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Chapter 1: Let Me Out of this Dream

The sterling silver ring glinted in the light of the bathroom. Her slender fingers were still curled around the knob into the wooden vanity drawer. She wasn't sure how the ring had managed to work its way back into her life but it did and it picked a hell of a day to do it. She sighed and turned to the mirror, her hand still on the drawer. The party the night before had taken a toll on her. Her curly, red, often proclaimed "hooker hair"—she could thank her mother for that analogy—was a tangled nest on top of her head, the pony tail she had worn the night before did nothing for the look. If anything it made her appear more hung over then she felt. At that thought, her stomach lurched. One too many vodka shots, she mused as her tummy rumbled queasily. Not a good way to start the day. She was happy she hadn't thrown up yet though, that was a plus.

She returned her attention the ring in the still opened drawer. She pursed her lips into a thin line and decided it wasn't worth the mulling. She reached in and grabbed it, drawing it up into the palm of her hand. She closed the drawer with a little more force than intended, the ancient vanity groaning in annoyance.

"Sorry," she mumbled, as she sat down on the edge of her bed.

She shrugged and slipped the ring onto her left middle finger. It was snugger than expected, the thick band dug into her skin a little bit, but she ignored it and went on about her morning duties. She'd only been the in the Hamptons for a few days but she was already behind her schedule. By today she was supposed to be moved into her new house and she should've already unpacked and ran a good nine miles on the sandy beach but her plan was shattered by the events of the party and the fact that her benefactress—no, Miss New isn't a benefactress—or rather her former babysitter, was out of town for the weekend. She rolled her eyes and got up to get dressed. She decided a nice pair of crisp khakis and a blue linen shirt was fine for the task at hand. She grabbed her purse, her glasses and her keys before she headed out the door of her motel in Worst-Hampton.

She chuckled when she saw her car parked in the parking lot. Most of the automobiles were ancient compared to her shiny, brand new, red 2010 Chevy Camaro, a gift from the wonderful Miss New. She grinned as she opened the drivers door and got in. She loved having friends in high places though she distinctly remembered that she vehemently protested the gift. She even went so far to deny money for a better hotel room which Miss New, again, offered. She was a grown woman, while rather poor for the Hamptons, she could manage the ritzy place by herself. She had lived there before, after all.

The engine revved on her car and she peeled out of the parking lot. Traffic going to her work wasn't as bad as she thought it would be but it was pretty congested. She arrived only a few minutes late but wasn't reprimanded as her boss pulled in at the same time she did. They exchanged nods of greeting and walked in separately. As soon as the door closed, her secretary scurried up to her with a handful of pink message slips in her hand.

"Ms. Underhill, these are all for you." Her secretary, Amanda, practically shoved them at her, her voice a few decibels too high. "Also, you have someone waiting for you in your office."

She winced. "How long have they been here?"

"Only a few minutes. He says he knows you."

"Right. Thank you, Amanda. If you could, hold all calls until I he leaves, please?" Amanda nodded and scurried back to her desk.

Miranda Underhill walked to her office quickly, eager to meet this man. She turned a corner and her eyes narrowed. She couldn't place the curly headed brunette but she was hungover enough that her memory was impaired. She entered the glass paned room with her hand outstretched in greeting.

"Hello, I'm Miranda Underhill. What can I do for you?"

The man took her hand with a confused expression. "You don't remember me, do you?"

Miranda blinked as she sat down in her desk chair across from him. "You'll have to refresh my memory."

"Last night? The party?"

The proverbial light bulb flashed on above her head. "Evan...Lawson, wasn't it?"

He smiled. "CFO of HankMed."

"How could I forget?" She laughed. "So, Evan, what can I do for you?"

"You said I could come to your work. To see you."

Her forehead crinkled. "I did?" She groaned and rubbed her face and temples to ward off the impending headache. "I was tipsier than I thought I was."

He chuckled. "I think we both were." He paused for a few moments to allow her to compose herself. Their eyes met, and he continued. "I'm actually here for my brother, Hank. He said you had some information about a client of his."

Miranda perked up immediately and pulled her key board out from under her desk. "What's his name?"

"Boris," Evan said simply.

Miranda froze, her fingers hovering over the black computer part. "Boris Kuester von Jurgens-Ratenicz?"

Evan blinked in amazement. "How did you-?" He began to ask but waved the question off. "Never mind. Yeah, that's him."

She pasted on a smile and pushed the keyboard back under her desk. "I don't have any information for you, sorry."

