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Title: Love – A Business Arrangement

Author: Desdemona Sakura / La Morraine

Disclaimer: Nothing's mine, all hers. -points at J.K.R.-

Warnings: conspiracy; melting cold hearts; politics; intimate relationships between men

This story is a result of the BELOVED ENEMIES ANNIVERSARY CHALLENGE. I will put all nine challenges in the story. There are the first lines, the words and the summaries:

1) "And what, precisely, am I supposed to do with THAT?"

2) "I know what you're thinking."

3) "Don't you just love it when a plan comes together?"

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1) haven, shackle, fiasco

2) illustrious, gauche, torpor

3) attrition, gleam, lugubrious

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1) Harry isn't _ until _; Lucius demands _; but without _; they will _.

2) On the night before _; Harry decides it is time to _. Lucius is happy to _.

3) Harry had never thought he _; until Lucius _. But when Lucius _; Harry has no choice but _.


Harry is not happy until his seventh year at Hogwarts – Voldemort is dead and he finally is free. Lucius demands support from Dumbledore in his election for the post of Minister of Magic for his help against Voldemort, but without the Golden Boy's approval they will fail.

On the night before the final election campaign Harry decides it is time to take matters in his own hands. Lucius is happy to play along.

Harry had never thought he would ever really like Lucius Malfoy, until Lucius reveals parts of himself. But when Lucius wants to make things serious, Harry has no choice but to think their past and games over and make an honest decision.

A.N.: There's not much plot involved although it may sound like it, but it's the most grateful topic for all challenges mentioned above, so I try to make it interesting for you. Of course the slash won't suffer.

Notice: The one or other part might remind you of Jendra's gorgeous fic "Jade Green Eyes" and the sequel, but if it's convincing anyone … I had these thoughts myself, but well, someone just had to be faster than me … I did not intend to steal from her, hopefully you'll believe me. This is just an anniversary fic and I don't want to offend anyone.

And now, finally, on to the story! *g*

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Love - A Business Arrangement

Part I

"I know what you're thinking," snarled Lucius Malfoy, who was currently sitting in Albus Dumbledore's office.

"My dear boy," Dumbledore chuckled, "there's no need to be so fidgety. One would think that after the demise of Lord Voldemort things would be easier."

"Not for me, apparently. The election is taking place soon, and I plan to kick Fudge out of his office. This waste of magic should have been sacked long ago." Lucius sniffed and put a strand of long, white blond hair behind his shoulder. "You know very well that I am the best choice."

"Maybe," said Dumbledore airily. "Of course we have an agreement if you still want my support."

"I wouldn't have thought less of you," sneered the blond Malfoy patriarch. His teeth clenched. "And I can foresee what it is. As I said, I know what you're thinking."

Dumbledore popped a lemon drop into his mouth and happily started to munch on it. "I won't play games with you any longer, dear boy," he said genially. "My request is in favour of this school and of course young Harry Potter."

Lucius groaned quietly and could only stop himself from slamming his head on the desk in front of him because of his deep ingrained Malfoy mannerism that simply forbade such open displays of frustration.

"You want to keep Hogwarts open for Halfbloods and Muggleborns," he hissed. "And I think your free rein in the choice of teachers, am I right?"

"Very good, Lucius. These things have indeed crossed my mind," said Dumbledore with that infamous twinkle of his in his light blue eyes.

"And what has Mr. Potter to do with it, if I may ask?" growled Lucius, his temper finally getting short with Dumbledore.

"Well, you will need his support as well," said Dumbledore, shrugging carelessly. "He defeated Voldemort, after all. The Wizard Community will listen to him, and you will get a great boost if he speaks for you."

"What are you thinking? Are you even thinking at all?" said Lucius with his jaw clenched. "The boy hates me. If you aren't able to support me, the election will be a fiasco, anyway."

"I wouldn't say that," said Dumbledore soothingly. "Harry is like a great-grandson to me, and he will listen to what I have to say. If you have my support you will get his most likely, too. But I must warn you: my word is no guarantee. You will have to build his trust in you as well, preferably on your own."

