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When Adrena led the bear man away, his arm over her shoulder, Seth felt conflicted. The huge burning flame in his heart told him to follow her and her heavenly scent, but the logical human side of him, said 'stay still, leave them'.

He winced and let out a choking snarl as he phased back into his human form and reached for the outstretched leather cloth Mako held. He dismissed the smeared blood on his knuckles as he reached for the material and slipped it on. His body hurt, but he could feel the power of his wolf already begin to heal his human form. It never took long for the bones, cartilage and muscles to either re-form or grow back.

In many ways he wished on the pain end of things that it would be just as smooth, even if it wasn't. The pain still tore through each limb as the injuries stretched out over the wounded skin and re-set into the form of choice. The pain still hammered away; sometimes late at night, sometimes in the early morning when no one was watching and no one could hear you struggle for breath.

"Where is my nephew?" Seth growled, swiping a dirty hand over the laceration on his chest. Touching his fingertips to his neck he noted the multiple puncture marks in his skin and thanked God it hadn't pierced deep enough to damage his cerebral cortex. It couldn't be known if the wolves could phase back with such an injury. Phasing back would surely inflict death to the human part of his body.

Before Seth could hear Mako's answer, his name was slung out over the area, a dry loud almost panicked voice. His heart lifted when he realised he could hear the voice of the only female he loved and loved him in return besides their mother.

"SETH! Seth? I swear to God; If anyone has touched him-" Leah's mouth snapped shut as her eyes caught on to the sight of her baby brother. He looked beaten down, grazed and like he'd crawled out of an all night bachelor party with a group of idiots.

With an excited squeal his sister ran full bolt towards him and snapped him backwards, sending them both tumbling back on to the ground. "Shit" Seth mumbled, as Leah held him tight, sobbing softly into his shoulder. Patting her back he tried to reassure her and let her know he was okay and that things would be okay.

Pulling away, Leah looked down at him and glared. "Where the Hell is my son?" Her mood changed almost instantly and Seth now knew why he could never understand his sister and her craziness.

"He's safe. Kid, step out" Mako's twin brother Marley said, inching the boys shoulder out from behind a splayed tent.

Chewing on the side of his lip, a scared and distraught William appeared. The moment he recognised the woman on top of his uncle he started balling his eyes out. His bottom lip quivering violently and his hands hung loosely in the air waiting for his mother to fill the gap.

Scurrying quickly, Leah snapped up off of her brother and fell to her knees in front of her baby. Seth could see her whispering words in his ear as she petted his hair and soothed his back.

"Seth" Jacob grinned, holding out a hand for his pack brother to take.

Taking it instantly Seth managed to brush off most of the dirt collected on his apparel and began stroking a worried hand through his hair. He could sense the tension in the room with all the males watching as his sister hoisted her son up and on to her hip, allowing the child to bury her face in her shoulder.

"The female" Mako and Marley breath in sync, watching every movement Leah made towards the two wolf shifters.

Mako was sure that beyond all reasonable doubt this she-wolf was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. Her hair looked disheveled but he could tell once washed, brushed out and laced with lilies that she would be the most perfect wife ever.

Marley growled at his brother noticing also the infatuation he seemed to be taking with the woman. In his own mind he pictured nights of debauchery fueling into mornings of tender embraces and soft petting. The woman was divine and like the first spring rose; he wanted to taste her on the tip of his tongue.

Keeping a careful eye on all of the males in the close area, Jacob stepped forward to slip an arm around Leah and kiss his son's hair, ruffling it slightly and telling the child he loved him and it was alright now. A few louder growls resounded and bounced off the rocky walls as he leaned in to kiss Leah's temple.

"Be careful" Jacob whispered against her skin, eying off the two twin bear shifters closest to them.

"Why?" Leah asked; too busy fussing over the little boy and running her fingertips over his skin to check for any signs of damage. One little cut on his skin would ensure a nice bear rug in their home.

"They can smell you" He replied hoarsely, tightening his fingers on her hip.

Jacob couldn't stop the growl that grew in his throat watching the less intimidating of the bear twins step forward. His eyes were wide and his admiration over Leah was clear. It didn't sit well with Jacob that the man only wore a leather skirt in front of his woman and almost glared at her to make sure she wasn't eying off the huge man.

"Hi" Mako said shortly, stopping in front of Leah with his palm raised up to take her hand and kiss her knuckles.

Amused only slightly at Jacob's continuous threatening growl, Leah slapped Mako's hand in a make shift hi-five and replied back. "Hey"

Mako stood a little stunned and could only imagine that this woman did not know his way of introducing himself to a lady so he allowed the hand slap for now. Slowly but surely his mind seemed to clear and his eyes drifted to the man beside her; he looked a little intimating with his black eyes and dark scowl but Mako smiled never the less.

