Murder Of the Minds


WhoAmI2010 and title inspired by bludfang

Part One

Richard Castle was working on his book and then Alexis came downstairs as she was meeting an old friend who transferred to Port Charles. Richard knew of Isabella, she was the one who protected Alexis from the bullies in middle school.

"Dad, Isabella is going to bring a friend of hers named Kristina, could they stay?" Alexis asked and Castle gave the nod. Alexis knew he was working on his next book and so she took that as a good sign. She paused because ever since he came back home from vacation, that's all that he was doing. Working with Beckett gave Castle another outlet and Alexis then took a breath as grandma came in they saw that her father, her son was working so hard. "I know you two are staring at me." Castle said and so Alexis took her cue.

Beckett was working and looking over at the chair. She looked at the phone and must have rehearsal that speech over and over again of what she wanted to say to Castle. As Beckett got up, she saw her face from her face. "Gabriel." Beckett said and gave him a hug. The others came in to see what was going on with him.