The caravan of life shall always pass

On the evening of the day of their uncle's betrayal, Dastan collapses and it is only due to Tus' quick reflexes that he doesn't fall to the floor. Tus holds Dastan close, shocked at the heat that rolls of his brother as Garsiv summons the healers with panic clear in his voice.
Dastan lies in fever for days while the healers scour their books for a cure but there is no sign of poison or wound and except for the fever, no symptom of illness.

A messenger is sent to their father on the third day and they await his arrival now. Tus waits and watches Garsiv fret and rage. He watches as the fever consumes Dastan and knows his brother is going to die. He passes the beads of his silver misbaha through his fingers and grieves.
On the fifth day, Garsiv falls silent and kneels next to the bed. He takes Dastan's hand in his, bows over it and weeps. Tus prays for him too.
At the breaking of the seventh day, a messenger brings news that their father is two days away. When the healers look troubled, Tus knows the king will be too late and even though it tears him apart, he orders preparations for Dastan's funeral; Garsiv punches him and has to be restrained by his guards.
He returns to his brother's deathbed and prays. Some time later, Garsiv joins him. Except for Dastan's laboured breaths and the soft clink of the prayer beads, the chamber is silent.
They wait.

It's night when Princess Tamina enters the rooms, she looks pale but her mouth is set in a determined line. Garsiv lays his hand on his sword as she approaches the bed, but lets her pass when Tus draws him away. When she reaches for something in her robes, Garsiv wrenches out of his grip and rushes over to grasp at her arm.
She shows them the phial concealed in her hand. "It will heal him. His illness is not natural but my priests are convinced they have found an elixir that will take away his fever."
She looks at Tus. "Let me try, after all, what further harm could it do?"
Garsiv snarls at her but Tus stops him.
"Do it."
She lets the potion drip slowly between Dastan's opened lips, a few drops of the green liquid escape and roll down his pale cheek. When the phial is empty, the princess stands back and sighs. "I have done all I can". Before she leaves, she casts a contemplative look at Garsiv and him.
Tus sits down heavily in the chair next to the bed and hides his face in his hands. There is no hope left in his heart but he does not weep. Garsiv sits on the floor next to him, unhooks the misbaha from Tus' fingers and softly begins to pray.

On the morning of the ninth day, while the trumpets announcing their father's arrival sound in the distance, Dastan opens his eyes.