Sonic Adventure 2

Cream the Rabbit's Story

By OneWingedAngel666

Chapter 1

"So, tell us," I said to Amy Rose, the pink hedgehog, as she, Cheese the chao, and I rode on a boat in the middle of a large ocean, to Prison Island, "why are you involving Cheese and I when I should be at home with Mommy and Big the cat?"

"Chao," said Cheese, which I believed translated to, "Yeah, why involve us?"

"Because," said Amy, "You and your pet chao were useful alongside the rest of our friends, during our battle against the ancient liquid monster, Chaos, and I thought you'd be useful again. Sonic was wrongly imprisoned for a crime he didn't commit, which was robbing a jewelry bank of a Chaos Emerald, and we need to rescue him from the GUN military's Prison Island even if it means getting ourselves killed to do so."

"Right," I replied. "I just hope that whatever it is that you have up your giant, white gloves actually works." I then said to Cheese, "Right, Cheese?"

"Chao, chao," said Cheese.

"Don't worry your little heads off, Cream, Cheese," said Amy. "Even if it's just the three of us versus an entire military organization, surely we'll get to Sonic on time."

After hours of riding on the boat, we managed to make it to a large military carrier floating on the water besides a large tropical island. On the carrier were Dr. Eggman, Rouge the bat, who helped us defeat Chaos, and some strange, black hedgehog that reminded us of Sonic.

"You've got to joking," Amy said as she looked at the black hedgehog. "Sonic escaped and never had the chance to tell us how? The nerve of him!"

"Um," I said to Amy, "that's not really Sonic. Sonic's blue, and that hedgehog over there is black."

"So what," Amy asked. "It's Sonic, and playing the hero who would put himself in danger like always, he managed to escape! Although I have to wonder what he was doing with Eggman and Rouge."

As we drove the boat near the ladder leading up to the top of the carrier, we climbed up and walked toward the black hedgehog. Amy quickly hugged the black hedgehog tightly as she said, "Sonic! I was so worried that the GUN army would execute you!" She then let go of the black hedgehog as she then said to Rouge, "I don't know why you and Eggman are with each other again, but I have to thank you for saving Sonic for us." She then took out her hammer as she faced Eggman and said to us, "As for Eggman, he's just a sitting duck! Let's take him down before he does any damage to us or this island!"

"O-kay," said the black hedgehog curiously, as he faced Eggman and said, "How come that pink hedgehog confused me with your arch-nemesis that you told me about, whom I framed without realizing it?"

"Oh," said Eggman as he faced Cheese, Amy, and I, "them? Those two forest animals and the rabbit-girl's pet fairy probably came to rescue their blue friend, perhaps even use you as evidence to clear Sonic's name!"

"So," said the black hedgehog, menacingly facing us, "those three are Sonic's friends, and they've come to rescue that hedgehog I framed."

"See, Amy," I said to her, "what did we tell you? That's not Sonic because that hedgehog in front of us is black, not blue."

"Chao, chao," said Cheese.

"Well," said Amy, aiming her hammer at the black hedgehog, "if that fake hedgehog is not Sonic, but rather the guy that framed him, then I guess we have to fight him!" She then faced Rouge and said, "As for you, Rouge, you should join us in taking down that hedgehog and using him as evidence to clear Sonic's name!"

"Um," replied Rouge the bat, "I could, but... I..."

"Rouge is with me again," said Eggman. "I don't know what her plans are with me or why she's helping me again, but one thing's for sure she's helping us with our plans to dominate the world!"

"Right," said Amy. "Normally, I'd be all like 'Rouge, why are you doing this?' But we still trust Rouge, even if she sided with you, because at any point she'll betray you and side with us again, because as she said before, she's a GUN agent." She then faced Cheese and I and said, "Right guys?"

Cheese and I nodded our heads in agreement.

"I see," said the black hedgehog as he faced Rouge, "a double-agent. I could deal with you, Rouge, but you're still needed to steal the three Chaos Emeralds within the GUN army's vault." He then faced us as he said, "As for you three, you're threats to our plans to destroy this pitiful planet, just like my blue look-a-like you're trying to rescue, and for that you must die."

"You also have your part to play," Eggman said to the black hedgehog. "I'll handle the girls and their fairy, you handle your part in our plans with this island!"

"You're joking, right," said the black hedgehog. "They're just a bunch of little girls and a fairy, and I'm the Ultimate Lifeform. I can easily destroy them with just my weak left-hand's pinky-finger, let alone my Chaos Control!"

"Do your job," Eggman demanded.

