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Hiccup, his family, Sebbi and Reinn were following the sea dragon, Jarpi, to his home island, where Unna was resting. Hiccup was still devastated that his father banished him and his dragon family from the island. What was worse is that there was nobody to put the blame on. He was sure his mother kill that viking to protect herself and he even killed a viking in order to protect his family.

He also couldn't blame his father for having such decision. He was the leader of the humans in Berk and if he had tried to force everyone to accept the dragons as friends they vikings could hurt or even kill his father.

Sveina looked at her son sadly only wondering what could be going through his head. She knew he loved her and the other dragons. What hurt her he most was the fact that Hiccup hid from her that he was half human, but she couldn't really blame him for doing so. She wanted to make sure her son knew that he was still loved not only by her, but also by his siblings.

Sveina flew next to Hiccup and said to him, snapping the boy out of his thoughts: "Don't worry Hiccup. We'll keep that as a secret. And don't worry much about Unna, when we find her I'll giver the news myself."

Then the motherly deadly nadder told the other dragons flying in the sky but not loud enough for the sea dragon to hear. "Please keep what you discovered about Hiccup as a secret. I know this is odd for all of you, but bear in mind that if other dragons discover about him, they might not be so…receptive."

Karsi, Ranka, Sigga and Galmann agreed with her terms. They were as shocked as Sveina when Hiccup revealed himself and despite of him being half human, he clearly showed that he cared about his family more than being viking. The discovery of him being half human didn't change the fact that Hiccup was still the one they knew and loved.

Sebbi and Reinn only met Hiccup a few hours ago, but they had some respect towards the boy after he put his very neck in anger to save his family. So they also agreed with Sveina.

Jarpi could only wonder what they were talking about since he was underwater and peeked often to make sure they were still following him. He just thought they must be commenting about what happened a Berk or if he was leading them into a trap.

Hiccup spent the rest of the travel explaining how his father would leave the dragons alone as long as they avoided viking islands. This was easier said than done. They would have to figured it out a way of convincing every dragon to not step on the Vikings lands in order to keep the peace. Apart from that they also discussed what to do in case the sea dragon was leading them to a trap. But they also hoped he was telling the truth about Unna.

After a few hours of flight they finally arrived at a quite huge island where Unna was. They were all glad that they finally could get some rest to their wings, but they still didn't let their guards down.

Jarpi came out of the water and walked on the beach sand then he said: "Follow me. I'll guide you there."

Then they all followed Jarpi into the island. Hiccup, Karsi, Sigga and Galmann were a bit surprised to see another dragon colony that resembled theirs so much. It was their first time meeting other dragons, however their mother had told them that different dragon colonies have different customs and traditions, some are similar to theirs others didn't. Sveina also had taught them to not let the looks deceive them.

A terrible terror greeted Jarpi by saying "Jarpi, I'm glad to see you in one piece."

The sea dragon just rolled his eyes at the joke attempt and then asked: "Where is our leader. I brought the ones he asked me to look for."

"Oh! He's with our guest right now. Follow me." The terrible terror responded.

And so they all followed the small dragon into the woods until they reached a cave. "Hey, I'm going to go fish a little. Wanna come, Japir?"

"Thanks, but I have something to report to Yngvarr" The sea dragon replied.

"Okay. See you later then" with that the terrible terror left into the direction they had come.

At the cave's entrance, they could hear two voices. One of them being familiar to Sveina and her family. Japir, Sveina, Hiccup, Galmann, Karsi, Ranka and Siugga entered it and when they walked past a turn inside of the cave, Sveina saw her sister laying on an improvised bed made of leaves and then shouted: "Unna!"

Then she rushed towards her sister whose eyes beamed in joy to see Sveina and her family safe and sound.

Sveina wasn't able to hold back her tears of happiness. It wasn't just her who did such a thing. Hiccup and the four young deadly nadders also rushed happily to their aunt side and gently rubbed their heads against her own in a way to show affection.

