I only cry when I see you (Part III/Super Special Finale!)

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Washu simply shook her head "Come along now...don't make this harder than it needs to be" Ryo-ohki grew angry "No...I'm leaving...and you can't stop me" She turned and with Tenchi in her arms, began heading for the door. "Afraid I'm going to have to" With that, Washu pulled out a small black box from her pocket. It was simply that, a black box with a single red button on it. Washu pushed the button and Ryo-ohki suddenly froze in place "W-What did you do?" The scientist walked over and took Tenchi from her arms "That was a fail safe device with the sole purpose of neutralizing you in case...in case of such an event like this ever happened...I never wanted it to come to this though..." Ryo-ohki struggled, but this time, there was no escape...only tears as everything around her went black...her last sight was Tenchi...she could almost feel him tell her...that he...had no regrets...but she would never know for sure.

She felt herself drifting endlessly in space (So...that's in then is it...no more freedom...no more happiness...no more joy...no more...TENCHI!!!!!) "NO!!!!!" She shot up from her sleep screaming. "W-what...what happened...I thought I was..." She looked around to see that she was still in her adult form "...but how" "You were...neutralized if you will...but..." Ryo-ohki turned to see Washu standing a few feet away looking over Tenchi's wounds, he had just recently come around to consciousness, and he smiled when he saw her. That was until Washu popped his dislocated shoulder back into place. "OW!!! Washu that hurt!" He yelled as the scientist rotated his arm to double check that the damage was fixed. Once reassured of this, she next turned her attention to Ryo-ohki. "I've managed to temporarily freeze time so I would still have a chance to save the others..." Washu looked around to assess the damage "That was quite a display of power there...but I guess...when you're in
love...anything is possible..."

Before Washu could continue, Ryo-ohki interrupted her "Why?" Washu looked her in the eyes and then lowered her head "You...you were right, I can't take away who you are...what you are...you are your own person, and no matter what I may have done to bring this about...I have no right to deny you that which makes you different and special in your own unique way...but..." Tenchi came over next to Ryo-ohki and wrapped an arm around her, neither one being sure as to what would happen next. "But what Washu?" Tenchi inquired "What will you two do now...once the girls have been healed...it may only be a matter of time before we have a repeat performance, and next time...there may not be anything left for me to fix..." She shot them both a look of seriousness; this was not a matter to be taken lightly. "Oh Tenchi...I don't want to lose you...not again..." She sobbed as she buried her face in his chest. He held her close, and he didn't know what to do. "What can we possibly do...you
know this can't work...not here anyway..." She looked up and with tears in her eyes, she offered the only suggestion she could think of, the only way she could be with him always "Then...then runaway with me...right now!" Tenchi simply closed his eyes and shook his head "That's just crazy! Where will we go...how will we survive..." Ryo-ohki shut her eyes and again buried her head in his chest "I-I don't care...all I know is that...with you...I can do anything...please...can't we just try...try to make it work?"

Tenchi tried to sort it all out, tried to make some sense of what just happened...but he couldn't. This had all happened just so fast and nothing could have prepared him for the decision that was being put before him. He was faced with either staying here and facing the inevitable...or he could do the most insane thing ever mentioned to him. But to just leave...could he do that...would he...leave everything...friends, family...it was just so much. "You'd better make up your minds quick, this temporary freeze on time won't last for much longer" Washu reminded them as Tenchi just took one good look around him. All this destruction, all this pain and suffering...maybe...they were better off without him...they would never be happy with him always here, and always out of their reach. And the more he thought about it...as much as the girls may have tried, in the end...only one had ever made him truly happy...and she was right there in his arms.

He looked her in her eyes, took a long look into the same eyes that saw him every time the same way, and kissed her. "Come on...let's go" Ryo-ohki felt her heart jump as the one thing she wanted more than anything else was finally hers. They took each other's hand and turned to face Washu. The scientist however, didn't have the courage to face them, for she knew what this meant. "There's just one thing more I need to tell you two..." The couple looked at Washu as she was still unable to look them both in the eyes "Once you two leave...once you step out of that door and off this planet...you can never come back...I'm sorry...but if you two want to have any hope of making it together...that is the price you must pay" Tenchi expected to hear this, though it still didn't make it any easier on him...but he had already made up his mind. They turned to each other "I had hoped so much that this wouldn't happen Tenchi...I'm sorry for causing you so much trouble, I'm so so..." Before
she could finish, he put a finger to her lips "You don't need to say anything...I know now what I want...and...that's to be with you...always" Her heart melted at these words. Washu finally had to accept the fact that they had made up their minds, and that this was it. "Well...in that case...you're both going to need a bit of help. I'll do what I can about the girls and everyone else here. But for now...you're going to need a ship" With that, she called up her holo-computer and began typing away.

