The REAL Ending of The Book Thief

By: 1000th Ghost

*A few years ago, my AP Lit class went to see Markus Zusak, author of The Book Thief. At the end of his talk, we were allowed to ask questions. All the kids who asked questions did generic "Tell about your writing style/inspiration/grammar/blahblahEnglishjunk?" stuff except for me, the last person to ask a question. I'm not a giant LieselxRudy shipper or anything, but if there ARE people out there who are crazy for this couple, I thought you'd appreciate knowing the real ending!*

Me: Um, I loved your book, but I thought it was awful that Liesel and Rudy didn't get together. I don't know your beliefs in the afterlife or anything…but do you think Liesel and Rudy finally get together in heaven?

Markus Zusak: *pauses and looks at me in shock* THANK you for asking that. All I ever hear are questions about the technicality of the book – stuff that teachers want to hear. Finally someone asks about the characters! And what a strange, interesting question. Just for you, just because you asked that, YES, Liesel and Rudy DO get together in heaven.

*There you have it! I personally created the ending of The Book Theif, and the author approved, lol. And he signed my copy of the book: "See? Even Death has a heart."*