"In other words: I will have to gain his trust in order to get a few words spoken to the people?" Lucius narrowed his eyes dangerously. "That is totally inappropriate. I won't whore myself just for that. The boy can't stand me, and I don't see how this should ever change. And since he is not stupid he will know why I am trying to speak to him."

"He knows that you have been a spy. That's a start." Dumbledore sat back and smiled benignly. "I'm just saying that you should have a go. I'm sure Draco wouldn't mind too much."

Lucius' lips were pressed in a thin line, and his steely grey eyes were blazing with anger. "Draco is of no concern here," he pressed out.

Oh, how he wished this was true! The thought of his son being with Harry Potter of all people was sickening. And that was it at best. When he had heard about it at first he ha been so close to having an apoplexy. So close! Cursing under his breath, he thought about disinheriting his sole heir and slaughtering Dumbledore in cold blood. But where would be the sense in abandoning Voldemort, then? He had done it for Draco, because his son had decided to switch sides six months before the last battle. And he had gone with him, in order to protect his precious flesh and blood. After Narcissa's not so unfortunate demise at the same time it had seemed to be a good idea, but now …

Now he had to crawl at the feet of some boy to gain power again. If he couldn't get it the radical way he would try it within the laws of the wizarding world. In former times Voldemort had had a similar agenda, but as his hate grew stronger and stronger, all sense of political tactics was forgotten. But begging Harry Potter for help? No way! And by the way, what was the boy getting out of it? Didn't Dumbledore mention the benefits of the school and Harry Potter?

Oh well. There was no use crying over spilled milk, was there?

"Oh, but I think he is," Dumbledore beamed. "His arrangement with Harry comes to an end these days, you know?"

"What arrangement?" Lucius asked suspiciously.

"A business arrangement, of course," explained the headmaster as if speaking to a child. "Young Draco is not one to do something for nothing, now is he?"

"What was it?" demanded Lucius. "And why don't I know about it?"

"It is rather personal," said Dumbledore apologetically. "Maybe you should ask Harry or Draco yourself in a few days."

"I want to know now, Dumbledore," hissed Lucius angrily. "What did my son do? Why has he been so keen to switch sides all of a sudden?"

"Well, let's say Harry made an offer he couldn't resist." Dumbledore chuckled. "And I can't blame him, really."


"No need to be threatening, Lucius," said Dumbledore, stifling a laugh. "If you insist I will of course tell you. Harry offered Draco the place of a best friend during the war."

"Which means … ?"

"Draco is the most important company for Harry in all matters of life. Talks, homework … the like." The blue eyes twinkled even more if that was possible.

"I'm not sure I understand. What about his little friends? Granger and Weasley?"

"He was not forbidden contact," explained Dumbledore. "But if Harry needed someone to confide in, he went to Draco instead of Hermione or Ron. If he needed something, he went to Draco. If there was a problem, Draco was the one to help him out of it."

"Why would Draco be interested in that … burden?" Lucius asked with a raised eyebrow.

"How many people would consider the friendship of the Golden Boy as a burden?" Dumbledore asked right back. "And if I remember correctly young Mr Malfoy wanted Harry's friendship from the very first day."

Understanding dawned, and Lucius coughed a few times. Choking and thumping his chest he tried to get rid of the suddenly appearing, unappealing image. His son, wishing to be friends with Harry bloody Potter? Had he not gotten over these whimsical thoughts?

And then he remembered all the complaints of Draco about the small, scrawny boy with the ridiculous, thick glasses. How Harry Potter had rejected his friendship, how Harry Potter had been favoured by the professors except Snape, how Harry Potter this, Harry Potter that, Harry Potter blah. It all made sense now.

"I'm not feeling very well," he croaked.

"There, there, Harry and Draco managed to become real friends during the course of the arrangement. Even though Harry had to come to Draco with his little, er, bodily problems. I think Draco was not unhappy at all to take care of that, too."

"I thought they were together, like, you know, together, a couple." Not that them being friends wasn't disturbing enough, Lucius thought, being quite appalled at his son's behaviour. As stated before, he had been so close to having an apoplexy when one of Draco's friends first told him the shocking news.

