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Okay this is my first story on a site so enjoy and I'm always open to (Constructive) criticism. Any text in Italics are a dream sequence. Play ME before reading. *Spoilers*

Ch. 1

Dreams that do come true can be as unsettling as those that don't.

Brett Butler, 'Knee Deep in Paradise'

I'm sitting in a large empty room a purple glow spread throughout."Bring the gentleman to the surgical deck full mods," a voice says. I feel something puncture my skin and see a purple skinned asari holding an injection gun thing, before I fade away I see a worried look on her face.

I wake up on the floor in the pitch black of my room, the only light being the stars ."Ouch" I say "I need to lay off Mass Effect for a while." I grin thinking of how I had already beaten both games tons of times as a paragon and renegade and how thankful I was for the Tali option in ME2. But something occurs to me my room had carpeting, but this floor was metal. I start to get up to search for the light switch when I notice the window in my room was bigger than when I went to sleep and upon further inspection. Wait were the stars moving! 'I need to know where I am' I think, "Need to turn lights on," I say.

"Lights on" a woman's computerized voice said and the lights turned on 'OK definitely not my room.' Everything looked like it was out of a sci-fi movie then it occurred to me 'stars moving, a sci-fi interior decorator, voice activated lights.'

"I'm on a space ship" I say to the room.

"The Circumference," the computerized voice says.

"What," I ask in reflex still a bit overwhelmed with my revelation.

"The Circumference found your escape pod and brought you aboard," the voice answered.

"What escape pod how did I get here," I say panicking more and more.

"The escape pod you were found in was low on oxygen so your disorientation is to be expected," a voice said it takes me a moment to realize it wasn't the one over the speakers, it also sounded weird, like I was listening to two TVs that were only milliseconds apart. I turn toward the direction it comes from. I nearly scream, I knew what it was a turian, a six foot tall, three fingered, mandibled, exoskeletoned turian. But hey I had just woken up in the middle of space had a conversation albeit, a short one, with a computer and I was not in the clothes I went to sleep in (I was now in space pajamas) so I was a little freaked out. Okay I'm lying not a little freaked out I was a lot freaked out, I feel myself fade as the floor comes up to meet me.

I hear whispering "what did you do" "nothing I started to explain how he got here and he fainted."

I open my eyes slowly and look at the two conversing in the door one was a turian, that's right a turian, the other looked like a woman but when I saw her skin was purple it hit me, she was an asari. "We better move him onto the bed," the asari says and takes a step toward me. I take a deep breath and exhale slowly, both notice. The asari moves closer, "are you okay" she asks when she sees I'm awake. I get a much better look at her, she's in some kind of uniform, and she obviously works out, a lot.

I suddenly become conscious of the fact I'm in the pajamas, they kinda looked like a T-shirt and boxers were combined, I take another deep breath, once I've calmed enough I respond to the asari who had stopped and stood near me "No," I say in a shaky voice.

"What's wrong," she asks concern evident in her voice, moving a little closer I scoot back the same distance she has a worried look on her face.

I ignore her question instead ask one of my own, "where am I." My head begins speeding through thoughts linking together the clues: asari, turians, space ships!

"You are currently onboard a privately owned ship . . . " she sits down in front of me but at a respectful distance as she begins explaining the situation, during which the turian decided to leave, I was found unconscious in an escape pod, but there was no debris in the area, the owner had me brought on board and put in this empty room he normally used for visitors. After the explanation I was invited to explain how I got out into the middle of space.

I'm very good at coming up with lies on demand, but that's when I know what the truth was since I didn't know I decided to try the truth "I don't know" amnesia might work I think "I can't remember anything from before waking up here."

"Your name," she asks trying to help me remember.

"I don't know," I answer struggling, I didn't know enough about amnesia to know if victims remember their names. I have a bad habit of being asking off topic questions true to this I ask "are we both speaking English or are we using translators?"

She looks a little surprised "why," she asks.

I draw a blank, why did I ask that "just curious," I say.

