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A/N= Only 5 fics? Come on Best Years fans, step up and write! Heh anyways, I enjoyed watching this series even though it did not last long. If you watched this series, you must believe as I do that DelxPoppi was either the most canon or one of the most canon pairings in the show. Like I said in my recent update, this poem is kind of darkish and for that reason, it's going to be bolded. Who knows if Del would think these thoughts? Let's see what the Male Kathryn has to say…

I feel pale

Sweat pours from my face

My eyes are barely open

A slit is all that they can make

I'm not sure how much more of this I can take


Forget a fan that spins

This lack of warmth is making me shiver in my own wake

Those people I hate

Many acquaintances I deem fake

Intimate relations I fail to create


The opposite sex never seems to give me the time of day

I guess with them, things will forever happen that way?

My peers have not turned the other way

Even as I've washed away the stains

I lay on my bed a broken man

Clutching myself tightly and feeling the lack of space


I stare out my window and see the stars

Wishing that shining one would enlighten me

I sure could use that fortune

I loathe feeling far away

I wish she was here next to me


She would hear those sweet and soothing words other men fail to say

She would feel a different clutch other men would never have the gall to embrace

Kissing and hugging would obviously be a given

My touch would leave her smiling and her eyes twinkling


Whenever she leaves my side

She would leave it feeling opportunistic

Talking about how she can do anything with me in the picture

When we finish that walk along that white-sanded promenade

That wind wisps us as we cuddle at the shoreline, in each other's arms

She subliminally telling me I have her

I hold her fiercely, which should tell her that I'll step in front of any moving objects

Because with me, I'll make sure she never gets harmed

But alas, I'll continue to lay here and hope

maybe she'll be the one that doesn't say no…