Reinn and Sebbi kept a respectable distance from the family reunion not only to give them some privacy, but also to prevent an ambush. As for Japir looked at the scene

Sveina then realized that she was in the presence of a older looking dragon with a long neck. "I'm sorry. I didn't introduce myself. I'm Sveina and this is my family."

Yngvarr smiled and replied: "There's no problem. I'm happy you could be found before Red Death reached you. Don't worry we can hid you until we can figure it out a strategy to fight back against her."

The old dragon was glad Unna's family found her. He couldn't help to be a bit surprised when he saw Hiccup. The elder remembered that the injured deadly nadder had told him about how her sister adopted a dragon, but had never seen a dragon of that specie before.

Hiccup and the others blinked a few times when he said that. Japir then interrupted the conversation: "As, for that, I have to report that Red Death is dead, sir."

"WHAT?" Yngvarr shouted shocked. "Are you sure?"

The sea dragon nodded. "Yes. These dragons fought bravely against her and won! I managed to arrive soon enough to witness the end of the battle. I guess the vikings are going to do gods know what with her body."

"Vikings? What vikings?" The dragon elder asked now getting very confused.

Sveina looked at her family worriedly. Then Karsi butted in trying to protect his brother's secret identity: "We managed to convince the vikings to let us go. I mean, they let us go after we helped them to kill Red death" but Karsi added in his mind 'It was Hiccup who did the most of the work.'

Yngvarr stared in disbelief. "Are you sure about that? I've never seen a human show any kind of gratitude towards a dragon before."

Karsi then answered: "I agree with you on that. But I guess there's the first time for everything…"

His mother then used that as a cue to say: "But it'll be for the best if we keep away from any human village from this point forward. I believe they'll leave us alone if we leave them alone."

Unna's heart skipped a beat when she heard that her family was attacked by Red Death and in a Human village. "Why did you go there, Sveina? You put your entire family in risk!"

Sveina looked at her sister and replied: "I went there to find out if Anki was alive or not. I couldn't leave with the uncertainty… However, I told them" she looked to her children sternly and then back to her sister: "To wait for me until I was back. Yet they still disobeyed me."

And seeing how Anki wasn't with them, her sister figured it out what the truth was without pressing the subject. "At least you managed to come back safe and sound." Unna said smiling a bit.

After a short silence Sigga asked: "I just remembered what about the dragons at our home? Are they still trying to get us?"

Yngvarr then offered them: "You are welcome to consider this island your new home. We can protect you."

Sveina then said: "Thank you for your offer, but I think we need to put an end with Dagr's idiocy first. After they hear Red Death is dead, I believe most of the dragons will abandon his side. It's true we can't live in a place where our friends would betray us so easily. But I refuse to let myself or my family live in fear."

Galmann then asked: "So, how are we going to break the news for them?"

"That's good question, my boy. When some of the Red Death's followers came here, and discovered Unna was here, they went ballistic on us. Thankfully none of us died. But our aggressors didn't stop when we pleaded them to. So we had little choice in the matter. I don't like violence, but I'll not condone innocent being hurt." Yngvarr said still angry that fellow dragons would turn against each other like that.

The elder's words made Hiccup realize something: "So, nobody knows they were here, right?"

The elder replied not sure of what the boy meant by that: "That is correct."

Hiccup then said: "Then, we can have someone from here to tell them that the dragons came here and found nothing and that you guys had accepted to help them to look for us. Then you also tell them that you searched in a human village and found Red Death dead. They can even send their own scouts to check. I doubt the vikings will be able to get rid of someone as big as her so fast."

His expression saddened as he mentioned the vikings of Berk, but he tried his best to not shot it. However his entire family noticed that.

Unna felt a bit confused seeing her family's expression and could only wonder what had happened. "What happened?" she asked fearfully to her sister.

Sveina then answered with a low tone to her: "I'll explain to you later."

The elder liked the idea. "This might work! After thinking of the details, they'll have no reason to doubt us. After all Red Death's demise isn't a lie and there's a huge chance they won't attack you guys anymore."

"Probably." Sveina said also liking the plan. "But even if they promise to not harm my family, I still won't live with them anymore."

