Authors Notes: I figured if this anime has poison that can turn two teen's into little kids then what you are about to read in this chapter in this chapter should be able to happen also. So please don't say that all this is over exaggerated.

I may only have one working arm rite now, but I will try and keep writing as much a possible.

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"Agasa hurry up! I was suppose to have been their an hour ago!" The short brown curly haired girl yelled from the living room.

"Patience Ai-chan, you know good things come to those who wait." The scatter brain professor said rummaging through his desk and cabinet files.

"Don't tell me you lost your car key's again Agasa?" Ai said getting Impatience.

"Well I-"

*Sigh* "Ok where was the last place you had them?

"I haven't the slightest clue, I was in the middle of making my newest invention when Ran-Chan called over here asking if you could come and play with Shinichi sense he had to stay home and help take care of a baby, I must have sat them down when I went to answer the phone."

"So Agasa this is your newest invention? This over sized baby carriage?" Ai said in sarcasm.

"Why yes it is!" Agasa said proudly. "This will change the way mothers takes care of their babies, The Agasa Baby Buggy will do it all, comfort the baby when it cries, change a dirty diaper, and sings and sweet lullaby to help put the baby to sleep."

"Don't tell me, you want to see if this thing really works by putting the baby that Ran-San and Kudo-Kun are taking care of inside it, right?

"Well yes that was the plan Ai-chan, but first I have to find my car key's or we'll just have to walk over there."

Ai was tapping her foot impatiently the whole time then snapped."You could use the exercise, now change your shirt and let's go!" Ai said in a stern tone making the professor jump.

Agasa walked into the room where he and Ai slept and night looking for a decent shirt to wear while Ai was sitting in the living room on the couch reading a magazine when something shiny caught the corner her eye. She looked over and saw Agasa's car keys lying the baby buggy.

"Great, so the doc did leave his keys in that stupid looking thing!" Ai exclaimed. With her shoes off Ai climbed on to the arm of the couch and reached out trying to grab the key's, but fell inside the baby buggy instead. To Ai's surprise the buggy had soft sheets and pillow's inside and was actually pretty comfortable to lye in.

The buggy spoke in a sweet female voice" Hello baby and welcome to the Agasa Baby Buggy system, my name is Lilly and I will take care of you while mommy takes a break." A robotic arm emerged from the side and tickled Ai's chin. "coo-chi coo-chi coo, coo-chi coo-chi coo, now who's a cute wittle baby?" Lilly said is a babyish tone still tickling Ai"s chin.

"Hey stop it!" Ai yelled slapping the hand away. She then stood up trying to get out of the baby carriage but the same arm pulled her back down.

"No, no,no!" Lilly spoke again. "Baby shouldn't standing inside the carriage, it's dangerous."

Ai was getting angrier by the second and began the thrash and kick around the carriage. "Let me go now you hunk of junk!" Ai continued to put up a fight until another hand grabbed both of Ai's arm's and pinned her wrists down above her head making her unable to get up.

"Awwww baby sure it cranky today." Lilly spoke, and once again began to tickle Ai under her chin again. "Coo-chi coo-chi coo, coo-chi coo-chi coo." Lilly's hand trailed down Ai's chest and onto her stomach really tickling her this time, Ai was helpless to stop the ongoing tickling assault because of her wrist being pinned down.

"HAHAHAHAHAHA! HEY STOOOOPPPPP ITTTTTT!." Ai began to thrash around again trying to shake off the hand that was tickling her, she tried desperately to free her hands but the robotic hands proved too strong for the shrunken girl to handle as she was still being mercilessly tickled.


Ai was now out of breath when the arm finally stopped tickling her. "Is baby happy now?" Lilly spoke again.

"No I'm not happy, now let me go or so help me I'll have you turned into scrap metal-" Ai was silenced when a pacifier was shoved into her mouth, and an elastic strap attached to it was wrapped around her head preventing her from spitting it out. "Mh!, Mh!, Mh!" Was Ai's muffled reaction.

"Awwwww! Why is baby so cranky do you need your diaper changed?" Lilly asked.

"Mh?" Ai eye's shot wide open in shocked from the question she just heard. "Mh!, Mh!, Mh!" Ai began to thrash around once more but was too tired from the tickling she had received.

One of the arms reached under Ai's skirt and pulled off her panties completely, before the arm was out of her legs reach Ai delivered a hard kick to the robotic arm's.

"Now, now baby should not do things like that!" Lilly spoke in a scolding tone. Another arm grabbed Ai by her legs and lifted her bottom in the air and delivered a three hard smacks to Ai's bottom making her scream through the pacifier.

With her bottom still in the air, baby-powder was sprinkled on it then was lowered into a diaper and had more baby-powder sprinkled onto her front area then the diaper was tapped up tightly. Ai was now in tears because one she was diapered for the first time in sixteen years and two she had been spanked for the first time in who knows how long.

"Awwwwwwww! Don't cry baby." Lilly spoke in a caring tone this time. Ai quickly turned her head the other in a pout way when her foot was grabbed by one of the arms. Using Ai toes Lilly recited the five piggies nursery rhymes starting with Ai's big toe. " This wittle piggy went to market, this wittle piggy stayed home. This wittle piggy had roast beef, and this wittle piggy had none, and this wittle went wee, wee, wee all the way home."This caused more painful laughter from Ai.

Just then the sound of foot steps came into the living room. "Ai...Ai-Chan where are you" Agasa called out to her. "I just got off the phone with Ran-Chan, she says that the babies gone and that Shinichi's locked himself into the bathroom and won't come out so theirs no need for us to go over their."

"Mh!, Mh!, Mh!" Ai muffled through the pacifier trying to get the doc's attention but her could not her her through his yelling.

"I guess she must have finally left with out me, oh well I guess I'll go down to the lab and get some more work then."

It was three hours later when Ai was discovered in a very wet diaper that was not changed because the baby buggy had run out of power. "Ai-Chan are you ok? what were you doing in their-" Agasa stopped when Ai kicked him right in his shin making him fall over.

Agasa looked up to see Ai's threatening cold stair. "Professor you will destroy that contraction before I destroy you understand?." She said in a threatening tone then walked off. Agasa heard a loud crinkle with each step Ai took as she walked into the bathroom.