"Hmph," said the black hedgehog. "Fine." He then faced us as he said, "I just hope Eggman finishes you off so that I won't have to." He then opened a black portal with his right hand and disappeared behind it, while Rouge flew away with her wings.

Cheese, Amy, and I then faced Eggman, getting ready for battle, as he then pressed a button on his wrist-watch, causing him to dress-up from his normal scientist clothes, to a powerful robotic-suit, which gives him incredible physical strength and speed in battle. "The two of your and your chao won't be so bad, no won't you," he asked. "Once I destroy you, there won't be anyone left to save Sonic from his scheduled execution. And once he's out of the way, I'll have a lot of stress of my back once and for all!"

"Tell us," I said. "Who was that black hedgehog? Why did he frame Sonic, and why is he helping you?"

"Chao, chao," said Cheese.

"Oh, him," asked Eggman. "He's just some whiney, emotional cry-baby who hates his own dark past. Because he possesses Chaos Control despite his endless years of sorrow and pain, he can easily crush your blue friend just by thinking about it, leaving me to rule the world without Sonic or any of you and the rest of your forest-animal friends getting in my way!"

"You didn't give us his name, though," Amy said.

"Right," said Eggman, "how impolite of him and I to not introduce him! His name is Shadow the Hedgehog, the Ultimate Lifeform, and my grandfather's fifty-year-old creation! But enough talk!" Eggman then went into his fighting stance as he said, "You may have me outnumbered three-to-one, but I can still crush you like the forest woodland animals you are!"

"Don't you mean four-on-one," asked a familiar voice. We then looked up in the sky as we saw two missiles flying at Eggman. As Eggman went into his blocking-position, the missiles quickly collided with him and blew up in front of him. A blue, familiar-looking airplane then appeared from the sky as it landed toward us. It was Tails the fox, flying his trademark plane, the Tornado, coming to rescue us! As he jumped out of his plane, he then asked us, "What are you doing here? Eggman nearly killed you!"

"So what," Amy said to Tails, "we were about to fight Eggman when you showed up, playing the hero and all!"

As Tails and Amy faced each other, Cheese and I faced the smoke as it cleared away, revealing Eggman in his blocking position, as I said, "Um, guys?"

"What," replied Tails and Amy. The two looked at Eggman, who went back to his fighting stance.

"Great," said Eggman. "Just what I needed. A fourth opponent to team up with the others to gang-up on me!"

"Tell me," Tails said to Eggman, "did you have anything to do with that black hedgehog that framed Sonic, the black hedgehog I saw on the news?"

"Why do you ask," Eggman replied.

"Because," said Tails, "you've always wanted Sonic out of your way. I know you're involved in some way or another!"

"I don't know how you figured it out," said Eggman, "but there's no sense hiding it from you, is there? Yes, I'm involved with that black hedgehog, and with his powers over time and space I shall defeat your blue friend and rule the world!"

Tails then went to his fighting stance and said, "Well, I've come to save Sonic from the GUN army and use that black hedgehog as evidence to clear Sonic's name. If you're really involved with that black hedgehog, then Amy, Cream, Cheese, and I will have to fight you!"

"Funny you should say that," said Amy, "because we're also trying to save Sonic!"

"All the more reason to have you help me fight that overweight scientist," replied Tails.

"You'll regret coming to fight me," said Eggman. "Even if you defeat me, that black hedgehog will always come to avenge my defeat and overpower you with his Chaos Control. Now, come at me!"

The four of us battled Eggman to the death, as Eggman used his martial arts skills, powered by his robotic-suit, and a variety of other weapons and gadgets, like the ball-and-chain, missiles, and bombs. But, despite his overwhelming power, the four of us had our teamwork just like the previous times we fought him, and in the end we've managed to defeat him again.

"Ungh," groaned Eggman as he kneeled to the ground. As the four of us cornered him, Eggman said, "Damn you to Hell! Even if you defeat me, you're still just a bunch of regular forest animals, just like Sonic, compared to Shadow, and with his powers I shall have my revenge on all of you!" Eggman then flew away with his winged jetpack strapped on his back and escaped from us.

"We did it," I said as I high-fived Cheese.

"There's no time to celebrate," Tails said to the three of us. "I'm glad you guys were here to help me. Perhaps if we work together again, like old times, we might rescue Sonic!"

"But what about the military," I asked. "They might have impenetrable security that not even we can go through!"

"Chao, chao," said Cheese.

"Don't worry," said Tails. "If we can defeat someone as powerful as Eggman, then surely we can do something else as impossible as rescue Sonic. I just hope that that black hedgehog doesn't reach us first."

"Then let's go before any GUN soldiers spot us," said Amy, as she, Tails, Cheese, and I entered the base.