She watched as Evan processed the new info—or lack thereof. She soon grew tired of watching him sit there with the same confused expression, so she went about her business of filing and getting her office cleaned up. It amazed her how much of a mess she let the space get. It was atrocious. But then again, she wasn't one for organization. She only cleaned when she was nervous or stressed and she was nervous. She was beyond nervous. At that moment, she felt damn near hysterical.

"I don't understand. Hank was sure you'd know."

She stopped organizing her file cabinet and turned toward him. "I know what everyone else in the Hamptons know, and that is about nothing." She shrugged, and sat down trying to hide the fact her hands were shaking. "For as long as I can remember, Mr. Ratenicz has been very private. You know, he's held exclusive parties, fancy dinners, all of which cannot be accessed by normal people." Evan nodded and looked at her expectantly. "Look, he's a German 'blue blood' who just happened to inherit a multi-billion dollar banking franchise. There's not much to know about him."

Evan's face contorted with thought. She half expected him to say something but instead, he simply slapped his knees and got up from the chair. He walked over to the door and was about to leave when he turned back around to face her.

"How long have you lived here?"

"My whole life," she replied. "Well, I moved away seven years ago give or take a few months."

"What brings you back?"

She chuckled. "Privacy."

He looked impressed. "Hey, I know a nice restaurant nearby. If you're not doing anything later tonight-"

"Evan," she walked up to him and put a hand on her shoulder. "You're a nice guy but I have business to attend to."

"Maybe tomorrow?" She shook her head. "Right, well, when you're not busy," he reached into his jean's pocket and pulled out a small rectangular piece of paper. "Here's my card." He handed it to her and she accepted. "Actually, it's a HankMed card but you can get a hold of me there too."

She grinned and patted him on the shoulder and sent him on his way. Once he was out of ear shot, she shut her door and sat back down at her desk. Boris. The name sent shivers down her spine. Her hands were still shaking when she decided what she was going to do. She reached down under her chair and yanked on the strap of her purse. She slung it up onto her desk and pulled out her phone. She hadn't dialed the all too familiar number in years but she figure it was the same. She placed the phone to her ear and waited. A minute went by and still no answer. She drummed her desk impatiently with her fingers, her hands no longer shaking.

The two minute marker went by and suddenly, a voice sounded on the other line. "It's me. Yes, it's good to hear from you as well. Tell him I'm coming over and I don't care what he says. Thank you."

She pushed the end button, grabbed her purse and exited her office with a flick of the light switch and the click of her door.

"Amanda," she said as she stopped at her secretary's desk.

"Yes, Miranda?"

"Cancel everything for the day and tell the boss I'm taking a sick day."

The petite blonde nodded her head. "Do you need anything?"

She shook her head, her red hair bouncing on her shoulders. "No, thank you. I'll see you on Monday."

Amanda waved at Miranda's retreating figure. The older woman knew her worker was confused but so was she and she needed to figure out what was going on. A HankMed employee was asking her for information. Something was wrong. She got into her car and twisted the ring around her finger absentmindedly. He had a lot of explaining to do. She started the car and squealed out of the parking lot. Down the street, she passed a cab with one Evan Lawson, CFO of HankMed, in the back seat. She didn't see him stare as she revved the engine and swerved around the cab.

What seemed like a few moments later, Miranda clicked the locker on her remote and walked through the entrance of Shadow Pond. It was still as expansive and beautiful as she remembered it, though she hadn't been there in over five years. Her high heels clicked on the marble tiled floor and echoed against the walls. She turned a corner and found herself in his office. Not much had changed. It was rearranged from what she knew of it. The book shelf and other random pieces of décor he had collected over the years were in different places but they were still the same. She moved around the room cautiously for fear of him showing up. She was about to leave to find Dieter when she stopped at a picture on the wall before the door.

She gasped. It was a picture that had been taken before she had left all those years ago. She still looked the same but she could see the young face held the belief that she was living a fairytale. She scoffed and left the room. She had been living a fairytale but it all fell apart far too fast. She sighed. She could still remember their last meeting, the feel of his hand on the back of her neck, his fingers playing absentmindedly in her hair. She shook her head. Miranda Underhill, she scolded herself, get your mind out of the past.

She sighed again, rounded another corner and careened into a hard, short, little body. She stumbled backwards and met the framed eyes of Dieter, the tiny man servant who had been employed in the Jurgens-Ratenicz family for years.

"Dieter! Are you okay?"

He brushed himself off with a regal air. He had been working for Boris for a little too long. The German was beginning to wear off on him.

"I am perfectly all right. Thank you. Now, will you come with me please?"

