Authors Notes: Not my usual work, but someone (who I will leave unnamed) wanted me to make a story in this manor so Please enjoy this short story, and Please Review

"So Cute!" Ran Mori said as she was hugging the little bundle of joy that was wrapped in her arms. "You are just the cutest little thing ever, I wish Conan-Kun was still a little baby like you so I can hold him list this!" The baby that was in Ran's arms just looked and smiles at her.

"Ran-neechan what are you talking about?" Conan appeared behind Ran causing her to jump.

"Look at the baby Conan-Kun, isn't she just the cutest?" Ran said holding the baby to Conan's face

"Who's baby is it Ran-neechan?" Conan asked.

"Her name is Aki, and one of dad's clients asked me to look after her while she and dad talk some business for an upcoming case. So Coanan-Kun can I depend on you to help me today?"

"Aw but Ran-neechan I was going to Agasa's house today"

"Come on Canan-Kun you go over their every day, are his games really that fun?" Ran asked.

"No their's a girl over their who uses me as a Ginny pig to test experimental poison on." Conan said mentally. "Ai said she wanted me to come over and play because she was board today." He lied

Ran let's out a long sigh." I guess theirs no choice, I'll just have call Ai and tell her to come and play here today, hold Aki for a while." Ran placed Aki into Conan's arms and walked to the phone." I guess I have two babies and Ai-chan to look after today then." Ran said jokingly.

"Haha very funny."Conan said trying to sit Aki down on a chair but she would not let go off Conan's shirt. "Hey what do are you doing? Let go Aki!" Conan struggled to get Aki to let go with out hurting her, but watching Conan struggle earned him a few giggles from Aki as she still would not let go of Conan's shirt.

Ran walked back into the room to see Aki clinging to Conan and though it was a cute site. "I guess she really like's you Conan-kun, when I tried to hold her she clung to her mother like she is clinging to you. By the way Ai-chan said she will be coming over in a couple of hours so until then Aki-chan will sticking with you ok."

"Yeah fine with me Ran-neechan" Conan said letting out a yawn.

"Looks like your getting sleepy, you stayed up late last night again didn't you Conan-kun?"

"Yeah kinda." Conan said sleepily

Ran giggled at the sight. "Why don't you take a quick nap with Aki-chan until Ai-chan gets here."

"Yeah I think I will Ran-neechan." Conan said befor letting out one more yawn and lying on the couch with his arm's rapped around Aki who still had a tight grip to Conan's shirt and fell asleep.

A few hours later Conan woke up to the soft fresh scent of baby-powder as he looked over and saw that Aki was having her diaper changed by Ran, Conan was still half asleep and could not tell of he was still dreaming or not. Ran looked over and saw that Conan was awoke but was not ready to get up yet. "Wow I wish conan-kun was Aki's age, he would be even cuer than he is now, It world so much fun to feed, bathe and change his diaper's when needed to." Ran said mentally.

"I wonder how far he would let me take this?" Ran said laughing to herself as she finished tapping up Aki's diaper. "OK Conan-kun it's your turn!" Ran said jokingly waving a diaper in front of Conan's face. Ran was surprised when Conan gave no reaction. Ran picked up Conan and lied him down the table where she had changed Aki and unbuckled his pants and lowered his underwear, but still got no reaction from Conan."Is Conan-kun going to stop me or is he going to let put a diaper on him?" Ran asked as she hesitantly opened a diaper and slid it under Conan's butt and applied a generous amount of baby-powder to Conan's privet area. Ran genitally brought the diaper up between Conan's legs and taped it up. Ran looked down and saw that Conan's eye's were closed again then laid him back into the couch and put a blanket over him."Sorry Conan-kun, your going to hate me when you wake up but it's worth it, your just too cute right now!" Ran said to herself before leaving the room with Aki.