Harry Potter & The Secret Confession

Chapter 1

16 year old Harry Potter looked out at his window at 4 Private Drive that summer wishing just wishing that the summer would fly past then he would be heading back to Hogwarts but if Harry knew anything. He knew summer didn't work like that at all.

"Harry Potter" Uncle Vernon shouted and Harry sighed wondering what on earth he had done this time. The Dursleys had a tendency to blame Harry for everythign even if it wasn't his fault.

Harry walked downstairs and standing infront of him was Uncle Vernon but behind him was...

"Hermione, what are you doing here?" Harry said running forward and englufing his friend in a hug.

"Oh Harry, it was so weird, I was sitting in my room and the next second there was a flashing green light and I looked and seen that the Dark Mark was hanging over far in the distance but it looked near to where Ron stays and I got so frightened, Oh I just had to come."

Harry stopped, the Dark Mark had been over towards near where Ron was. Ron Weasley was another one of Harry's friends and if Ron died, he wouldn't like it one bit.

"Harry do you still know how to apparate and stuff cause we have to do this to get there" Hermione said and Harry nodded. It was time to see if Ron as okay.

Harry and Hermione walked out into the dark night before they turned on the spot and headed right outside Ron's house which was looking not too good as parts of it were flying off and infront of the house was Bellatrix Lestrange.

Harry aboustley hated Bellatrix as last year she had killed the only magical family memeber left his godfather, Sirius Black.

"Oh look Draco, it's Harry Potter and his mudblood friend here to help wee Ronny won."

Harry looked straight ahead to see Draco Malfoy, his enemy turn round his sleek blond hair making him look even naistier.

"Potter and Mudblood together again. If I didn't know any better I'd say you were dating but oh well."

Harry saw Hermione blush at this statement before she flung her wand out.

"Expelliarmus" Hermione yelled and Draco and his wand both flew off out of sight.

"That was so silly of you little girl, Crucio."

The next second Hermione was laying on her back thrassing in pain whilst Bellatrix laughed then Harry raised his wand.

"Incarcerous" He yelled and the next second Bellatrix was on the floor everywhere tied together.

"Harry" Hermione yelled before Harry grabbed Bellatrix's wand and lifting the curse from Hermione.

"Thank you so much" Hermione said standing up then she leaned into Harry who also leaned forward then he heard a voice yelling at him from afar.

"Harry, Harry, Harry" It was Ron.

With that Harry was jerked awake and back into the real world.

He had been having for three weeks now and it was always the same way in which it happened.

Harry was lost as he sat up. Why the same dream. He couldn't be in love with his best friend but his dream self wanted to kiss Hermione.

It was way too much.

At that Harry got up for another day at Hogwarts. His Home.