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"Team seven: Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha…" Sasuke and Naruto glare at each other past Sakura. "…and Hinata Hyuuga." Naruto looks up at Iruka-sensei in confusion, 'WHO!'

Sasuke looks out of the side of his eye to where the aforementioned Hyuuga is looking down at the table both trying to hide her blush and to avoid eye contact with any and all of Sasuke's fan girls. 'Hn, a Hyuuga?' is his only thought.

He glances behind him when he hears Ino and Sakura groaning to each other about not being able to be on his team. "Team eight: Shino Aburame, Chouji Akamichi, and Sakura Haruno," Iruka announces to even further Sakura's pain. The look on her face is PRICELESS; Sasuke would have paid ANYTHING to have that on camera, but alas, he would seem like he—you know—LIKED her, and that is something he does NOT want people to be thinking. He absolutely despised the people who falsely assume things about him; things such as, his whole clan was killed, we MUST give him pity and he doesn't like any girls, so he MUST be gay.

Naruto slams his head on his desk, obviously believing that his life is over. Iruka glares at Naruto for the sudden noise, but continues with revealing the teams, "Team ten: Shikamaru Nara, Kiba Inuzuka, and Ino Yamanaka. Now, that's all of the teams, meet back here to greet your new senseis after the lunch break—"

"WAIT!" Naruto interrupts, "Why am I grouped with SASUKE!" Naruto says Sasuke's name as though he had acid sliding over his skin.

"Well, NARUTO, Sasuke had the highest grade on the exam, while you, to be quite frank, had the worst." There is a burst of laughter from most of the peanut gallery. "Now, just sit down, shut up, and just give it up! You have NO chance of beating Sasuke, and you cannot change the scores for that test! Now, be free and go eat everyone…" Iruka says in annoyance.

Hinata walks out of the classroom and looks around, 'wow…how could both Sasuke-san AND Naruto-kun disappear so quickly.' Hinata looks down at her lunch, 'guess I have to eat by myself.' She sighs, and tries to cheer herself up by quietly saying, "It doesn't matter, if I train hard, Naruto-kun will surely notice me! I just gotta get better!"

"Hn, Hinata, right?"

Hinata, startled out of her mind, turns around to face Sasuke standing in front of her holding some onigiri. Sasuke stares at her blush momentarily and says, "You want to eat lunch together?"

"Excuse me?"

Sasuke sighs trying not to get irritated with this girl, "Do. You. Want. To. Eat. Lunch. With. Me."

Hinata, utterly surprised by his comment, answers yes, so quietly that she thought he hadn't heard her when he suddenly grabbed her arm and pulled her with him into the woods. "Wait! W-why are we going into the w-w-woods?" Hinata stutters quietly.

"No one will find us here."

Hinata could have sworn her heart had stopped when he said those words. 'WHAT! What the heck does he mean by that! Does he mean he's gonna…EEP!'

Suddenly, Sasuke stops, drops her wrist, turns around and faces Hinata, who is standing behind him, her back to a tree, shaking, and a deep blush etched across her face. He glares and takes a step closer, causing her to press herself against the tree in attempt to keep a fair distance between them. He grabs her by the collar and lifts her a few inches above the ground, pushing her up against the tree so that she wouldn't have to be held up solely by her neck. "If you EVER tell someone what I had just said, implying that it is something utterly REPULSIVE, I'll kill you, no hesitations!"

"I-I'd never tell anyone that, S-Sasuke-san!"

'San?' Sasuke without warning lets go of her collar, causing her to fall the few inches. Sadly, the drop being unexpected, she doesn't land so gracefully. In fact she slips and falls forward into Sasuke, not with enough force to knock him to the ground, but with sufficient amount to anger him.

Hinata straightens herself up and backs away slowly, but before she could get too far, Sasuke grabs her arm and mutters a quiet, "Hn."

Naruto sits on the water tower and sighs, 'I'm not on a team with Sakura-chan…even though I worked so hard. Instead I'm stuck with a piñata…maybe I should at least TRY to befriend this girl.' Naruto jumps to his feet with a newfound enthusiasm, "I'll go find her and maybe actually learn her name!" He jumps off to go search around the village.

After about fifteen minutes of searching, he gave up and grabbed a bowl of ramen at Ichiraku's. He looks into his bowl of ramen, thinking that he heard that name before, 'Hinata Hyuuga…I KNOW she was in my class…now, what in the world did she look like?'

He picks up his chopsticks and a new bowl of ramen and starts moving the ingredients to make faces in his ramen to no avail. Giving up, he sighs and picks up the bowl of ramen and starts to eat it feverishly.

Sasuke had led Hinata to a river where he forced her to sit with him under a shady tree that rests upon the soft, fertile soil of the river bed.

Throughout about thirty minutes, Sasuke had only stared at Hinata and by now she is getting EXTREMELY uncomfortable with the way his eyes look at her, look THROUGH her, examining her. His eyes flinch every time she makes even the slightest movement; he follows her, studying her.

'Who is this girl? She hasn't even made a single move on me…I SHOULD be glad about that, but for some reason…I just can't bring myself to believe that. So, could it be that I had actually heard her right. NO! I will not believe that this girl is not in love with me, but Naruto.'

"Um…Sasuke-san?" asks a slightly frightened Hinata as she looks at the river, immediately regretting her mouth opening.

Sasuke looks up at her, eyes seemingly eternally in the position of a glare. "Hn?"

"Um…I was w-wondering why you f-forced me to c-come eat with y-you."

Sasuke looks away, not knowing the reason himself. Evidently, Sasuke has to make up a reason to make it seem as though he knows everything about everything; which, of course, he did not; which is part of the reason he had asked her to come.

He mutters something about teamwork before taking another bite of his onigiri. "Um…if this was about t-teamwork…shouldn't you have in-invited Naruto-kun?"

Sasuke glares at her, she pulls back, shrinking away from him. Not wanting to anger him any further, she takes a bite of her lunch and looks towards the river, always feeling his icy glare fixated on her.

There it is again. Naruto-KUN; never had she in this whole time Sasuke talked—or rather sat—with her had she even ONCE call him Sasuke-kun. All she ever calls him is a simple Sasuke-san; and he loathes her for it.

For the rest of the lunch hour, Sasuke and Hinata sat in the same position of him glaring at her while she looks helplessly away, trying to ignore his piercing glare that is always on her, unwavering. Right before the lunch bell rings to sound that it is over, Sasuke stands up and walks over to Hinata and holds out his hand. She looks up at, startled by his actions. She graciously takes his hand that helps her up. He picks up his stuff, and with his back turned, he says, "Don't get too excited, me treating you with this much respect ISN'T going to be the norm." And in his mind, he adds, 'But you WILL be getting more respect than one of my rabid fan girls.'

"Um…t-thank you Sasuke-san." He flinches after hearing san again. 'Wait…why do I hate it that she doesn't call me kun? Am I…actually falling for someone!'

Together, they walk back to the academy in silence, sitting down as soon as the bell rings.