Yngvarr said: "I can understand that. But, as I said, you and your family are welcome to join us."

Sveina smiled and thanked him for his generosity.

Yngvarr smiled back and told them: "I'll leave you guys alone. I know you must be tired and want to spend some time together."

After that he left the cave along with Japir to meet with Sebbi and Reinn who were waiting there. They introduced each other to the older dragon who welcomed them as well to stay in his island. They thanked the elder who left to see if he could get any volunteer for the mission. He wasn't going to ask Japir since he had just arrived from a mission. The elder even told the sea dragon to rest.

Reinn and Sebbi, then got inside of the cave to see if Sveina and the others were alright.

When they got there they heard Ranka say: "What is this smell?"

Unna then replied: "This is the smell of some healing herbs for dragons they have to be burnt and passed over the wounds. They may smell, but they so their job quite well."

"We're so glad you're alright, aunt Unna." Hiccup said fondling her head against his own. He was truly glad that he didn't lose her. It even made him forget for a few moments about what had just happened.

Unna smiled and said: "I'm glad to see you all well too." But then her expression became serious and asked: "But what happened to you guys exactly? Why exactly did the vikings let you go? I saw how much you tensed when the vikings were mentioned."

Every dragon looked at each other nervously. And then Sveina said: "We have a lot to talk, sister. The reason why the vikings let us go was because of Hiccup."

"Hiccup?" Unna asked now getting very confused.

Sveina nodded. She was glad the others just let her do the talk. Hiccup himself didn't even know how to give such news to his aunt.

Sveina then continued: "You see, Hiccup is…half human half dragon."

"Excuse me?" Unna said.

Sveina then continued: "I don't know all the details. But apparently some people in his family are born with the ability to turn into a dragon. I just discovered that. Hiccup wanted the dragons and the humans to be friends with each other, but…his father gave him a choice either betray us and stay with them or leave the viking village forever or leave the humans' lands forever and live with us."

"I'm sorry…but I find it too weird to be…" Unna started saying before Hiccup quickly turned into human in front of her and then back into a dragon.

The injured deadly nadder could only blink seeing that.

Hiccup then said: "I know you don't like humans, aunt Unna. But I would never hurt you or any dragon for the matter. What mom said is true. I could never abandon you. You are my family. I love you all and I hope this won't change how you…"

This time it was Hiccup's turn to be interrupted when his aunt raised from where she was laying and gently fondle Hiccup's right cheek. "That's enough Hiccup. I've had a hunch you were hiding something since you were so awkward when you were young. But I do know you enough to tell when you are lying and I know you're not. You don't have to prove me anything."

Hiccup couldn't stop the tears from flowing as his whispered: "Thank you, aunt Unna."

Sveina smiled as she saw her other children gather around Hiccup and trying to cheer him up.

Later that night, the deadly nadder family was still in the cave along with Sebbi and Reinn. They were all thankful to Yngvarr's hospitality since they were finally able to eat something.

Hiccup pondered a lot if he should or not tell them about Ormhildr. The priestess told him not to tell anyone about her. She told him that his family accepted him the way he was, so it was for the best to not over complicate things with the whole 'ancient dead dragon talking in my head'. Hiccup had to agree with that.

As for Sveina, she had asked Yngvarr when it would be the best moment to approach Dagr. The old dragon had already sent a dragon, after giving him all the instructions he needed to fool Red death's servants.

The elder told the deadly nadder to wait a couple of days before facing Dagr. After all they needed to make sure the thunder drum would be aware of his queen's demise.

At Sveina's original home, in the middle of an afternoon, two days later, Dagr was inside of his cave pacing nervously as he waited for the news of his queen. He was still unaware of what had happened to Red Death. He even sent a few dragons to go to the viking island to know why she was taking so long to kill the humans.

He knew that there was too much at stake there. He heard about Gunnvaldr's betrayal, Unna's escape, that there was no sign of her family and if they weren't captured by the time Red Death finished killing the humans, he was sure that his queen would turn against them. He even though Red Death was taking so long to return in order to give them time to find the deadly nadder family.

