Here's a new story, inspired by the flash sideways from the final season of Lost. I know the story starts out kinda confusing, so hopefully this'll help a bit:

The story's inspired by the TV show, Lost, which is about a group of castaways who get marooned on an island and try to find a way to get off the island while something's trying to kill them. In the final season, the show incorporated a sort of "different" timeline, where the characters do not know each other, although everything that happened on the island really happened in their lives.

So, this story takes place a LONG time after the rangers fought Rita, Zedd, & the Machine Empire. It is as if it was in a different timeline, where they don't actually know each other (as if they never met), but all of their experiences with each other and as rangers did happen. It's almost as if they had "forgotten" each other, but were able to live out their lives. Everything that happened as rangers really did happen and since they all "touched" each other's lives, they can all "move on" with each other. This story is almost like a sort of "limbo" that the characters are caught in before they can go on to heaven or wherever one goes after he or she passes.

Also, this story will solely focus on the MMPR & Zeo rangers, but other rangers will make an "appearance," as if they were still connected to the original rangers in some sort of way. Because in the PR reality-they are all connected through the power.

As always, I do not own Power Rangers or Lost.

I hope you enjoy!

Adam Park handed the flight attendant his ticket and smiled at her as he walked by to board the plane. He filed his small carry-on in the overhead compartment and proceeded to his seat, lifting the cover over the window and gazing in amazement at the world outside.

He had been entrusted to carry out the most important and most delicate task of his life and he did not want to mess it up.

Adam reached into his pocket and pulled out a folded up sheet of paper. He opened it and quickly read through his instructions again. He smiled and returned it to his pocket. Adam patted it down before looking out the window again.

"Good evening. My name is Taylor Earhardt and I will be your captain on this flight. We will be arriving at our destination in approximately 13 hours, so sit back, relax, and have a great flight. Please place your chairs and your trays in the upright position. We will be taking off in approximately two minutes."

Adam pulled his blanket close around him and adjusted his pillow. He waited until they were safely in the air before pressing the button to make his chair lean backward and readjusted his pillow. He fell asleep shortly.

A series of images entered into Adam's unconscious mind. A series of memories that Adam had only been recently awakened to.

He saw himself rollerblading in the park with his two best friends and saving his teacher's baby. He was participating in a triathlon and three new friends were helping him get ready for it. He was transformed into the black ranger. He had his family's old lantern and was playing a scavenger hunt. He received the powers of a ninja and had the spirit animal of a frog, of all things. When he first remembered that, Adam had laughed at the disappointment he felt. Now, he had nothing but pride for the frog. He saw the Command Center in shambles and remembered becoming the green ranger. At the time, even Adam had to laugh that he had become the green ranger after being the frog. He saw himself sparring with his old friends and graduating from high school with them. Adam saw himself coaching a soccer team and meeting and choosing his successor. He remembered coming back to help and was amazed at how far they had come. He saw himself face-to-face with the son of his most hated enemies and proudly remembered how he kept it old school and didn't need any of the new cool powers. He then saw himself hanging it up for good and finally settling down with the one person that he had dreamed of being with. Even if he didn't say anything to her while they were in high school. He remembered the late nights they would stay up, studying and just talking.

Even in his dreaming state of mind, Adam could not believe that he had forgotten these things. He didn't regret one bit of how his actual life had turned out and he was mostly looking forward to reconnecting with his old friends. Friends that he feels like he had not seen in years, when, in reality, it had probably only been minutes.

It was at times like these when Adam still didn't quite understand. He knew what he knew and he knew what he felt. He also knew, felt mostly, that everyone was just waiting. But they didn't know what they were waiting for.

About 13 hours later, Adam's eyes fluttered awake. He carefully stretched his legs so that he would not wake the person next to him or in front of him. Adam looked to his side and saw a young woman with short blonde hair. She was asleep and her head was rolling to the side. Adam took his pillow and carefully placed it underneath her head. He then carefully stood up and tried to somehow maneuver his way around the young lady so he could go to the bathroom.

"Do you need to get by?" the young woman asked. She pulled up her pink hoody around her arms.

"Sorry," Adam said with an apologetic smile. "I didn't mean to wake you."

"It's no problem." The young woman smiled ass he got out of her seat and made room for Adam to get through.


Adam headed towards the bathroom and slipped inside. He quickly did his business and washed his hands, looking at his reflection in the mirror. He looked as if he didn't even go to sleep, but was well rested, anyway. Adam quietly slipped out of the bathroom and returned to his seat.

"Sorry," he said again after the young woman got out of her seat.

"Oh, it's okay," she said. She turned to Adam after he got settled and stuck out her hand. "I'm Dana Mitchell," she said with a smile.

"Adam Park." He graciously shook her hand and opened the window. The two of them looked outside. Adam smiled at the sight, even though they couldn't really see anything. "Guess that wasn't really smart." He smiled.

"Please fasten your seat belts and return your chairs and trays to their upright position," the captain said over the loudspeaker. "We will begin our descent in two minutes."

"What are you heading here for?" Dana asked Adam, gesturing underneath them.

"Oh, I'm...reconnecting with some old friends. How about you?"

