A 30 hugs challenge! Just thought I'd fill up the time doing this (must finish 30 prompts before July 7th)... before leaving to actually go do some vacationing!
Trauma Center (c) Atlus

1. hazel eyes

Often times it would take a few days of separation for Angie to receive one of Derek's warm, infamous hugs. During his absence, she had bragged to Leslie her boyfriend gave the best hugs known to man, and even offered for the young woman to experience it for herself. Of course, like her boyfriend, Leslie Sears refused to back down from a challenge. When Derek arrived home on the train from Orange County, he would receive several hugs. Of be forced to give them. Angie was prepared to do whatever it took to prove that she was an honest woman.

"Hey, Derek!" Leslie shouted. Angie purposefully went back to the car to grab something while Leslie would meet up with Derek alone. "How are you?"

The world renowned surgeon wore a puzzled expression. "Hey, Leslie. I'm great." He began to realize that Leslie was coming in for a hug, he smiled kindly and wrapped his arms around her. "It's wonderful to see you."

As much as she believed Tyler gave great hugs, Angie was right. Leslie was positive that if she were Angie, his arms would be wrapped even tighter, but as a friend, his hold was perfect. His body emanated a comforting warmth and when he let go, she found herself a little envious of Angie.


Derek Stiles looked above his companion's head and saw his blonde girlfriend running towards him, a grin on her face. Derek returned the sentiments, walking forward quickly to meet her and wrap her tightly in his arms. It was her hugs that he longed for the past few days while tending to his mother in the hospital. Somehow, the gentle feeling that surrounded him when her arms wrapped around his waist always put him at ease.

The next day Leslie admitted defeat. Derek was the better hugger, absolute perfection from the way he wrapped his arms to the length of the hug itself.

"He isn't perfect," Angie murmured, taking a sip of her coffee. Leslie spun around, shocked. "At least for me. He's much taller than me, I can never meet his eyes. And they're such a beautiful hazel."

Leslie shrugged. To each her own, she supposed.