"We have huge problems, Dagr." Said a green dragon about as big as a cow entering the cave.

"What happened? Don't you dare tell me you can't find Sveina and her family." Dagr said impatiently.

The smaller dragon swallowed dry not liking to be the one to give him such news, in fact the dragons were discussing who would be the unlucky guy to deliver him the news.: "It's worse sir. We discovered that Red Death …was killed in a human island. One scout from one of the dragon colonies we recruited discovered that and we also sent one to be sure he wasn't lying."

"WHAT?" Dagr roared furiously making the smaller dragon be knocked out of his feet sue the sound wave impact. Thunder drums couldn't produce fire since his lungs were made mostly for sound waves, which are deadly to both humans and dragons.

"This is impossible! Red Death can't be killed! She's the most powerful dragon that ever lived. There's no way puny humans could kill her so easily." Dagr said.

"I don't know how the humans did it sit, but there's more…" the green dragon said trying to be done as quickly as possible with his message in order to get away from the cave. He knew that his leader would be even more angered after the second news he had to give.

"What is it?" Dagr asked furiously.

"Sveina, her family and a bunch of other dragons are outside waiting for you." The green dragon squaled before storming out of the cave not wanting be there when Dagr met them.

The Thunder drum quickly left the cave. To meet several dragons he had never met before along with Sveina and her family, alongside them there was also the doomfang who had killed the monstrous nightmare, Afi, when he had attacked their island. He offered himself to meet the dragon who freed the monster who killed his parents. The doomfang just wanted an excuse to kill the thunder drum himself.

What Dagr didn't know was that many dragons of his colony deserted as soon as they heard about Red Death's demise. They weren't fond of working for her and they feared Dagr would try to boss them around. This left the thunder drum with few loyal dragons who clearly wouldn't be able to pick a fight with some many dragons.

As for Sveina's family being there, she didn't have much choice in the matter. The only way she could think of preventing them to come along was to put them into a cave and block the entrance. The only one who was absent was Unna, for obvious reasons.

"Why are you here? What's going on? Who are they?" the thunder drum inquired.

Sveina tried to keep her cool to not go ballistic on the older dragon. She had a very specific goal and, if possible, she wanted to nobody to get hurt in that meeting. "The reason why I'm here, Dagr, is to put a stop in your madness."

"Come again? A stop in my madness? All I did was to assure that the humans were done for! Don't get me wrong, Sveina, I wasn't fond of giving you and your family to Red Death, but if your sacrifice meant for the dragons to live in peace, so I accepted the price. I regret nothing." The thunder drum said using his body to shield the cave and the little ones sleeping inside of it.

Sveina growled: "Red Death is dead, Dagr, and we helped killing her!"

"You what? How dare you? Red Death was our only chance to get rid of the humans!" The thunder drum roared, making the earth rumble a bit.

Sveina knew that it was unwise to stay so close to a furious thunder drum, since he could kill her if she were too close to him.

The older dragon then continued: "How's that even possible. My scout said that our queen was killed by humans and…" then he looked around and finally realized that the dragon who gave him the news was nowhere to be found, along with several of his allies

"I can't believe I was betrayed! I can't believe you joined the dammed humans" Dagr said furiously.

Sveina could only scoff at his comment: "The enemy of my enemy if my friend, at least for that moment. But it must feel good to be betrayed, doesn't it? Does it feel good to know that you only had a grip on the other dragons because of Red Death? Because of your constant threat you made the dragons here to change the respect they had to you for fear. You're almost alone."

Dagr growled at her and said: "Don't mock me woman. I'm not in mood for your petty games."

Sveina growled back at the older dragon: "Believe me, Dagr, I want to see you dead, more them anything. Don't dare think I'll ever forgive you for what you've done against my family. What prevents me from doing so is because I know that you have young grandchildren to take care of since your son and your daughter-in-law are dead."

After a brief silence they all heard a infant's voice saying: "What's going on, grandpa?"

