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Epilogue – Back to the Future...

"C'mon Noah... it's just a suit, stop being a big baby!", said Kurt as he stood impatiently outside the changing rooms, his arms crossed over his chest and tapping his foot.

"It's not a suit... it's a god damn straitjacket... I look like a 19th century dandy after a paint ball fight...", grumbled the jock from behind the saloon style doors.

The brunette just rolled his eyes as he listened to the taller boy bitch and moan.

"I don't see why we need to get stupid monkey suits anyway... it's not like we're the ones getting married..."

Sighing in resignation as he'd gone over this same argument with Noah on a dozen separate occasions Kurt tried once again to explain,

"Because Noah...", he could almost picture the boy scowling at his lecturing tone, "... it's Brittany's wedding and she wanted us all in powder blue dinner suits..."

Kurt shivered in disgust at the memory of his own fitting for the hideous fashion disaster he was doomed to wear to the ceremony.

'Thank God I was able to find a tailor who would make my suit out of Angora'

Finally after a heavy thump where Noah had overbalanced and head-butted the wall, he stumbled from the changing room with an unhappy glower on his face,

Kurt couldn't help the twitch of his lips as he took in the adorable sight of Noah in a powder blue polyester tuxedo.

"Oh, the ruffle is just so cute..."

Noah just grumbled more audibly before crossing his arms over his chest in annoyance, the material of his suit making an alarming crinkling sound as he did so.

Stepping towards the taller boy, Kurt got up on his tiptoes to place a gentle kiss on the boy's lips smiling as the former football player returned the kiss automatically.

Noah's arms wrapped around the soprano as he deepened the kiss, feeling the always present primal feeling of arousal sweep through him.

Breaking from the kiss, both breathing heavily, Kurt laid his head on Noah's chest, wrinkling his nose as the fabric irritated his sensitive skin.

"The things I do to keep you happy Princess...", sighed Noah placing a kiss to the crown of Kurt's head.

Mumbling against Noah's chest, the sound muffled by the ruffles Kurt replied,

"Hey! It's a two way street remember... remember Quinn's old Cheerios outfit?"

Kurt giggled as he felt little-noah twitch in his boyfriend's pants at the memory,

"I see you do remember... do you think I'd still put that on after so many years if I didn't love you?"

"It still fits you like a glove Princess...", argued Noah,

"That's beside the point Noah...", Kurt interjected while Noah pressed on,

"And you looked damned sexy in that pleated skirt..."

The beast in Noah's chest rattled it's cage in satisfaction seeing the blush staining his love's cheeks.

"If Quinn ever finds out it was me that stole that outfit from her closet though..", Kurt warned as he fought to control his flushing cheeks.

Little Noah was now definitely in a not so little-noah mood and the fabric of the polyester pants was in danger of being ripped asunder as Noah started to thrust gently against the smaller body seeking friction.

"Noah... we're in the middle of a department store..."

The taller man was undeterred however as he simply shuffled backwards dragging the brunette with him, parting the saloon style doors on the dressing room with his back.

Now safely ensconced within the small cubicle, Noah claimed Kurt's lips as the brunette looped his arms around the taller man's neck.

Kurt could feel Noah's erection straining at the fabric of his pants as he ground his hips into the larger body, enjoying the rumbling growl the movement elicited.

"Never get tired of this..." sighed Noah as he broke the kiss and attacked the brunette's neck earning a squeak of surprise.

Noah could feel Kurt's nimble fingers working the fly of his rented pants and growling in consternation when the stubborn zip refused to work properly. Finally managing to unfasten the pants, Kurt dropped to his knees in front of the taller man, taking the fabric and the man's underwear with him to pool around Noah's ankles.

Wasting no time, the years of practice at the art having well prepared him, Kurt engulfed the head of the cock dangling between the now groaning Noah's legs.

"Fuck... Princess..."

It had been six years since the first time Kurt had taken Noah into his mouth, the first time he'd been unsure, been hesitant, now however he was skilled enough to be able to swallow his man in his entirety.