"Not at all," Dumbledore smiled. "Friends with benefits, I would say. Neither of them seemed to be too unhappy about that. And as I said, they will most likely remain close friends after the arrangement comes to an end. After all Harry wouldn't give something he doesn't want to give."

Lucius closed his eyes briefly and rubbed his aching temples. His son had betrayed his family for a few months of Harry Potter's friendship. He couldn't believe it. Not right now. Maybe he should ask his son what he saw in Harry Potter's company, why it had been so important.

Dumbledore poured them a new cup of tea and smiled happily. "Now drink your tea, dear boy. Let's talk about our own little arrangement. Unlike some other members of the Wizengamot I'm very sure about you becoming Minister of Magic. You will do great, my boy. And I will do everything to support you, if you agree to the following conditions …"

x - xx - x

At the same time Harry and Draco lay together on Harry's big Head Boy bed and played a bit. Draco took charge, as almost always. Slowly he buttoned Harry's shirt down, stroking the nipples underneath.

"What are you thinking right now?" he teased, noticing Harry's faraway look.

"That we won't do that anymore in a week."

"Not? I thought I was good?" the blonde asked, pouting. He bent his head and began licking those delicious nipples in front of him and sucked hard. He laughed at the rough moan that emerged Harry's mouth.

"I really like you, you stupid git," moaned Harry, slightly writhing under the touches.

"Why, thank you, Potter." Draco freed his prey from the shirt and let his fingers dance over the muscles. "I knew we should have been friends since the beginning."

"I hate it when you're right," sighed Harry. "And now kiss me, Malfoy."

Draco was happy to comply. He ravished Harry's mouth, in the meanwhile massaging the nipples and putting a knee between Harry's already spread thighs.

"Oooh," sighed Harry blissfully. The sensation, caused through the rubbing of his chest and groin, made him delirious. He grabbed Draco's shoulders and pressed himself against the blond boy.

"Who would have thought that Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Defeated-Voldemort-More-Times-Than-Anyone-Can-Count, is at least bi and rubbing against a Malfoy, no less?" Draco chuckled, tickling Harry's earlobe with his tongue. "And who would have thought that the same Harry Potter is saving his innocence for somebody else?"

"No offence," hissed the jet black haired boy as Draco's hand trailed down his stomach and stroked over his very obvious arousal. "But you're my … ooooh … brother. Brothers don't do each other."

"We could be brothers with benefits," Draco insisted, punctuating his opinion with strong strokes.

"No, we couldn't," gasped Harry, arching his back. The tongue flicking his navel was almost too much. He moaned and writhed under Draco's skilled hands, feeling deliciously helpless when Draco pushed his legs apart and stroked the undersides with feather light touches.

Draco spelled the trousers off, not keen on struggling with them right now. Harry's trembling was a powerful indicator for the lust he felt, and Draco had to fight his own inner demons, otherwise he would have pounced long ago.

"We are now," he breathed over the head of Harry's cock. "I'm doing you now, you will do me later."

"We still have a week," Harry reminded him weakly, spreading his legs even wider apart when the first few licks on his shaft made him shudder. "Now you're a friend."

"Hold on to the headboard," Draco ordered huskily. He licked his lips when he saw Harry comply swiftly. "And I want to hear you."

Harry whimpered, holding tightly onto the dark wood. Draco grabbed his thighs, holding them apart. He licked over the hard flesh, kissed the sensitive balls, even teased Harry's still virgin entrance. But the wonderful moans of his friend made him swoop over the hard length soon. He wanted to hear Voldemort's defeater scream, yell, cry his name. Harry was a bottom par excellence - he wanted to be claimed, tortured with pleasure or the denial of it, and ravished. It was quite good that Draco liked to dominate the boy who had refused his friendship for six years. Although they were friends now he had the urge to take him, to make him his, and which way was better than this?

Harry became always very vocal if Draco sucked him in earnest. He begged and whimpered, shuddered, moaned, screamed, demanded and cursed. And Draco always enjoyed himself immensely. It was him who did that, after all.

"Drake, please … oh, oh, ooh, yes, like that …," Harry pleaded. Sweat was covering his form, and the knuckles of his hands were white from gripping the headboard so hard.