It was one of Dagr's grandchildren. She was barely four years old. "What are you doing here, Amma! Go back to your nap with your brothers, now!"

"But grandpa, we heard you yelling…" the small thunder drum said.

Dagr then jolted and stayed in front of her and said: "Don't dare to hurt her!"

The doomfang, Hattr, said: "Funny. You are so eager to sacrifice the children of others but you can't even conceive to sacrifice your own. Hypocrite much?

Dagr was about to use his sound wave against the big sea-serpent dragon even though he was too old to fight someone, especially someone of the size of a doomfang who was three times his size.

Seeing how the meeting was becoming a battlefield, Sveina quickly intervened: "Look, Dagr, we are here to offer you a simple deal. You'll never try to harm or plot against any dragon or human for as long as you live. This means that you must forget that we even lived here. In exchange, we'll leave you alone."

Dagr didn't like the fact that he didn't have any bargain power in this conversation, but he couldn't decline such offer either. But he had to ask one last thing: "I Understand and accept that I'll never even try look for you ever again. But Why leave the humans alone? Did you forget what they had done to your mate or have you just forgotten about him and got yourself a new one?"

This time it wasn't just Sveina who was furious, even her children who were patient enough to let their mother take care of the conversation wanted to dismember that thunder drum for his words. Thankfully Sveina manged to say: "Don't push your luck, Dagr. One more comment like this I will kill you. I'1ll not let you to disrespect my late mate like that. It was as I said. We cooperated with the humans to kill Red Death and it's for the best if we left the humans along. Even you have to recognize that the humans didn't try to attack us. They couldn't even if they wanted to. Remember that these islands are impossible for their ships to navigate. If we leave the humans be, they might even leave us alone."

"You're pathetic to believe they would just let us be, Sveina!" Dagr said trying to sound threatening.

Karsi then growled: "And you're dead if you don't accept it."

"Karsi! That's enough!" his mother said looking back to Dagr. "So, what is your choice?"

Dagr gritted his teeth and then said: "Fine! Have it your way, Sveina. I'll never bother to try looking for you ever again. Just don't come crying to me when the humans start attacking you!"

"Don't worry, Dagr. We are sure we'll never see each other again as long as you keep your side of the bargain. Just be sure to let all the dragons who still live here to know of our terms." The deadly nadder said before looking at her children and also new friends: "Let's go back home. Everyone."

With that all the dragon started to fly back to their home. Only Hattr stayed to say one last thing: "Mark my words, Dagr, the only thing that keeps me from killing you right now is because of that child next to you. But if you so much try to hurt someone else, I swear I'll come back to claim your head!" then Hattr went to the sea and left the island back to his home.

The dragons from Dagr colony then left the area and started to discuss among themselves if it was wise to remain there. After witnessing that and also knowing Dagr for so long, they were sure the old dragon might try something stupid and since no one had the courage to actually fight against him, they wondered to think of new places to move with their families since they didn't want to get caught in the middle of a meaningless war.

As for Dagr, he could only swallow his own hatred when little Amma called his attention again. He could see that his granddaughter was frightened because of what the other dragons had said. The old thunder drum even saw his other grandchildren peeing from the cave.

He could see they were all sacred with what had just happened and the best thing he could think of was to comfort them.

Six months later, at the middle of the night, Hiccup found himself flying towards Berk once again. 'My mom is so going to kill me…'

'Who do you prefer to do that? She or your father? Because both will have reason enough to do so because of what you're doing.' Ormhildr said in his mind chuckling a bit enjoying her own 'joke'.

Hiccup shivered with the thought: 'That's not funny, Ormhildr. I'm only doing this because of what you made me remember. That Snotlout's children might be born with the same birthmark as I have. I have to let my father know that. Besides, if I told mom about this before going to Berk she and my brothers and sisters would try tag along too. But it'll be better for my dad to see me alone and not in company with five other dragons.'

The priestess then said: 'I bet if your aunt could she would tag along as well…But she has been busy being courted by that dragon Sebbi. Who would have guessed they were an item in the past.'