"We are using translators," she answers. "do you know where you are from," she asks.

"No, I don't remember anything," I answer looking destitute at the thought of home, it comes across as sadness that I can't remember to her. "Where are we headed," I ask.

"The Citadel," she says "the Citadel is . . . "

I interrupt her "The center of the galactic community and a giant space station," I blurt out.

"Yes how did you," she begins asking but fortunately is interrupted by an intercom message.

"We are coming up on the relay," a voice says.

Taking advantage of the interruption I ask, "What happened to my clothes."

"They have been spaced the owner sent a new outfit up for you," I can see from the look on her face she's not fooled by the dodge.

"Um . . . this may be a little more comfortable for me if you let me change," I suggests, she gets up to leave the room, "uh, wait" I say.

"Yes," she responds turning back to me.

"What's your name," I ask looking up at her from my seated position.

"Liana," she says with a small smile, "I hope to know yours someday." With that she leaves the room.

With the quiet my mind began connecting all the clues, the intense mood was gone. Suddenly I say two words, "Mass Effect." I had somehow been transported to the game world's universe. I began searching around and I noticed the bundle of clothes, they were human but fairly small on me. Being 6'3 and I'll admit a little husky, makes finding clothes a little hard, but out in the middle of space I guess this is the best they had. It was simple a t-shirt, a pair of pants and black boots. After I finish dressing, I stand and look out the window everything's turning purple, "Guess that means we're close to the Serpent Nebula," I say to myself.

I hear a beep I look towards the door which whooshes open and Liana walks in. "The owner wishes to speak with you," she says and gestures for me to follow her. I comply.

"So who's the owner," I ask as we walk down the halls.

"No one knows," she answers with a glance over her shoulder. Eventually I'm lead to a door which opens into a pitch-black empty room. She gestures for me to enter. I catch a worried look flash over her face as I walk in, before I can think about leaving the door shuts.

"Welcome," an obviously electronically disguised voice says I look for the owner and see a hologram sitting in a futuristic arm chair with its back to me. There's a clack and a whir as a whole wall moves and light fills the room' it's empty except for another chair. 'What a waist of space' I think, the room was big and bathed in the purple light of the nebula we were in, it gave me an ethereal feeling of the whole situation. The holographic chair never turns towards me "You may sit."

"Uh . . . Okay," I say I walk over to the chair it's comfortable, but the situation isn't.

"What's your name kid," the figure in the chair says not once turning towards me.

"I don . . . " I start to say.

"Lets cut the bull," the figure said I didn't hear any anger in the disguised voice but it could've been due to the distortion in the voice "I've been around alotta liars and you aren't good at it, your name."


"And any more of that amnesia crap and I'll have you thrown out an airlock," the figure threatens.

"I'm Will Doe," I answer truthfully.

"So how did you come to be in the middle of space in an escape pod," the voice asks.

"I really don't know how that happened," I say putting an emphasis on really.

The figure dropped the subject, and asks a different question, "Where you from."

"Earth," I say, "New York."

"Hm," the figure pauses I sit uncomfortable for a few moments "you don't exist."


"I ran the DNA on your clothes, your face, your voice and you don't exist anywhere," the figure says, "that's useful."

"But . . . "

"Your working for me now," the figure continues.

"How . . . "

"I need someone who doesn't exist and while you obviously have no skills, it wouldn't hurt to send you on this mission," the figure begins speaking aloud ignoring anything I might say, "it won't be charity, no, need to be motivated."

"Sir . . . "

"You'll also need something to get their attention," the figure definitely is ignoring me, "surgery enhancements."

"Huh" I shout.

"Liana," the figures voice booms.

I hear the door whoosh open and footsteps, as she enters the room. "Sir," she says tensely.

"Bring the gentleman to the surgical deck full mods," the voice says, "no control chip for this one."

I feel something puncture my skin and see Liana holding an injection gun thing, I fade away but I see her face has the same worried look as the asari in my dream.