He'd been taught never to fear a man, and he wasn't about to start recanting now.

"Right so..." Seth began, clearing his throat a little to stop the onslaught of hungry eyes traveling over his sister's body. Guys, no matter what the species, didn't seem to catch on to her pairing with Jacob very well. Either that or they chose to ignore it. "Let's go"

That seemed to stall Jacob and Leah. Their brows were furrowed in confusion and Seth couldn't help but roll his eyes.

"But Seth didn't she - didn't you - impr-"

"Please Jacob" Seth whined "Please don't say the 'I' word to me. I could say the same for you? What happened to the broad?"

"Long story" Jacob coughed, shaking his head at Seth, quietly telling him they would discuss it later and not in the presence of the highly agitated she-wolf.

"Look can we just go?"

"But you're 'the one' Seth. You're going to stop the war." Jacob's words hit him hard and he had to take a deep breath to shrug off the impeding hurt he was about to experience.

"I'm not anything Jake, let's just go" He replied totally deflated.

"What's wrong Seth?" Leah asked, placing her hand against his arm.

"He chooses to give up our Alpha" Marley said simply as he stood in front of his brother, taking the more aggressive stance to protect his kin against the strangers with the woman. "He gives her up, for Whistler"

Leah's head snapped to Seth's and he could feel her pleading with him through her eyes. As soon as she recognised the truth in his face, she saw behind everything.

He was hurting. He was giving up something that he hadn't even had the chance to experience. Unless-

"I'm going to kill her" She stated, handing off a now calm and sleepy William to his father. Leah crackled her knuckles ready to come face to face with this bear bitch and she was going to tear her anew wind pipe. How dare she deny Seth? Seth was perfect, he was - he was -

Tears began running down her cheeks and she only allowed herself to wipe them harshly.

The whole collective cave seemed to gasp watching as the tears fell and they all slowly took a step forward, wanting to be the man ready to sweep her off of her feet and stop her tears. "What did she do to you?" Leah spat, demanding answers from her brother.

Though no answer came, the arms of her brother wrapped her in a tight hug and held her close. They stood; just being comforted in each others aura for only a moment before he spoke. "It's okay Lee. It's alright. I never wanted to imprint anyway."

"How can you let her go?" Leah whispered.

She felt guilty now. Seth had always been the strong sibling. Nobody had known it then, but they would know it now. Not even she was able to give up Hunter so easily. She had endured so many years of pain, in hopes of only spending one good month with him.

Had she given him up as a child, she could have moved away, let him fall in love the real way and not made him as bound to her as he was.

She always knew Seth was the stronger one.

"I never had her to begin with" Seth answered, trying to let out a chuckle. "Look Lee-" He stammered squeezing her before letting her fall backwards to create a small distance. "- It's going to be okay, alright? I am going to ask her to help us and in exchange she can be with whoever she wants to be with."

"But the legends-"

"Sis, the legends are merely guides. They are not set in stone. Our own legends prove that. Once you came along - everything changed... It's not going to be easy but I think I can do it. I'm being the one who decides.

She's already in love Leah, how fair would it be for me to take that away; knowing that she would only love me because she has to. I don't know her Leah but I love her enough to let her go"

"Oh Seth" Leah sighed weakly, feeling the heaviness of her own heart begin to weigh her down. The last few days had been so heavy, so hard. There was so much to fight for and not enough left inside her body.

Seth kissed Leah's hair once again and noticed Adrena walking towards him with a now bandaged Whistler. While the male bear looked highly aggressive, Adrena smiled sweetly, nodding her head to him, thanking him for his words. He'd known she'd been listening and even though he felt like he should have explained it to her alone, however this way would waste less time and ensure they were not left alone in each others company. Even though he'd denied her; he though it best not to push the temptation.

"Maybe we should take this somewhere a little more private?" Adrena suggested motioning for an outer group of bears to back off and stop inching forward in case of any threat.

"I'm not sure how much time we have" Leah glared; giving an all knowing look at the woman before glancing in the direction both her and Jacob had come. They'd seen the way Seth had come down but they'd also noticed splits in the rock faces. There was something deep in the pit of her stomach telling her that somehow the way would not remain open long. Along with that, Jacob had mentioned catching a whiff of leech before they entered the mouth of the cave.

"Only those who are in grave danger would enter into these caves." Adrena breathed, eying of the group.

"Yes. We've come for help" Seth muttered, awkwardly rubbing the back of his neck and keeping his eyes down cast from hers.