Ormhildr had said the second part after she remembered Unna's real condition. The priestess didn't want to sadden Hiccup, especially at such important moment.

Unna had recovered from many of her injuries. She could walk on her own just fine. The problem was that her wings didn't function anymore. They were damaged beyond any medicine they knew.

Oddly enough she didn't seem to mind it that much. Sure she was clearly saddened after receiving the news that her wings were crippled for life, but she found new joys in her life and as, the priestess said, she was falling in love with Sebbi.

Hiccup was a bit saddened to remember his aunt predicament. But he was glad that she wasn't going to let that control her life. He was also happy that his family adjusted well to his new home. Each member of his family adjusted very well to it. Karsi started to have some leadership lessons from Yngvarr, Galmann and Ranka started to learn how hunt better thanks to Hattr and Reinn. As for Sigga, she started to learn more about medicinal herbs for dragons. As for his mother she found a place as one of Yngvarr's advisor's and she also gave Karsi some good lessons.

As for Hiccup, he wanted to know a bit about everything before deciding what he truly wanted o specialize in his life. He wasn't very sure since there were many roles he grew fond of.

That night, Hiccup had sneaked out of his new home not sure if he could be back before everyone woke up. Knowing his luck his mother would skin him alive and then ask him why he had done something dangerous that.

After a few hours of flight. He finally reached Berk and managed to get unnoticed by staying away from the watch towers and landing in the forest. He tiptoed still in his dragon form because it was the form that granted him the best camouflage.

Hiccup walked around getting near of the village when he heard two people talking to each other.

"Are you practicing with your axe again, Astrid? I heard some noises coming from here during a patrol. Just came here to check." Stoic, who was holding a torch, said startling the girl.

The teen smiled sheepishly and said: "Yeah…I know this is the most weird hour to do so, but it's the only time I can practice that without my parents knowing. They're still acting crazy after what happened six months ago. I'm not defenseless, you know."

Stoic smiled and replied: 'They're just worried about you. I know how they must be feeling…" Stoic quickly shook his head. And continued: "At least, Faksi and the other villagers left you alone after that huge dragon incident."

"Yeah…" Astrid said.

It was true that many people started to doubt Astrid's loyalty at the beginning, but, after seeing how she fought against Red Death, many villagers changed their mind about her.

But bringing back this subject also was a bit painful for the viking leader since he hadn't had any news of his son and he was sure that there was no way they would meet again.

When Hiccup saw Astrid and Stoic alone he saw that as his chance to talk with them. He didn't mind Astrid being here as he talked to his father. He turned into human to make sure to his father he had no ill intentions and walked near them, which made some noise among the foliage.

"Who's there!" Shouted Spike getting his axe ready with his free right hand.

Astrid also held her weapon not knowing who was there. But she soon lowered it when both moonlight and the flames of Stoic's torch showed it was Hiccup, who remained hiding part of his body in a bush for obvious reasons.

"Hi, dad. Hi, Astrid." He said nervously as he waved them.

"What are you doing here?" Stoic demanded both happy and angry to see his son there. "Why did you break our deal? I can't believe I was a fool to believe in a dragon's words!"

Hiccup was taken a little aback with his father hostility. He expected it, but it doesn't mean he liked it.: "This isn't what it looks like, dad. I came here alone, so I could speak to you about something really important. I couldn't talk to you about it back then. Please just hear me out before jumping into any conclusion."

Stoic didn't let go of his axe and replied: "I hope it's really important, Hiccup. Say it and then leave." He said that last part more concerned if others found out his son was there, luckily, the weredragon was still in his dragon form so it was hard to see him in the night, except for his glowing eyes.

Astrid was glad Stoic didn't go ballistic against Hiccup. There was so much she wanted to talk to him and she hoped: "Do I need to leave, then?" Astrid said not really wanting to leave.

"No, you can stay Astrid." Hiccup told her. Then he turned to his father and then continued: "You see, dad, our family…condition isn't over with just me. Any kid Snotlout might have can be born with the same…condition as I have. You'll know it if the child if born with the claw shaped birthmark. And I'll know it because…well. I'll just know it. Call it dragon instinct."