Kurt could feel the little patch of hair which Noah kept above his cock tickling the end of his nose as he swallowed and enjoyed the resulting twitch from Noah as he reached up to palm his heavy balls, rolling them in the palm of his hand.

Noah leaned his back against the wall of the cubicle and his eyes slipped shut as Kurt increased his suction, bobbing his head and doing that fabulous little trick with the tip of his tongue that never failed to drive him wild.

"Oh fuck me!...",

Noah was unusually gifted with a phenomenal stamina, the ability to pound away into his smaller partner for hours before his balls would give that warning tingle that the end was nigh.

When he was engulfed within the warm moist cavity of Kurt's mouth however, he was always reduced, without fail to a babbling and incoherent puddle of goo.

Kurt disengaged from Noah's cock with a wet plop as he looked up at the man with his head lolling back and his eyes closed.

"Noah... you'd think after all these years you'd have learned you have to watch..."

Hazel eyes snapped open and focused on the baby blue eyes of his smaller lover.

"Sorry love... you know I love to watch... you're just too good sometimes is all..."

The brunette smirked at Noah before replying,

"Oh I know I'm good."

"Jesus fucking Christ..."

Noah's eyes rolled into the back of his head and he collapsed onto the little bench, when Kurt pounced on his cock swallowing it to the root once again.

Noah's breath was coming in short pants now and his vision was whiting out the pleasure was so intense. He could feel the churning in his balls becoming more pronounced as he fought against the desire to spill his seed.

He was about to warn the brunette of the impending climax, when the suction stopped and Kurt simply sat immobile with the jock's cock lodged at the entrance to his throat.

Noah understood immediately what it was that Kurt wanted from him as he forced his unresponsive hands to take up position on either side of the boy's head. Thrusting his hips forward, he heard the small soprano's gasp as the large mushroom head of his cock slipped into his throat.

Increasing his speed, Noah fucked Kurt's face with abandon, always careful however to ensure his smaller lover was still comfortable.

It had taken many requests, much discussion and several arguments between the brunette and the former football player before Noah had accepted that Kurt had a submissive side that he needed to let out on occasion.

Not many would understand the logic behind the need to be deprived of oxygen in such manner - when Kurt had broken down in tears as he explained how it made him feel loved; to be able to turn over his safety and well-being into the hands of the larger man; Noah had known in that instant that he would do it despite his own initial reservations.

That wasn't to say that the sensations weren't pleasurable, fuck were they ever! Noah's thrusting picked up speed until he was pistoning in and out of the smaller boy's mouth and he could feel the spit spilling out the side of the soprano's mouth to run down his chin.

Finally, with a final animalistic cry, which he stifled as best he could on the arm of the suit jacket, Noah thrust his cock deep into Kurt's throat, completely covering the brunette's airway, as he disgorged rope after rope of come directly down the smaller man's throat.

Slumping bonelessly against the back wall of the cubicle, Noah watched as Kurt lifted his head from his lap, his still fat but softening cock falling from his mouth with a wet plop and settling on Noah's bare thigh.

Kurt sat back on his haunches as he reached into an inside pocket of his Marc Jacobs jacket, an original from this year's fall collection and withdrew a handkerchief. Daintily wiping the corner of his mouth and removing all traces of the saliva from his chin he waited for Noah to collect himself.

Cracking an eye, Noah looked down at the smug faced brunette who smirked back at him,

"So are you bothered about the suit now Noah?"

The boy just chuckled as he shook his head.

"Nope. Don't give a shit about the suit anymore..."

Hearing movement outside the cubicle, Kurt got up off his knees as Noah sat up with a groan and popped his cock back inside his pants, zipping up the fly.

Peeking over the saloon doors on his tiptoes, Kurt could see the shop assistant picking up hangers and filing them away into a storage cupboard. Silently, Kurt pushed the door open and slipped back out into the waiting area.

Calling through the dressing room door and causing the assistant to jump in surprise Kurt affected a bored tone,

"C'mon Noah... you must be changed by now..."

The assistant looked at Kurt's face which was schooled into a perfect expression of the put upon partner as he rolled his eyes in mock affectation.

