Hey! I know this is short but it was a short scene!

He leant on the doorframe and watched his two companions dance, enveloped in one another's' arms completely oblivious to the rest of the world. A sad smile graced the old man's youthful lips and he pondered the events that had led to this moment of stillness.

The slow music swelled through the quaint village hall and he considered Rory, his devotion to Amy was astounding.

He voiced his thoughts to himself as he watched on, "Two thousand years." He smiled softly, "the boy who waited."

The boy who waited with the girl who waited. It had all worked out in the end. The entire universe had been prevented from collapsing and he, the Doctor had been saved by the beautiful bride in front of him.

The Doctor sighed and his smile began to fall from his face, his eyes growing sad as he watched the couple kiss lovingly and continue swaying in a tighter embrace. Something stirred within his chest. Was it...jealousy? He tried to shake the thought away but instead his mind filled with images of him dancing with Amy with her looking into his eyes with such pure adoration and her lips pressed softly to his. The feeling grew with the images and threatened to take over him, he had to get away while they wouldn't notice.

He slipped into the black night and half walked half jogged the way back to Amy's back yard where his trusty blue box stood taller than ever. He skipped to the door and fumbled with the key until the voice behind him shook him from his inner turmoil, he smiled and turned to see the corkscrew curls of his greatest puzzle, this should be interesting...

OK so this was just a little one-shot I had to write when I saw the Doctor's face in that moment. The ... is just where the scene continued at the end. Hope you enjoyed!

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