Hiccup didn't want to tell them yet about Ormhildr. The priestess would be aware of any child born with her little gift. So she could tell Hiccup of the birth of any child with the birthmark.

Stoic then froze in realization. He hadn't thought of that. The fact that Spitelout was like Hiccup only gave credit to what his boy had just said. Even Snotlout was unaware that his children might grow to become like Hiccup.

Hiccup then said: "Look. I'm telling you this because I can volunteer to talk to him or her and teach him or her everything I discovered during the years and also to not make this child feel so lonely."

If the choice were Stoic's alone he would have agreed with Hiccup, but he couldn't allow his son back to Berk much less let the boy come in secret to Berk so often. As for the latter option, someone might discover it and hell would break lose on Berk.

The man then sad with a sad expression. "I'm sorry, son but I can't go back with my word. I know of the importance of what you had just told me, but I just can't let you back here not even if you come secretly…"

Hiccup then looked at the ground not sure of what to say. He was sure that his father would at least allow him to come secretly to Berk. "I…" he started saying but there was no sentence to be formed.

There was a brief awful silence there.

"Wait a minute. What about the islands in the far western from here. I heard my parents talking about them once." Astrid pointed out with a smile in her face as soon as she remembered of said place.

"What about it? Those islands are unfertile, there's no wildlife or any resources. Nobody goes there. It's pointless." Stoic replied.

"Exactly" Astrid said hoping Hiccup and Stoic would understand.

But the two didn't quite understand what she had just said.

"Sir, you banished Hiccup and the dragons from viking islands. If that's a nobody's men island…" Astrid said without finishing her sentence on purpose to let Stoic realize what it meant. Then she added in her mind with a smile. 'Just because we can't welcome Hiccup here, it doesn't mean we must never see each other again'.

"You're right! Why didn't I think of it earlier?" Stoic said with a huge grin.

Hiccup's eyes beamed with joy with Astrid's idea. "Since that island doesn't belong to any viking I won't be breaking any rule! But I guess it would be better if don't spread this. At least not now. I don't think Snotlout is ready to receive such news. It's even possible he refuses to have children if he hears of this now."

Stoic nodded and said: "I'll wait for him to mature some more before giving him the news."

Stoic then told Hiccup: "Come back here in a week. I believe Gobber will want to see you again, boy. He kept talking to me about you and he was glad that you were alive and well. Together we can think of something."

The boy then asked Astrid: "Will you be here as well?"

The girl then said: "Sure. Maybe I can think of an excuse to go to that island along with you. Will you let me fly along with you again?"

Hiccup gave her a positive answer and then gave a warm smile and then turned back into a dragon. "It'll be better if I return home before mom finds out I'm gone and decides to kill me."

The mention of that dragon he referred as his mother made Stoic flinch. That was something he was not used to or even gave much thought. Part of him still expected his son to fully come back to the viking home. But he wasn't going to say anything about this subject. He didn't want to hurt his son and it was clear that those dragons have raised his son well. 'Maybe they raised him better than I ever could…' The man thought with some sadness. He thought of that because he saw the fine young man Hiccup turned out to be. He wasn't the crybaby he remembered anymore.

Before Hiccup left he told him: "Have a safe travel back home, son."

Hiccup thanked his father and gave Astrid his farewells and then left looking forward his return next week. He even started to think how would be the best way to properly introduce his mother to his father without creating any coinflict.

After a while Hiccup asked curious to Ormhildr who have been quiet for this whole time: 'Aren't you going to say That was a big waste of time?'

'I decided to just watch your actions, my boy.' The priestess said.

'Huh? What do you mean?' the weredragon asked confused.

The dragoness replied: 'It's quite simple. Everything you did defied my logic so did the consequences of said actions. I still think it's impossible for dragons and humans to co-exist in perfect peace like you desire. But that doesn't mean you can't convince a few that dragons are good.'

The night fury flew back to his home

End of story

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