Dana smiled. "My brother and his wife just had a baby. Kelsey's had a pretty hard pregnancy and was actually due to give birth next week." She grinned and gestured with her hands. "But mom and baby are good. They're still in the hospital, though. Recovering nicely, from what I hear."

Adam nodded. The plane was slowing to a stop and some passengers had started retrieving their things from the overhead bin. When the plane came to a full and complete stop, the passengers all filed out of the plane in an orderly way. Adam stretched his legs out, when he got to the aisle, shaking out his blue jeans and the sleeves of his long-sleeved black shirt. He followed Dana out of their short row and pulled down his carry-on. They filed down to the exit of the plane and smiled at the flight attendants as they exited.

When they reached the gate, Dana turned and stuck out her hand. "It was nice meeting you, Adam. I hope you have a great time with your friends."

Adam nodded. and smiled. "Thank you. And congratulations to you and your family."

Dana smiled. "Thanks." She waved as she headed off in one direction.

Adam looked around and threw his carry-on over his shoulder. He didn't have any other luggage so he bypassed the baggage claim and headed to the car rental place to leave the airport. After spending a few minutes in line, Adam twirled the keys around his fingers. He jumped into the car and headed to his first destination: the office of a high profile fashion designer.

Twenty minutes later, Adam pulled into the parking lot. He walked into the building as if he belonged there and headed straight for the elevator. He stepped off the elevator and went through a set of double glass doors. Adam looked around and saw that the lobby was actually pretty busy and he figured that he'd be easily disguised among the throng of people. Adam glanced over to the front desk and saw the two receptionists overwhelmed with phone calls and a number of people crowding around the desk. He noticed a couple of people heading into the office area and casually followed them in. Adam walked down the long hallway and figured the office he was looking for was the one at the end.

Adam passed by an empty desk and walked into the office. A small, petite woman with dark hair and a person next to her her were standing behind her desk, looking down at something. To their left, stood a young woman with short, dark blonde hair wearing a yellow dress. Another woman was standing in front of a mirror, but Adam couldn't see her face. He noticed that she had long light blonde hair that reached passed her shoulders. She was wearing a long pink dress that was probably the design of the person he was trying to find. They all looked up at Adam when he came into the room.

"Hi. Do you need help with something?" the woman with the dark brown hair asked.

Adam nodded. "Kimberly Hart? Can I speak with you for a second?" He noticed a picture of Kim on her desk and smiled as he took in Kim's wedding dress. He saw that she was standing with her arms around a familiar man.

Kim furrowed her brow and looked around. No doubt she was thinking of calling security. "I'm sorry, but I am extremely busy right now." She gestured to the young woman standing in front of the mirror. "Our new model, Katherine, is trying some new designs that we have. But you could make an appointment with my assistant." She looked at the young woman to her left and nodded. "Ashley, please."

Ashley immediately ushered Adam out of Kim's office and took a seat at her desk. Adam stood in front of her desk and waited. He accidently knocked down her nameplate and bent down to pick it up. "Oh, here you go...Ashley Hammond." Adam set the nameplate down on her desk. "Sorry about that."

"Oh, that's okay." Ashley grinned at Adam before looking at the computer. "Is this urgent?"

Adam smiled. " a way. I'd really like to meet with Ms. Hart as soon as possible."

Ashley clicked her mouse a couple of times. "Umm...Ms. Hart is available for lunch tomorrow. 1:00, would that be okay?"

Adam nodded. "1:00 tomorrow will be fine."

"All right, what's your name, sir?"

"Adam Park."

"Here's her card." Ashley held up a small business card with the next day's date and the time on the back.

Adam held out his hand. Ashley stood up to shake it and a series of images flooded his mind. He saw Ashley as the yellow turbo ranger and later as the yellow space ranger. Adam opened his mouth into a smile. He knew that Ashley couldn't see what he saw, but Adam was glad to meet her in this life as well.

"Thank you," Adam said. "Have a great day."

"Thank you, Mr. Park. You too."

Adam strolled out of the office building. He pulled out the same sheet of paper and looked at his instructions. He jumped into his car and drove off. Thirty minutes later, Adam pulled into the parking lot of a high-priced restaurant. He walked in and gave the hostess his name. She smiled at him and showed him to his seat.

He went through his whole meal and spoke with his server as he wiped his mouth and set his napkin on the table. "Can I see the head chef, please? I'd like to personally thank him since my meal was absolutely delicious." The server nodded and a few moments later, he emerged from the kitchen with a man who had dark, short hair and had a grin on his face.

"Hi, I heard you like the food." He stuck his hand and Adam stood up. The server smiled at the two of them and left to help another table. "I'm Rocky DeSantos, the head chef."

Adam smiled, looking at Rocky. "I know." He took Rocky's hand and shook it tightly, looking closely at his old friend. Images flowed through Adam's mind and he knew that Rocky was seeing the same things. Adam grinned as he let go of Rocky's hand.

"Adam?" Rocky said. He dropped his hands to his side and walked slowly toward his friend. "How could I forget?" he asked, giving his friend a hug.

"You didn't," Adam said with a grin. "You just needed a push."

Rocky grinned. "So what do we do now?"

"There's a lot of work to be done."

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