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Leah and Hunter emerged from the wooded tree line hand in hand, walking out to the rocky ledges and dangerous waters below. Leah chuckled as Hunter peeked over the cliff and gulped.

This would be this first time Hunter would actually jump. He had watched Leah do it countless times, but never had the courage to do it himself. Leah squeezed his hand as she felt his nerves radiating around them.

"You're going to be fine" Leah said amused at the boy's utter horror of the drop the cliff provided to the waters below.

"I don't know. That's a big drop Lee, I don't know if I can do it" Hunter gulped again, Leah seeing his adams apple bob in his throat she chuckled.

"Stop being such a baby!" She said playfully, dropping his hand and putting him in a head lock and ruffling his chocolate brown hair.

"Oh come on, quit it Lee!" Hunter cried as Leah used all her strength to keep him there. He was easily stronger than her, but he let her think she was in control, and would never try and use his strength against her. In fact he liked when she was physical with him, because that would allow him to be close to her and even get to touch her skin kissed body, even just briefly.

"Not until you say the magic words" Leah said playfully holding him still, his head tucked under her arm and it resting against her breast. Leah hadn't noticed how his face was so close to that intimate area but it did not go unnoticed by Hunter. Hunter had to think of horrible images to make the throbbing in his pants diminish. He wanted to reach out and cup her breasts, and watch her moan is name as he sunk into her warmth. He wanted to pepper he body with kisses, so he could taste every glorious inch of her.

"Fine. Leah Clearwater is the best wolf there ever was" Hunter grumbled. Instantly Leah let him free and when he looked up at her, her face was donned with the most beautiful smile ever. Hunter's heart began to race as he thought about kissing those desirable lips, being close, impossibly close to that toned, lean, body. To run his hands through all that pitch black hair and massage her scalp while he explored her hot mouth with his tongue. He wanted to kiss her so badly.

Leah studied the man that stood in front of her. His messy brown hair sat perfectly on this head, like it had been styled, his brown eyes where laced with specks of honey, outlined by a thick black rim, his lips where full but not like any Quileute man she had ever kissed, his chin was sharp and masculine like his fathers but then it rounded softly like his mothers. His body was toned and for his young age he was quite built. Not like any of her pack brothers. Hunter had lean muscles, perfectly shaped, his strong shoulder, set down to his toned arms. His chest was broad but not like Jacob's. Jacob was easily much bigger than Hunter.

Leah looked into those brown eyes and smiled. He was technically only 4 years olds in human standards, but he looked, sounded and felt like a 17 year boy. Funny thing was he wasn't human, so of course his body didn't abide by mortal rules. He was by all means the perfect man. His hands where strong yet delicate, he was smart, oh so smart, he was cultured, he played and wrote music, he was sweet, loving and kind. Hunter had been everything Leah Clearwater had waited for. He had helped her heal her broken heart. He had helped her find the strength to be that old Leah again. The Leah before all the pain, the Leah before the hurt, the old Leah. The better Leah.

As soon as she laid eyes on him as a baby she knew. Her world shifted. The gravitational pull to him, was like chains, joining them as one. It had felt like an earthquake inside her, yet he was the only one that didn't move. She felt like the only thing left in the world to live for was him. As she held him in her arms for the first time she knew. She knew that above all things that she would protect him, to the ends of the earth, she would gladly lay her life down on the line if that meant he would live. Though Leah didn't feel tied to his twin sister Renesmee, protecting Hunter meant protecting her.

Renesmee was important to Hunter so this meant that she was important to Leah. Though she was a sweet baby, she had turned into somewhat of a 'town bicycle' as Leah liked to refer to her as. She was very much the worst seed of the Cullen family. She swore, she drank, she slept around. But that was the least of Leah's trouble. Renesmee would always be on Hunters back about Leah. That she wasn't good enough for her brother, that she was a she-bitch that the people she loved had left her for a reason.

Hunter blushed as Leah pulled her shirt over her head, to reveal that most delicious dark blue bikini top, coupled with her short black cotton shorts. He tried in vain to look away but his eyes rested on her breasts. He cursed her, in his head, for being so utterly breath taking.

"Well? Are you going to jump in your clothes or?" Hunter looked down at himself. His light grey shirt hugged his body but not enough to show any kind of real masculinity. His dark green board shorts sat atop his hips snugly and his white kicks where now stained with the mud from the forest.

"Ahh yeah, just give me a minute" He said shyly.

"Oh come on, I have seen you naked before you know" Leah smirked at him.

"Yeah but I was a baby then" He scoffed slightly embarrassed she might she his extreme erection, concealed not only by his now tight board shorts, but his shirt.

Leah snorted "So what? You're still a baby, just a big one!" She chuckled as she reached down to slip her red converse sneakers off.

"Am not"

"You so are Hunter, remember the time you-" Hunter cut Leah off with a whine. There were many times that she could have brought up any number of his weakness, but he didn't want to hear it.

"Ok ok…fine, you win. Happy?" He said kicking of his sneakers and reaching for the scuff of his shirt, pulling it over his head.

Leah looked over Hunter. He was an attractive boy, his muscles where well defined and to most of the Cullen's disbelief he actually had pigments in his skin, which allowed him to tan. It was nowhere near Leah's deep, exotic natural tan, but it was better than the pale, sickly look the rest of the Cullen's including Renesmee had.

Leah reached up pulling the hair tie form her hair, letting her hair fall over her shoulders. Jake had let her grow it back and now she felt more womanly than ever. She had longed to have her deep, trussed hair back after Sam had made her cut it off after her first phase, and Jacob had been nice enough to let her. She was glad she had followed Jacob Black. He was her Alpha, hell, he was the true Alpha, and he had become one of her best friends and someone she could rely on.

Hunter reached over grabbing Leah's hand and intertwining their fingers.

"You ready princess?" Hunter said looking into the chocolate eyes, and long lashes of his Leah.

"Ha! I have been doing this since before you were born" She laughed loudly at his feeble attempt to quell any fear she might be having. "The question is are you ready? I am about to take you cliff jumping virginity-" She smiled.

They inched closer do the edge.

"Leah you can take anything you want from me, you know that"

She smiled a small smile, knowing full well what Hunter was taking about.

"I know" She sighed patting his arm. "Let do this, before you chicken out"

"Hardy" He said rolling his eyes.

"Come on… I won't let anything happen to you. On the count of 3. 1…2…3"

And on Leah's mark, both she and Hunter sailed from the tops of the cliff, down in to the raging waters, letting out a thrilling cry, as they both sunk towards the bottom of the sea.

There were harder things in the world to understand at the moment. Much harder things. But that was neither here nor there. Leah had found some kind of solace in her imprint. She knew that things were going to get much more complicated. She had been feeling for months, the changing of Hunters feelings towards her, but she was still unsure of what she wanted.

They were both from the supernatural world. One, a female shape shifter, the first of her kind and one, half breed, born the son of a vampire, and a human mother.

She had an Imprint and she was in love.

Funnily enough, she didn't find both in the same man.

Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love.

~Albert Einstein

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