And the one time Jim didn't drink anything at all.

Chief Medical Officer's Personal Log
Stardate 5-0-…or 5-1-0… oh hell, I got no damn idea and the hobgoblin's not here to tell me

I'm still on Vulcan II after celebrating half the night. Jim and Spock, I'm pretty sure, are still asleep. I just as soon not know, frankly.

Nyota and I are the only other ones still on the planet. The rest of the crew returned to the ship to sleep once the reception finally wound down last night. Or this morning. It was quite a party, I have to say. A celebration they very much deserved. I still find it hard to believe they went and did it – got married. But they are so happy, it's clear it was meant to be.

The ceremony started at sundown so it wouldn't be quite so ungodly hot. 'It's the humidity' my ass. Vulcan is damn hot.

T'Pau presided. Apparently it's Vulcan custom. She's somebody I would never want to cross. Lordy but she's a scary one. Spock's grandmother. Or godmother. Or…well. It never was completely clear, not that it matters.

Almost the entire crew attended, except the 12 who volunteered to stay aboard. That's the very minimum that Starfleet will allow, according to Spock. And God knows if he says it's 12, it's 12 – no more no less. Christine volunteered to stay in SickBay which I'm sure has absolutely nothing to do with the not-so-secret torch she's carried for the green bloodied hobgoblin since the first time she laid eyes on him.

All 12 of them got to come down for at least part of the reception. (Well, Christine decided to stay up. Her choice.) The relief beamed up and took their stations. I think they may have drawn straws but they had it all worked out so I didn't worry about the details.

Admiral Pike wanted to come but he got tied up in Starfleet business so sent his best wishes. And the biggest box of M&Ms any of us have ever seen. The Vulcans raised an eyebrow at that but Jim just laughed. Spock looked pleased. As pleased as he ever does.

Sarek and the Ambassador were there, of course. I'm pretty sure the Ambassador was torn between celebrating with them and wanting to distance himself. Couldn't have been easy. Seeing the happiness they are sharing. All those memories it brings back to him. He danced with Nyota and she said he's as good a dancer as our Spock. I wonder if first-Spock and first-Nyota had been in love too but I'm not the one who's going to ask him.

The ceremony took about 20 minutes. Spock wore his clan robes. Ivory ones. Black is more traditional but Sarek expressed some concern that since he didn't spend all his time on Vulcan II, the black ones would be too hot. I agreed and encouraged Spock to wear ivory. It wasn't going to scandalize T'Pau or any of the Vulcan guests so he agreed.

Jim wore jeans and a starched white shirt. He checked with Sarek to make sure the Vulcans wouldn't be offended. Sarek was very good about it. Since they are Spock's favorite clothes for Jim to wear, Sarek agreed. Jim bought new ones that were still dark blue and had creases. He looked good, I must say. Even Nyota admitted that it was a good choice for the Captain.

The crew wore off-duty clothes. Nyota had on the most beautiful orange dress I've ever laid eyes on. Course she'd look good in a potato sack but man was she gorgeous in that dress. I told her how much I appreciated it. She smiled and kissed me. I have to remember to tell her how pretty she is more often. And smart. And talented. And…well. Yeah.

I stood for them as their best man. Mostly that meant I had to make sure I didn't lose their rings. And at the reception, I gave a speech and the traditional toast. Jim didn't hit me when I finished so I guess it went okay. Spock said he appreciated my words, which I took as high praise.

After they exchanged vows, in Vulcan and Standard, the party got started. Jim and Spock had all the food for the reception brought in so they wouldn't overburden the colony. The Vulcans would have given them everything they needed but Jim worried it would leave them short food. So they had one of the freighters deliver it. It was quite a spread, I can tell you. All vegetables and fruits. Except the cake that was traditional Earth wedding cake. We were worried it'd melt but they kept it cool until they cut it. It was fine. Kind of sweet for my tastes but I've had worse.

Before any of us beamed down, I made sure the crew remembered the rules about being on a desert planet – mostly the usual. Drink enough water. Don't over exert yourself. Find shade and tell someone if you start to feel light-headed. Keep alcohol consumption to a minimum.

Everybody listened and we had no medical incidents the whole time. Jim decided not to drink anything alcoholic which was really for the best. Between the heat and the excitement, there's just no telling what alcohol might have done on top of all that. I told him I thought his decision was very mature. He said something along the lines of being Starship Captain and if that didn't prove he was mature, he didn't know what would. I ignored him. Seems the easiest way to deal with him, mostly.

They'll be on Vulcan for the next week. We'll go on patrol with Scotty in command and then come back by and pick them up. Pike made us promise not to start any trouble. I don't know why he thinks it'd happen. Especially since Jim won't be with us. And everybody knows he's the trouble magnet.

I offered to stay on Vulcan, just in case. But they said they'd be fine. The Ambassador promised he'd watch out for Jim so he doesn't suffer sunstroke. I'm not real sure how he'll tell the difference between sunstroke and Jim's regular weirdness but the Ambassador isn't worried about it. Said he was also looking forward to having time with them. Sure hope they don't contaminate the time-line any more than it already is. The last thing we need is another Jim Kirk. God help us all.

Oh. Apparently the wedding couple is up. Nyota and I are being called to breakfast. Then we'll say our farewells and return to the ship. It's going to be strange to be on board without them. But they deserve the week to themselves. Better they stay here than have the entire crew imagining what's going on behind the locked door of their quarters.

It's been a good time but I won't mind leaving behind the 90 degree heat even at this hour of the day. Maybe they'll have Bloody Marys or Mimosas for breakfast. That'll help increase my overall comfort, I can tell you that. It's damn hot even with 0% humidity. Almost makes me miss those Georgia summers of 100 degree days with 90% humidity. Nah – it was the humidity.