There will be 2 endings.

I had no idea my random idea would start an arguement over who would win. O_O 'Cause no manner who wins, I see flames as far as the eye could see. There originally was a poll to see who would win, but now I see that won't work. And a tie would just be lame... I've had enough competition fics that ended in a tie.

btw, sorry this took so long. I have school (Inner Bri: *starts crying*) and I've been trying for finish my other fanfics ("Return of Obito Uchiha" and "Stuck in FMA") without my usual motivations. (My friends nagging me to finish already.)

There will be an alternate ending after this chapter, so please don't flame me! TT_TT

Mello's POV

We have been in here for 5. Damn. Hours.

L didn't waver, so I wasn't going to either! Besides, I kept noticing L glancing at his Cake city. It was only a matter of time.

I just wish he'd hurry up and crack already so I can just eat my chocolate city. I mean, it looks like the city I attacked in my dreams a few days ago. The chocolate bunnies on the street looked like people. I can you, Chocolate-Bunny-Matsuda...

One hour later...

I'm still gonna win. L isn't made of steel (maybe...), he has to crack some time...

Two hours later...

Ok, the chocolate looks tempting, but I'm still gonna win!

So many hours later that the author of this story would've died of boredom if she were in that situation...


I got up from my chair from so fast, that it crashed against the wall. Then I proceeded to attack the Chocolate-Tokyo.

Nobody's POV

The Task Force watched Mello attack Tokyo. Matt randomly pushed a button and chocolate-airplanes came out of the ceiling towards Mello. All of which got eaten.

Poor random chocolate bunnies got picked up for the streets as Mello snapped their heads off.

One chocolate bunny on the street had a terrified look on its face. "RUN! IT'S GODZILLA! O_O" said the squeaky terrified bunny-voice.

"Matsuda!" everyone in the monitor-room scolded.

Matsuda sweatdropped. "Sorry, I couldn't resist." Then his chocolate bunny got picked off from the streets. "Noooo!" Matsuda cried in the bunny-voice.

Then Bri burst into the room. "I heard screaming. Is it over?"

Ide's face hit the desk. "Yes, it's over. Mello doesn't care if he's stuck with Misa as long as he gets his goddamned chocolate."

Bri stared at the screen. "I'm not sure whether to cheer for L-kun's victory, or cry for Mello's loss. Whether I should complain about not being with L, or try to kill Misa for Mello. So many questions, so many decisions, so many... HOLY CRAP ARE THOSE GUMMIBEARS ON L'S SIDE OF THE ROOM? WHERE ARE THEY ANY WAY?"

"First door on the right."

"Stupid Mello making me lose all my money..." Ide mumbled.

Bri glared at Ide. "Let the boy go cookoo for his damn Coco puffs." (I always wanted to say that! XD) Then she left.

Matsuda grinned. "I'm gonna get my sportscar~! I'm gonna get my sportscar~!"

Two hours later... (Punishment time~! XD)

L, Light, and Matsuda were looking out the window. Light was snapping pictures with his cell-phone. L was recording it on the secruity cameras he had outside. Matsuda was laughing his very very happy ass off.

At a cafe across the street, Mello was hand-cuffed to Misa while she was sipping her coffee. If looks could kill, Mello would have passed out by now, and Misa would've burst into flames. Each were glaring at each other. You could've cut the tension in the air with a butter-knife.

"If you say 'worst date ever' I swear I'll kill you." Mello pulled out a random gun.

"It's your own fault for losing." Misa said with a pout. "How come I have to be stuck with you when I wasn't even involved?"

"Shut up." He pulled the trigger of the gun. BANG! Instead of a bullet, a little white flag came out. Mello grabbed the little flag. "'You're not allowed to kill Misa, Mel. From Matt.'" Mello's face-desked the table. "Goddammit." He looked at Ide. "Why didn't you try to stop me?"

"Nothing..." Ide responded.

Meanwhile, Near and Aizawa were trying to run away from a ranting Mikami. Sadly, they were hand-cuffed too. Aizawa tried ditching Near, but... failed due to Matt whizzing right by him in a blue Mustang. Right behind him were at least 20 police cars. Takada was screaming because her body-guards starting shooting. Matt rushed by the building, missing Matsuda's shiny-enough-to-blind-a-man red Porche by a mere inch.

Matsuda stuck his head out the window and shook his fist at Matt. "Learn how to drive!"

Then a random police car (driven by a semi-retarded 21-year-old) crashed into Matsuda's red Porche. "This is why YOU drive Chikusa!" said the rookie as he stepped out of the car.

"Tenshi! O_O"

"You still have insurance, right Matsuda?"

"...Goddammit." He grabbed his sack-load of his comrade's money and walked out the door.

L took his last bite of his 27th strawberry shortcake and called out "Watari!"

Light looked at L. "You really do eat too much sugar."


This was the 'L wins' ending. The 'Mello wins' ending is coming whenever I have the time to type it.