The Denver International Airport was known to be the largest airport in the U.S. and the fourth largest in the world. Yet the rain still did not seem to hinder Sergei Vladimir from standing outside his car as he waited for his contact from Washington. From what he was told, this person had been with Umbrella for almost twenty five years. He was also supposed to have been an ex-member of STARS. And there were also eye witness accounts of him having superhuman strength with gray wings and glowing red eyes. But Sergei merely dismissed them as myths. Such ridiculous stories

A black limousine stopped in front of the plane's staircase. The door opened as his contact emerged from the car. Even though it was cloudy, he still wore mirrored sunglasses. He also wore black gloves and boots and a heavy black trench coat that stretched down over his legs.

Albert Wesker. He should have known.

"This had better be worth my time. Do you have the report?"

As soon as the jet was in the air, Sergei handed him a file. He ordered vodka as Wesker read over the reports.

"Well well… what do we have here?" said Wesker. "We already have an ample fund from particular sources. Why should this multi-billionaire be of my particular interest?"

"He has a new technological power source."

This time Wesker seemed interested. "Explain."

"They are the same people who took part in the doomed 1914 expedition to find some lost civilization of Atlantis. Only they returned with all those wealth but of course they said nothing of finding this lost city."

"That expedition was pronounced a failure. Do you really expect me to believe after a hundred years they are still living as heads of the Whitmore Industry? I need real proof."

Sergei handed Wesker another file. As he opened it, a blue crystal rolled out. It hummed as it gave off a bright blue color.

"What's this?"

"Evidence my friend. Just among the many souvenirs the crew brought with them from the expedition. I… borrowed it before having it run through some tests at the lab. You'll find that there are many interesting finds."

Wesker read through the results of the tests. "Interesting," he murmured. He seemed to reconsider for a moment before setting the files down.

"Very well, you have me convinced. I have a new task for you. Steal someone from the crew so we can interrogate him of this power source."

Sergei gave out a smile. "I already have it arranged." He took out an old photo that showed an expeditionary group standing in front of a vast pile of gold and artifacts although the top portion of the photo seemed to have been cut out. My strike team will be ready within the hour."

"Report back to me as soon as you've extracted the target," said Wesker.

For once Sergei actually thought he saw Wesker's eyes glow red from behind his mirrored shades.

Maria was sitting at the hotel bar drinking… coffee.

Mr. Whitmore and the crew went out to a bureau except for Maria and Vinny who both chose to stay behind. She sat at a bar sipping from a local margarita. Her thoughts were still focused on the sword. Mole found that the weapon had a similar element structure as the crystal. Could it have also been another ancient super weapon? She then remembered the Atlantean spear the crew had recovered from the madman Eric Hellmstrom.

Paying her bill, she stood up and walked back into the hotel lobby. It was time that she paid Vinny a visit.

When Maria entered the room, she saw that Vinny was lying on his bed. "Vinny, all this time you were awake? Why didn't you answer the door?"

Vinny didn't answer. He just laid there as he stared at the ceiling.

Concerned, Maria came over and sat at the edge of his bed. Vinny continued staring at the ceiling. His breathing seemed normal. Maria started to check for his pulse.

Just then Vinny gripped her hand. "I'm fine. I was just dreamin' about perfect explosion. Then… boom, it disappeared."

Maria breathed a sigh of relief. "Don't scare me like that!" she scolded. Noticing that something was bothering the Italian, she asked, "You got something on your mind?"

After several moments of silence Vinny muttered, "Well... it's my girlfriend. That is, my ex-girlfriend. She was fed up that I kept hiding secrets from her. She just left me."

He sighed, rolling over. "There's no point in living this long if I can't even find myself a girl. The scary thing is, even Mole's found himself a soul mate! Hocus pocus."

"It's not the end of the world, Vinny. You still have at least ten thousand years ahead of you."

"Yeah," Vinny muttered. He sat up. "I know you didn't come here just for a visit. So what's on your mind?"

Maria shrugged. "For now, just a little vacation." She took out a game cartridge. "You up for Black Ops?"

Vinny sat straight up. "I call first controller."

