Yeah, my first IZ fic so i hope it's good enough. As much as I like slash, it's hard to see ZADR however there are some fics where I thought OMFT that could totally happen. On the other hand ZADE is cannon. So I hope this combines the two without making it ZADF since I can't picture the two ever being friends.

Wow, this was a lot longer hand written. Might have to alter it later on.

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Bittersweet Nothing

"I hate you." the words whispered carelessly in the darkness of the room. The two figures laying in bed covered by only a single magenta colored sheet, their backs to each other. It was the same routine almost every night; fight to the death, sex, and finally sleep.

"I hate you more." the reply hanging in the air as the two drifted off. The same question dancing on their tongues, 'but how much do you love me?' One question that would forever go unanswered between them. Neither of them willing to speak, both knowing the answer themselves. There was no love between them there wasn't even hate anymore. It was an odd feeling, thinking that the hate they had for each other would turn into love as they went through high skool.

The words they exchanged held no meaning anymore, maybe at point they did, but that seemed so long ago. The two not wanting to give up and surrender to the other. That's how having an enemy worked, but what were they now? Even after all the years of spilling each others' blood, gentle caresses, painful punches, and sickly sweet kisses between them; there was nothing.

How it began? They only knew that a single kiss during one of many battles had started it all. Both remembering clearly the metallic tang of blood when their lips met. Red and cyan blending to create an odd shade of purple; the grey between them. It didn't matter who made the first move only that it changed everything. The kiss had burned, leaving them wanting more, perhaps it had managed to char whatever hate they had for each other.

No, the hate was still there, it was just different. Death threats and love notes contradicting each other every time. An opportunity to the end the fight by death, losing to an opportunity to steal a blood soaked kiss. However, the finger never left the trigger; simply someone hesitated to pull it. As for love? It couldn't have been there.

Despite that fact that they couldn't live without each other, their need to fight, the solitary thing holding them together seemed to win out in the end. The phrase 'I had a rough night' taking on a whole new meaning. Bruises and cuts turning into hickeys and scratches or vice versa from such nights. They needed each other or else life had no meaning. Yet they needed to see the other in pain and only if they were the cause of that pain.

The Human and the Irken, a paranormal investigator and an alien, the two outcasts known as Dib and Zim. The ultimate 'forbidden love-hate' relationship in existence. Except, this wasn't some sappy emo teen love story, it was nothing. Everything a total opposite between them or an exact duplicate of the other.

Certainly not love, but just not quite hate. Only two words were needed to explain what had happen the night their blood mixed in that kiss: bittersweet nothing.