The blonde hummed contentedly around Harry's erection, devouring the precome of his friend. He slid up and down with his tongue, teasing the shaft with his teeth and lips, only to swallow him whole and suck him hard, again. He could do that forever, and Harry knew it.

Harry let out a shout of joy as Draco's hands grasped his hips to hold him down. He almost sobbed as the pace sped up and the heat began to build in his lower body.

Sucking hard, forcing the hips down onto the mattress, Draco made Harry come deep down into his throat. It was a pity to not see him while fucking him into the blankets. Harry refused to have his first time with him, Merlin knew why, and forcing or seducing him was equally bad as messing with Harry Potter on a battle-field, and that was not the wisest thing to do. Voldemort had to learn that the hard way after all, and Draco had no wish to follow him.

Not to mention the fact that Harry would hate him, really hate him, if he succeeded somehow.

Laughing at the 'Fuck, yesss!' of his friend, Draco swallowed the slightly salty result of his doing. Then he rolled on his back and licked his lips.

"You're a pig, Malfoy," carped Harry, insulted. "Where's my kiss?" He wiped the sweat from his face and tried to move his overly relaxed muscles.

"Ooops, sorry, forgot that," the blonde grinned. He claimed Harry's lips in a long, searing kiss, stroking the body next to his own softly. "Didn't mean to be rude."

"Yeah …" Harry smiled and turned to embrace Draco. "Thanks. It was awesome, as always."

"I still don't understand why we can't be brothers with benefits," pouted the blonde.

"A brother is family," explained Harry somewhat uncertainly. "And I refuse to make out with family. But we still have this arrangement, and I refuse, to break a promise I made."

Draco sighed and enjoyed the caresses of Harry's fingers on his chest and abdomen. "Damn the Gryffindor pride. You aren't making things easier."

"Merlin forbid," Harry chuckled. "Draco, I know now that you are a wonderful friend, and I love you, really. But I'm not in love with you. I can't do this longer than we have a deal."

"Why can't we forget the family-thing and continue being friends with benefits?" the blonde wanted to know.

Harry looked deeply hurt. He stopped caressing Draco's chest and bit his lip. "I never had a brother," he said softly. "Ron is family to me, too, but I thought we could be that as well, it would be very special to me." He looked Draco directly in the light grey eyes. "There's nothing worth more to me than family. I never had a real lover, and I doubt that someone will be closer to me than my family. It is the best I have to offer."

"Sorry," whispered Draco. "I didn't know what it means to you." He scooped Harry into his arms and kissed the top of his head. "Of course I'm honoured to be your brother. With all advantages and disadvantages." He grinned evilly. "Pranks included."

"Oh no, may he never side up with Fred and George Weasley," Harry scoffed. "I'll never be myself again. Just thinking about their hair colouring sweets …" He shuddered delicately.

"Well, that thought is worth something," replied Draco thoughtfully. "They're making tons of money with their joke shop. What if I joined them as silent partner? I have lots of money myself and could support their testing and inventing."

"Your father would get a heart attack, wouldn't he?" Harry chuckled evilly.

"Yeah, but he also told me to follow the money. Every opportunity to increase the amounts of the Malfoy fortune is honourable. There would be Gringotts, but I don't like goblins very much. Too strict and dry. Madam Malkin's robe shop would be another possibility, but it's too girly for my taste. I don't like to think creatively all day that way. Well, Olliviander is too old and likes to work alone. Curse Breaker is a good job but too stressful. Wasn't it Bill Weasley who worked in Egypt?"

"Yeah. He's pretty cool."

"I know. But the shop of the twins is fun and a burner, even after two years. They're so incredibly creative, and I believe your dear godfather works for them, too?"

Harry laughed, managing to choke out that Remus indeed was the major prankster in the creative part of the Weasley empire. At least half of the new jokes were from him and his late godfather Sirius; their past as Marauders, Hogwarts' greatest pranksters, almost instantly secured him work in the Weasley production halls.

