Poison black.


Dean always liked secretly the scent of sulfur. Sam never did.

Note: This have been written already on October 2008. Funny, isn't it? But it still fits, whether you read it as they are now or how they were then. My first published Supernatural fic, so I thought I'd go for a oneshot. Should I publish more? You tell me.

Poison black

by: Niphrehdil


Sam knew what sulfur meant.

This is my choice.

To Dean sulfur ment need of protection, need of him. A feeling that he had an aim for life. To stop sulfur in any terms. The scent of it...Like nothing else. Sweet, bitter and dangerous all the time. Scent of danger and death...Scent of safety and life...Scenf of their life.

Scent of Sam's first important moments. Why they were there where they were now. Why Sam needed Dean. Sulfur. Poison black like ink. Dean never told Sam he liked it. Sam wouldn't have wanted to tell him it ran through his veins. Sulfur...

Their ecstacy of life.

As long as it would last.