"Boys" The she alpha of the bear sleuth called, motioning to a nearby group. "Have our quests situated with clean water and cloth. They have traveled far to be here and as guest they deserve our up most attention." Turning back to Leah she smirked "There will be time. Please, our lodgings are modest but do what you can"

Leah knew the woman was talking about the state of her clothing and wanted to flip the bird at the so called alpha. Just because she looked all clean and pretty in her white adorned dress, which boasted detailed leather weaving around the bust.

"Thank you" Jacob nodded, watching Leah carefully.

He'd heard about two male alphas in the same area becoming aggressive and territorial over both land and their packs, and it seemed the same happened with the females as well. "Come Leah" He muttered, pulling his loved one away from the apparent show down of glares she was locked in.

All the bear men seemed to sigh as they watched the she wolf walk away with the wolf man. Their eyes glittered of seamless hope and little and unbeknown to them, she already had their allegiance.

"Look at you" Leah whispered, rubbing a warm cloth down William's cheek to remove the dirt stains her son graced. "Always up to no good with your uncle" She chuckled, wiping the cloth across his forehead and over his hair. "You need a haircut when we get home" Leah grinned, ruffling the little boy's hair.

"I love you mumma" He whispered as he planted his face in her shoulder and kept his arms fastened safely around her neck. "Don't ever leave me again" He pouted.

"I won't baby, I promise"

"Don't ever run away from me and daddy again" William sniffed, as he played with the leather cording from the white dress. Even though she hated the thought of wearing a dress with no underwear she took the clothing anyway. No pants were much better than old and torn material acting as makeshift shirt and shorts.

"I'm sorry"

His breath tickled her skin and she could help but hold him closer and breathe in his scent. So fresh, so new; alive and unhurt. Her baby was alright.

"Leah" Jacob growled as he stepped back into the tent. She had to bite down on her lip as she watched droplets of warm water drip down his chest as he held a lamb's wool towel around his waist. "I am not wearing this" He barked, raising the leather type skirt in his hands and shaking it.

Smirking mischievously at Jacob she batted her eyelashes. "Why not? I happen to think it's going to look sexy on a man like you"

"Really?" He asked, pawing at his chest noticing Leah's eyes following his every movement. "You want me to wear this skirt?"

Rolling her eyes Leah chuckled and kissed her boys head while she watched her other. "It's the only clothing we have Jacob. Unless you want to wear those tacky cut-offs that are dirty and do not smell particularly great"

Grumbling under his breath he huffed. "Fine" Turning in the tent, he allowed the lambs wool to drop and slid on the leather skirt, tying the sides tight, just in case any of the bear guys got any ideas.

"You have no idea how sexy you look Jake" Leah laughed as he sat down next to her and used his chest to prop both her and his son up.

"Yeah, yeah. Just because you look great" He mumbled, kissing her temple and letting his nose drag across her hair. "And smell great" He whispered, allowing his hand to come up and weave itself through her long hair. "You put flowers in your hair" He smiled, playing with one gently before resting his lips against her shoulder.

"No" She hummed, brushing Williams hair with her fingers as his breath slowly evened out. She loved that no matter what, William could fall asleep anywhere she was. "Mako did it. He's really great with hair"

Jacob's breath hitched and he had to close his eyes tightly. "He was in here, with you?"

"Yep. Him and his brother. Those two are so sweet. And handsome. Jeez I wish-"

Jacob cut her off with a hard kiss to her lips, startling her at first before she kissed him back just a reverently. As he pulled away he nipped at her bottom lip knowing she loved it. "Are you trying to make me jealous?"

Raising an eyebrow she leaned in and kissed the side of his mouth. "Is it working?"

He knew what game she was playing and he was more than happy to play it back. "How about we put our son amongst the blankets and I show you what you mean to me" He could here her heart racing in her chest while also noticing the uneasiness in her eyes. "I promise to make it worth your while."

"It's always worth my while, but - what if someone hears?" She replied, biting her lip and standing to move their son to the make shift bed on the side of the room. Fluffing the pillows, Leah leaned down and kissed Williams forehead, pushing a lock of hair from his forehead.

"Sleep well baby" She smiled as she stood and began untying the bow on the roof on the tent, which held bunched material back from falling.

"Who cares?" He whispered, materialising behind her and tugging the cloth wall to separate the room in two.

Letting the cloth drop Jacob weaved his arms around Leah and slowly kissed along her neck. "At least then they know who you belong to"

"You're such a caveman" She chuckled, running her fingertips along his shoulders and then across his lips.

"And you my dear are my cave princess"

"Tacky Jake real - Ahh - oh my god - put me down"

"Shh baby, they'll hear" Jacob laughed, slapping her ass firmly, making her squeal and writhed around on his shoulder.