Remus was alone now after Sirius had died, but he sold everything Sirius ever thought of to the twins, in order to keep the memory of Sirius alive. These tricks were labelled with a special Sirius Black prank sign, the most emotional thing Harry had ever seen the twins do. He also believed they had a poster of him in their working halls, but he wasn't sure.

Plus, the thoughts of them all being transformed into snails with ridiculous large eyes and a kiss lipped mouth was too much for him to stay calm.

Draco seemed to remember that certain incident as well and started to chuckle, too. They lay there for another hour, talking and joking around. Then Draco tried to tickle Harry into oblivion. But instead of an easy victory he suddenly was lying flat on his back with his hands tied on the bedposts. Captured with wandless magic, he was feeling deliciously open for Harry.

"You thought you could beat me, Malfoy?" purred Harry into the ear of his captive.

"Yes, indeed," replied the blonde, breathing heavily.

"And you thought you could get way with that?"

"Oh, yes, I did."

"Time for some punishment, Mr Malfoy," breathed Harry, licking Draco's ear very lightly, wandering down to his neck with little nips and licks.

This was not an easy afternoon for one Draco Malfoy.

x - xx - x

Lucius cursed under his breath as he strode down the hallways of Hogwarts. Today he wasn't prepared to talk to Potter – he had to develop a strategy. The boy seemed to be a difficult partner for negotiations if he had even been able to convince Draco to switch sides, and he didn't really want to think about the things Potter might demand from him.

And that damned Dumbledore! The old coot got to him every time with his chattering. It was understandable however what he wanted for his support, he was the headmaster of a school, after all, and he had a position to defend.

Fuming, he left the castle, not looking at the icy cold beauty of the snow. The pale winter sun was shining through a haze of clouds, and the enchanting white cover of the earth glittered prettily. Further down, to the left, was Hagrid's hut. Some kids were crowded around the half giant, listening to his rambling about one magical beast or another.

He walked to the edge of the forest and Apparated home to the manor. He had some thinking to do, like processing the gained information into something valuable for a meeting with Harry Potter.

x – xx - x

Two hours and several glasses of fine sherry later he wasn't even close to a solution of his miserable situation. He had thought about bribery, but with what could the Golden Boy be corrupted? Not to mention the fact that he most likely could forget his chances for becoming the next Minister of Magic if he tried to do that.

Threatening was out as well, for very obvious reasons. He might be a turncoat, but he had been a Death Eater, no matter what. And if Potter let certain information slip … he shuddered at the thought of the devastating outcome it would take.

Then he thought about things that Potter could be interested in.

A family? Not possible if he was forced to kidnap some people and make a herd of them. First of all these people would be strangers. Potter would not be pleased about their kidnapping, and last but not least he wanted his family, not just any, of course.

Money? Well, Potter could certainly have that, Lucius had plenty of money – in fact more than he or Draco could ever spend in a lifetime with every luxury possible, even if they tried. But the boy had money himself, so he doubted that this was what he wanted. Maybe a high position in the wizarding government? Any place he wished to study or work? Nope, bribery again, although more subtle.

And then he ran out of possibilities. He didn't even consider the option of Harry wanting to be his friend, as well. That was a thing he could offer Draco, not him. He never had liked the Potter boy, or had any desire to be closer to him than necessary.

He tried to think of more things, but everything he came up with eventually led to either bribery, blackmail or threats.

This was so not good.

Sighing, he rose from his very comfortable seat and swayed uneasily to his bedroom. He certainly had had his measure of sherry today, and there was nothing he wanted more than a good nap right now.

Two elves helped him to go to bed. It had been a long time since he went to bed well oiled. He knew it wouldn't be pleasant when he woke up which was the main reason he had never started excessive drinking, although he certainly had had more than enough reasons to do so in the past.

Moaning in distress and disorientation, he fell onto the soft covers, letting the elves tuck him in. The manor was so terribly boring since his bitch wife watched the grass growing from below. Oh, she had gotten on his nerves but now it was entirely too calm without her. With no one to annoy him he felt he was losing his touch.

Perry, his personal chamber elf, pulled the blanket over him and placed a vial of anti-hangover potion on the bedside table. The master would need it tomorrow.

End of Part I