Chapter 6

"Harry how exactly do you suppose that we get back at Draco then?" Hermione as he, Ron and Hermione sat in the library.

"Well who is the one person that Draco fears the most?" Harry said although he knew what Ron was going to say.

"Well you know who but isn't everyone and more to the point, Draco would see right through it."

"Wait what if we told Draco that Snape was looking for him and then led him to a sort of trap of some sort."

"Or" A sneer voice said and they all turned round "You could just ask Snape to get rid of him for you."

Proffesor Snape stood in the library looking very out of place with his dark clothes.

"Sir, what do you mean by that exaclty?" Hermione said looking at Snape with confusion.

"Well Mr Malfoy stole something off me today to make two polyjuice potions instead of just the one that was for Lupin's class then I caught him and he's in Dumbledore's office just now until someone finds out what to do to him."

Snape walked away and Ron cheered.

"What?" He said stopping "Malfoy might get thrown out of Hogwarts this is the best day ever."

Just that minute there was a sound of glass breaking all around and everyone in the library stood looking at the space in the wall where now two people were standing.

Upon looking closer, Harry saw that it was Draco Malfoy and Bellatrix Lestrange.

"Oh look Draco, it's Harry Potter and his friends" Bellatrix said smiling very wickedly then Draco pulled his wand out at the same time that Harry did.

"Crucio" Draco yelled pointing it at Hermione who was soon in the floor twisting in pain.

"Expelliarmus" Harry yelled and Draco was blasted out the way he had came and Hermione stopped twitching.

Bellatrix laughed pointing her wand at Harry who looked at her not moving from her side.

"Avada Kedavra" Harry and Bellatrix both yelled at the same time just as the bulding shook sending Harry flying backwards and he hit the floor then ducked to avoid some falling objects.

When Harry looked up, He saw that Bellatrix was dead and Draco was lying there dead as well.

"Harry you did it, you killed Draco Malfoy" Hermione said before she hugged and kissed Harry who smiled back knowing that once more, Hogwarts was safe.

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