Mr. Whitmore and the crew stopped by at his office which was near the Elysian Fields. The huge office complex was one of the main headquarters of the Whitmore Industries. There were currently over five hundred employees employed in this building. They passed by the front desk, where four security guards were stationed.

One of the guards nodded. "Mr. Whitmore."

The crew took an elevator which took them up to a laboratory. Even at this late hour the laboratory was still filled with lab technicians and scientists who worked around the clock.

A dark haired man in a white lab coat approached them. "Mr. Whitmore!"

"Professor Dubreil!"

The two friends embraced.

"Everyone, I'm sure you all already know Maxim," said Mr. Whitmore.

Maxim Dubreil was in charge of the research facility. He was formerly part of a top secret government program until he was framed. He spent three years in hiding, dodging the CIA and Interpol. It was then that Mr. Whitmore stepped in and proved Dubreil's innocence. In gratitude, Dubreil offered his service, greatly advancing the company's technological level.

"If you'll come with me I have the gears you need for your next trip," said the professor.

"What trip?" the crew asked in unison.

Mr. Whitmore smiled. "I wanted it to be a surprise. Professors Lee and Demetrio were able to decipher some of the writings you found in Greece. It gave out coordinates for the location of another artifact like the sword. The geography turned out to be somewhere in Peru. It looks like you're going to South America."

When the crew had gone into the lab, Mr. Whitmore asked Ada to keep watch in the hall. There had been strong rumors of a mole infiltrating the research complex which is why Mr. Whitmore sealed his labs in heavy bulkheads and doors. Several minutes passed by before the lights suddenly flickered off, placing the entire building in the dark. The fire sprinklers were activated as the air started to fill with smoke. The hall was soon packed with panicked people, some screaming that there was a fire.

The door to the stairways suddenly flew open as heavily armed black clad troopers burst into the hallway. They each wore gas masks and had no insignias.

Everyone fled for cover when they saw the troopers.

"Search the building! Remember, we want them alive."

A large, middle-aged man emerged in after them. There was a large scar across his face. His movements indicated he was from a military background.

Ada instantly recognized him as the Russian colonel Sergei Vladimir. She recalled seeing him during the outbreak in Raccoon City. Shortly before the government annihilated the city with missiles, Ada had stowed aboard the colonel's helicopter, which had been carrying the deadly virus samples that were responsible for the plague.

These men were from the Umbrella Company.

Professor Dubreil was going over his new invention when they heard gunshots coming from the hall.

"Did you hear that?" Milo asked.

Ada entered the lab followed by three security guards. They all had their guns drawn out.

Milo and Kida's eyes met, their brows furrowed in worry.

"Ada, what's happening? Are we under attack?" Mr. Whitmore asked.

"We have company." said Ada.

The sound of footsteps echoed from outside the lab.

"Ada, the door!" said Dubreil.

Ada fired a shot at the door. In response, the door's sensors activated a heavy steel bulkhead door which sealed shut over the doorway.

"Isn't there another way out of this room?" Audrey asked.

The door suddenly exploded, shaking the entire building. The smell of burnt wood and smoke filled the air. A dozen black cladded troopers stormed in.

"On the floor!"

Everyone obeyed, placing their hands on their heads. Not wanting to endanger her employer, Ada did the same but still kept her small arm concealed.

"Who are you and what did you do with my guards?" Mr. Whitmore asked, feeling more angry than fearful.

A large, uniformed man stepped into the room. "Hand over the girl and the artifact and we shall be on our way."

"You want me? Come and get some," Audrey challenged.

The Russian gave out a soft chuckle. "I admire your courage child, but you're not our target."

With dread, Milo came to a sudden realization. Oh gosh, not Kida!

"I'm available. You can take me honey," said Mrs. Packard.

The man took a half step back. This isn't turning out the way he thought. He signaled his men.

One of the troopers rolled a gas canister into the middle of the lab. Soon everyone was in a coughing frenzy as smoke filled the entire room. When the smoke cleared, everyone found that the intruders were gone.

So was Kida.

No! Milo was the first to dash out the door. Hearing the rotor sounds of a chopper blade, he dashed up the stairs to the roof top just in time to see an unmarked helicopter departing from the complex building.