Epilogue of Watch you smile, Watch you cry is now here…Thanks to all those that reviewed…it kept me writing…and encouraged me to go on! So thank you * smiles *. About Henry kissing the other girl…Henry was only trying to heal the own pain in his heart by trying to love someone else like Rika. Why someone else? Because he believed that Rika only tried to hurt him.

So here is the epilogue! Dedicated to all those that reviewed ^_^

I used a little bit of Shakira's song, Whenever Wherever. I don't own it though : P


Watch you smile, watch you cry


Seven Years Later…

A navy haired man stared quietly at the gravestone, with a blank expression on his face. Rika had died seven years ago, but the pain…the pain still remained in his heart. But he knew she would never come back never…he couldn't believe that all this…was his fault…

Rika Nonaka. Beloved friend of Takato Matsuki, Jeri Katou…daughter of Miya Nonaka…Loved by Henry Wong…May She Rest In Peace…

He still couldn't believe that he was kissing that girl, Yuna, in the mall. He had always loved Rika because of her character, strength, and her hidden caring for others. He thought she had hurt him. But instead, he had hurt her. He thought Yuna wouldn't hurt him like Rika, but truly, Rika was the one that deserved his heart…All this…her death…was his mistake…Tears threatened to spill…

Aishiteru, Rika…

"It's been a while, hasn't it?" A female voice said. Henry turned around surprised, to see his ex-girlfriend staring at him. Trina smiled warmly, her almond eyes surrounded with warmth and peace. A tall, blonde man walked behind her.

"All this was my fault, wasn't it?" Ryuin spoke slowly.

"I'm glad to see Trina, and you Ryuin," he gave a little smile.

"This was the cause of my fault," Ryuin said sadly, "If I hadn't kiss her, you wouldn't have ran away. All this would have never existed."

"No it was mine," Trina cut in, "I tried to kill her, because of jealousy. Otherwise she wouldn't have landed in the hospital."

"No it was mine," Henry said solemnly, "I couldn't trust her actions. I didn't even let her explain. And when I tried to heal, I destroyed her instead."

"It was kind of all of ours," A new voice said. Henry turned around to stare at a brunette with a familiar man with her.

"Me and Takato," Jeri said mournfully, "We've never realized anything. Let's just hope that she just rests in peace." Takato nodded in agreement.

"I know," Henry said, "I know. I know she is like our guardian angel, watching from above…"

Aishiteru…Rika. Wo ai ni. Forever, Eternity…Death will not set us apart… I'm sorry that I never trusted you. But I'll be with you…no matter where we will be…
Whenever, wherever
We're meant to be together
I'll be there and you'll be near
And that's the deal my dear
You're over, You're under
You'll never have to wonder
We can always play by ear
But that's the deal my dear
A small piece of paper flapped in the endless, evening wind on a gravestone.
From Henry to Rika
Endless Eternity
Petals graze through the air,
The wind has gently whispered,
But world isn't that perfect,
Sacrifices must be made,
Love sometimes vanishes to Hate,
But not matter what, I'll be there for you for eternity,
It's just you and me, crosses bond
Every sunflower that dances at midnight,
I'll be there,
Stars will shine brighter every night when you smile,
Remember, destiny chose us to be together,
I'll be there to watch you smile,
And watch you cry,
Every step of the way to the moonlight.

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