Miranda straightened out her shirt as butterflies began flapping in her stomach. She cleared her throat and followed the man. At one point in the past, she and Dieter had been close. If she ever needed anything, he'd be more than happy to oblige. Her leaving had thrown a wrench in their relationship. She could tell. She could see it in the way he carried himself. If Dieter was a sign of what was to come, she wasn't sure if this was a good idea.

"How is he?" She said suddenly remembering the fact that she had come here because of Evan and Hank Lawson, the latter she hadn't even met.

"He is doing well." It was a simple answer but she knew her suspicions and that answer was a little more forced than what it should've been.

That scared her more than she thought it would.

"Where have you been?"

Evan Lawson froze in the living room and turned toward the occupied seat in the kitchen. Divya Katdare was starring at her computer screen and he wondered how she even knew he had walked in. He tried to be quiet but obviously that hadn't worked quite the way he wanted it to.

"Where do you think I was?"

"Snooping where you don't belong." She looked away from her work and took off her glasses. "You left the file opened on counter. Hank is on a call or else he would've seen it before I did."

"It's not what you think."

"Oh it's exactly what I think." She gracefully slid off the bar stool and approached him. "Boris Kuester von Jurgens-Ratenicz is off limits and is Hank's patient. I don't think he'd approve of you stepping into his territory."

He held his hands up in surrender. "I saw the name out of the corner of my eye when Hank was in here earlier."

She gave him a once over but pushed it no further. Instead, she walked to the folder, which was still opened, and closed it and placed it in the file cabinet where she knew Hank kept it. She locked the drawer and placed the key in her pocket.

"Now, what did you find out?"

Evan visibly relaxed and sat down next to her. "Nothing."


He shook his head. "Nope and I thought since I'd already met her..."

"You could butter her up."

"Exactly! It's like you read my mind!"

"But it didn't work." He shook his head again. "She knows him somehow."

"Oh, I have no doubt about it. Divya, you should've seen the way she acted when I said his name. She got all quiet and she said his full name...perfectly! It's like she's known him his whole life or something!"

Div giggled slightly as the older Lawson brother, Hank, walked in. "What's so funny?"

"Nothing at all," Divya said quickly as she began to gather her things.


"Miranda Underhill." Evan heard Divya groan quietly. "Sorry, Div," he said turning toward her.

"What about her?"

"She knows Boris."

"Yes, and?"

"Oh you know her?"

Hank sat his medical bag down on the floor and rounded the island toward his baby brother. He clapped a hand on his shoulder and brought him closer to him.

"What have I told you about overstepping boundaries?"

"To not do it."

"Exactly. Now, how do you know Miranda?"

Evan relaxed for the second time in a span of ten minutes. "I met her at a party last night. Went to see her this morning."

Hank stopped mulling around the kitchen and turned toward the younger Lawson. The coffee he started brewing went unattended. He walked to the place across from his brother and physician's assistant. Both Evan and Divya both starred at their boss (and older brother) like he had gone mental.

"Miranda is here?"

Evan nodded slowly. "She works at some research place near the pier."

The doctor grabbed his phone and walked out the door. Evan and Divya exchanged a look and followed him. This was about to get interesting and neither one of them wanted to miss it.

The walk got longer and longer and quieter and quieter and Miranda was feeling a little disheartened. Something was wrong. Dieter was talking about it and she just couldn't put her finger on but something was...off. That wasn't the right word but her mind wasn't at full functioning mode. All she could think of was what was going on and why she hadn't been informed. She suddenly knew how Evan must've felt in her office that morning.

"You still have the ring."

She didn't notice until he spoke that they had stopped. She looked and her stomach dropped to the floor. His bedroom. She was about to go into his bedroom. From what she remembered, he never stayed in any prolonged time in his room. It was either his office or other various places in his expansive mansion. Her suspicions were correct. Something had happened. She could feel the tears prickling her eye lids. No, she told herself, no, she wasn't going to do this.

She glanced down at her left middle finger. She had almost forgotten about the ring. It was such a part of her that she didn't even notice it was on. She gazed at it longingly, her eyes memorizing every detail of it.

After a long while, Miranda nodded. "I haven't worn it in a very long time." She shrugged and payed attention to Dieter's reactions. "I don't know. Something about today made me put it on."

"It would've been your anniversary."

She blinked but before she had time to react, Dieter had opened the door and was motioning for her to go inside. She grudgingly obliged. She got a few feet inside and the door shut and Dieter was gone. She cursed herself for doing this. She cursed herself for putting herself through this. It wasn't fair to him or to her or to anyone else involved.

"Miranda Underhill," she jerked back to reality. "You have returned."

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