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Two hundred years ago, when the Vikings first came to Berk, the island was full of creatures known as dragons. There were many species of it and most were deadly living machines.

The vikings had a rough time fighting off the 'monsters'. Fortunately, for the humans, their leader, Hiccup Horrendous Haddock I, was not only strong but was also a master in strategies. He was very tall, strong and had a short red hair with no beard or mustache.

The viking leader slaughtered several dragons with his axe. He was very skillful in close combats against the dragons. After two months of combat he and his men had killed most of dragons in that island.

Hiccup had a suspicion that the island of Berk, which was named by him after him and his men conquered about half of it, was a nest for the dragons. Because the beasts defended their position with all their might. Usually the dragons aren't that possessive with their territory if they saw that they were under disadvantage. But these dragons fought until their last breath to not let the humans proceed with their invasion.

One day, after several fights which had several casualties on both sides, no more dragons could be seem anymore. The vikings wanted to celebrate their victory, because they annihilated every single one of the scaled beasts, but Hiccup wasn't so convinced until he explored every single hole of the island and so he did even though his companions thought he was just wasting his time.

After many days of search, Hiccup, all by himself, found a cave in the middle of the forest. He decided to check it out holding with his right hand his axe and with his left one, a torch. For his surprise he saw several eggs in a chamber, at the end of the cave.

The chamber was enormous and the sunlight didn't reach it. The only light he had was the one that came from his torch. The man growled and was about to set all the eggs on fire when he heard: "Do not dare human!" The sound was more like a hiss, but he could understand the words.

He looked around and couldn't see anyone. Then his eyes went wide and he looked up, but it was too late. A black dragon with green eyes fell on him and immobilized the man's arms. Both axe and torch were knocked from his hands.

"You invaded our land, killed several of old and very young dragons and even dared to display them as some kind of twisted trophies for your own amusement. I cried when I saw my own inexperienced children being slaughtered just for trying to defend our home. I have no idea why your kind finds it amusing. If my mate was still alive you all would have perished." The dragon said staring at the man.

Hiccup looked baffled. He was in the front of a talking dragon. And it was one that could speak his language. The dragon sounded like it was a female one. The viking leader wondered if there were more like her.

However, he was soon brought back to reality at her next words: "I shall end your life right now, human. Your kin will soon be joining you!"

The dragon got ready to unleash a fire breath at Hiccup's face. But, fortunately, for the man, the dragon was so focused in frying his face that she didn't mind holding his legs.

He kicked her on the gut with all his strength, making her accidently swallow the fire she had on the mouth. The burning pain made her loosen her grip on the man's arms and with another strong kick, he managed to free himself from her.

She roared and tried to rip the viking apart with her claws, but she only managed to make a superficial scratch on his chest, on his heart area. The man ignored the superficial wound and quickly rolled on the floor to grab his axe.

The dragon launched a fireball against him, but he jumped to avoid it, but she accidentally set her own eggs on fire. "NO!" she yelled seeing her horrible mistake with horror in her eyes.

The man saw his chance and carved his axe deep into her chest making her howl in pain. The impact was so strong the it managed to hit her heart. She was sent flying a few feet and fell on the floor gasping for air desperately as she glared daggers at the viking.

"This land is ours!" Said the man with a grin, proud of defeating that unknown specie of dragon.

"This is…a land where the old dragons come to give their final moments and teach the next generation…At least…I find some comfort knowing that your offspring will become what you…hate the most…" then the female dragon's chest stopped moving, however her eyes were still firm staring with hate towards the injured man.

Hiccup looked with disgust at the creature. He paid no attention to her final words. He thought they were just to scare him. He wanted to bail from that place before he was burned alive, but he had an idea that made him smirk. He carefully placed the torch back on the floor before he went near some eggs.

The eggs were connected to each other due some kind of sticky substance. He detached a dozen with his axe to cut the substance with mighty swings. After that he placed his axe in a strap on his back. The held the eggs, which were attached to each other and were surprisingly light, because of the adhesive substance. He ignored his torch and after that he left the cave back to the village the vikings had established carrying the eggs with his arms.

'These eggs are going to be perfect for my plans. If we can manage to train those savage beasts, we can use them to train the next generations about how to fight against dragons. It's safer this way. It's a pain to capture adults.' He thought as he walked back.

Hiccup couldn't also help, but to wonder how could a dragon be able to speak human language. 'Maybe it was one of a kind. It's no use dwell into that now. That thing is dead anyway.' He thought as he focused on more important matters, such as his incoming wedding.

Two hundred years after that incident, a man named Stoic held his new-born son. For some reason his kid was born looking very fragile and had a claw-shaped birthmark right above his heart.

His wife, Valhallarama, died right after she gave birth to her son. Stoic the Vast was saddened in a day that he always thought it would be joyful. He finally had a child he always desired, but he didn't know if he was going to be able to raise his son without his wife.

Stoic gave his son another look on his son and decided to name him Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III. The current viking leader whished that his son would become a great person like his ancestor was.

End of chapter 1

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