Murder of the Minds


WhoAmI2010 title inspired by bludfang

Part Three

"Castle." Richard said and then the voice said, "You know Jason Morgan is fun but you are even…..more fun." Richard paused and asked who it was… "I'm the guy they want you to catch." Castle mouth out Franco. Beckett told him to keep him talking. "What do you want with me?" Castle asked and Franco responded, "Well, I want you to write a book with your Nikki Heat and believe me I will give her a lot of material…I will play this like one of your books but you must obey the ending…" "I kind like how my endings go." Castle said and Franco responded, "Tell detective Gabriel that I've always wanted to know what it would be like to harm his mafia princess but your daughter will be a causality…Details in an hour."

Castle then told them what he said and Beckett then got a squad to find them. Isabella and Alexis both came into the house. Castle told them what was going on. "Franco, dad you would coming here for Franco. That sun of a bitch who almost killed my mother and you didn't tell me, again." Isabella went off on him and Alexis was glad for the lines of communication with her father.

Castle then got the e-mail and read the first instructions it was a street name. 1131 Lexington Avenue and then an e-mail picture was sent of Lila and Helena at a coffee shop..

"Do you know these people?" Castle asked and Isabella walked over. "That's my little sister and her nanny." Isabella said and Gabriel dotted over. The next part of the e-mail said, they will be safe as long as you play.