayne to the Air. And she screamed out for help. But the team were having a problem on what to do. Luckily, Madisson's Cherubywag appeared and used " Blossom Hit "

Then Anti-Cosmo turned Rayne into a Monster Wapo!

Rayne: I am not the Mnster Wapo! He is the one!

Foop: Oh hahaha!

Cosmo: Your such a Devil!

Foop: Thank you!

Rayne: Nooooo!

To be Continued…