Outside, a dark portal appeared and from it, a ship began to slowly make its way out. "Yup...she sure is a beauty...it should get you to wherever you two are headed..." Tenchi and Ryo-ohki looked the ship over, it wasn't very large, but by no means was it a two seater. "There's living quarters on board and enough food stocked in the galley" Tenchi walked over to Washu and was about to hug her...but she simply shook her head. He could see this was hurting her very much...but how much he would never know. He turned to take Ryo-ohki on board. Washu turned, trying to hide her tears "I went ahead and had an account set up for you on the Intergalactic Reserve...its not much...but it'll do for a little while" "Washu...thank you...for everything...I-I can never repay you for this..." Ryo-ohki answered...this was hurting her too...she didn't want to leave her behind, and she would miss Sasami as well...but their future was up there...in the stars...and this was just the beginning.
"Yeah yeah...look don't start getting all dramatic about it. Now you better get going...I've got some cleaning up to do"

There was one more thing Washu had to do "Ryo-ohki...think fast!" She called out as she reached into her pocket and threw a small object in her direction. Ryo-ohki instinctively took aim and fired destroying the object that was headed her way. "W-what was that?" Washu smiled "That was my fail-safe device...you're a free person now Ryo-ohki, you earned it...be sure to make the most of it" Ryo-ohki smiled as she began boarding the ship. She touched Tenchi's hand, but he motioned for her to go and wait for him.

Tenchi had just one last thing to say though as the ship was preparing to take off. The wind howled from the output of the ships engine and he had to speak up for her to hear him "Washu...will...will I ever..." The rest of his sentence was cut off by the noise, but she knew what he had meant to say. She simply turned to look him one last time in he eyes, and her eyes told him the answer. Accepting that, he turned and went onboard where Ryo-ohki was waiting for him. The door to the ship closed and the vessel heaved itself into the air and vanished into the night.

"...I-I love you Tenchi Masaki..." she spoke out to no one in particular...but for one Washu...it was too little too late. Taking a deep breath, she accepted her fate, it was her fault...but such was the price for advances in science. She let out a sigh "Oh well...time to get to work" she cracked her knuckles and headed back to the house...she'd be pulling an all nighter.


It had taken me all night to clean up the mess, which was caused due to my experiment gone awry. The easy part was repairing the home. But healing the wounds of everyone involved was a bit more delicate and time consuming. When morning had come, everything went back to normal. I had erased everyone's memories of Tenchi and Ryo-ohki and replaced them with phony memories to fill the gaps. I also hacked into the data files of Japan and erased all existence of Tenchi. No one would ever know what had happened...and it would be for the better. As far as everyone was concerned, they all simply came to live here on Earth by a series of highly improbable, but not impossible incidents, and that would be enough.

Satisfied with that, I hurriedly ate breakfast, which Sasami provided and excused myself. I decided to go and get some much-needed sleep. As I went from one room to another, my mind was trying not to think to hard on what had happened last night. The fact that my experiment had gone so terribly wrong, And yet now he was finally happy. But now...what about me?

In my innermost room, where only I had access to, I changed into something comfortable and looked around. It was a simple room, but even the greatest genius in the universe can always find room for simplicity in her life. But there was one new edition to my room...something I could not part with. On the wall, near my bed...there hung the picture of Tenchi...the one that Ryo-ohki had given him...it was the only thing I had to remember him by...the only thing I had to remember...his face.

Deeply sadden by her loss, both of her creation and the man she truly cared for...Washu took one last look at the picture before burying her face in her pillow crying. When she was all out of tears, she turned out the lights and went to sleep...always wondering if he would ever remember her.


Five years have passed since that day. After some readjusting to her new life without Tenchi and Ryo-ohki, Washu had more time for her experiments, though she could never forget them. Her only means of knowing their situation was by checking on the account she had created for them. At first, she grew worried as she noticed that large amounts of money were being withdrawn and not being returned. However, after a short while, the account was slowly filled back and has continued to grow, though slightly, ever since. She could finally sleep better, knowing that wherever they were, they were managing somehow.

It was a cool night, as was every night on the planet of Shiad. A calm breeze blew through the trees nearby. Many of the inhabitants of the forest had retired for the night, sleeping till the sun rose to start yet another day. For the most part, many of the inhabitants on this world lived further towards the cities with only a few towns existing out here in the countryside. Most of the towns folk too had retired for the day and had gone their way back to their homes and to their families...all that is except for one.

He simply looked over his fields, he took pride in his work and it showed. Many of the towns folk spoke highly of him, his outstanding character and his generosity among many of his traits that brought him respect, even though he was new to this world and spoke very little of where he came from. To many he was an enigma, but he took it all in stride...as this was the life he had truly wanted. Looking up to the night sky, he counted the stars and simply let the breeze overtake him, running through his hair and easing his mind. "Tenchi...dinners ready..." He turned to smile and see her at the door of their home waving to him. "I'll be there in a minute" He replied back.

Tenchi had finally found a place to call home. He began his walk back to the house as he ran his hand along the side of the ship, which had brought him here several years ago. At first, he thought quite often of the ones he had left behind...but now...he rarely thought of them at all. It was for the best he reminded himself and thought no more of it. For a short while, he wasn't too sure if they would make it...but then he remembered what Ryo-ohki had told him that day... and she was right, they could make it, anything was truly possible...together. He was at the door when he took one last look to the sky, he could still recall the look in her eyes...she wanted him to remember her, to never forget her...and he wouldn't...not now...not ever "...thanks...Little Washu..." With that, he went in and was looking forward to yet another wonderful dinner with the one he treasured the most.

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