The assistant smiled warmly not having any idea what had just taken place literally feet from where he'd been standing, before heading back out onto the shop floor.

A moment later, Noah now dressed in his light grey dress pants and white shirt, with his suit slung over his arm exited the dressing room.

Just as they were about to exit towards the shop themselves, a small high pitched voice interrupted them,

"Unky Noah... Unky Kurt..."

A little blonde blur connected with Noah's legs causing the larger man to grunt in surprise and stagger while trying to keep his balance.

"Nathaniel... what have we said about running in the store?", said an out of breath Burt as he staggered in after the wayward child.

"Sorry Daddy...", murmured the little blonde child into Noah's legs.

A little over a year after Noah moved in with the Hummels, Burt had proposed to Carole and after two years of IVF the newly minted Mr & Mrs Burt Hummel had been blessed with the arrival of little Nathaniel Christopher Hummel. The precocious four year old was a whirling dervish of energy that kept Burt and Carole busy from dawn til dusk.

Though technically Nathaniel and Kurt were half-brothers, the little four year old wasn't able to understand the complex relationship both Kurt and Finn enjoyed with their new family and Kurt was happy to be 'Unky Kurt' to the little spitfire.

Reaching down to pick the boy up, Burt groaned as he settled the blonde on his hip.

"Suit fit OK?" he asked Noah.

"Unfortunately..." mumbled Noah while Kurt elbowed him in the side,

"Play nice Noah..."

"Play nice Unky Noah..." parroted Nathaniel before giggling as Kurt winked at him.

The former football player just rolled his eyes at being double teamed by the Hummel boys grousing about unfair advantages.

"Well if you're finished here..." said Burt with a look of a man who understood what it was like to have a demanding partner, "... we need to go meet Carole and Finn at the food court."

With a nod the group wandered out of the store and down the concourse.

"It's all so beautiful..." sniffled Kurt as he watched Brittany and Mike exchanging vows. The brunette was off to the side with a handkerchief in his hand as he dabbed at his watery eyes.

The wedding itself was a complete riot of colour. Britt had insisted on wearing a fluffy pink monstrosity of a fairy dress and Mike being Mike, had simply allowed the girl whatever she wanted and gone with the flow. There were garlands in pink and blue and yellow surrounding every pillar in the church and there was multicoloured confetti strewn everywhere courtesy of Brittany's niece who was acting as flower girl.

Mike himself was stood in a somewhat flattering light blue tuxedo which actually did suit his wiry frame quite well,

'It's just a shame it's polyester...', thought Kurt.

"Do you Brittany Tallulah Chanterelle Morris take..."

"Do you Michael Aaron Chang take ..."

The vows were read and the rings exchanged before the minister pronounced the happy couple man and wife.

As Kurt broke down completely bawling into his handkerchief his heart swelled when he felt the embrace of the larger man as he turned him to face his chest.

"Shhh love..." murmured Noah into the brunette's ear,

"It's all so beautiful..." the brunette sobbed before his happy tears redoubled.

"Unky Kurt... Unky Kurt... Why you cryin' Unky Kurt..."

An insistent tugging at his pants leg caused Kurt to stop crying and to look down at the worried face of little Nathaniel.

"It's alright Nathaniel, they're happy tears for my friends."

"Oh." said the little blonde boy clearly not understanding the difference between sad and happy tears, before his attention was distracted the flower girl running up the centre aisle. With a cheer little Nathaniel went haring off after the girl looking to make friends.

Chuckling Noah couldn't help but comment,

"Chasing after the chicks at four years old. If I didn't know better I'd swear he's got a little bit of the Puckzilla in him..."

Kurt just scoffed before pointedly reminding the man,

"This is the same Puckzilla who ended up coming out and has been sleeping with the same man for the past six years don't forget."

Leaning over to place a kiss on the brunette's lips, Noah murmured,

"How could I forget the best thing in my life?"

Looking around the room Kurt spotted all the friends he'd kept in touch with since graduation and considered how things had changed over the years but the more they had also stayed the same.

Mercedes and Matt were still going strong, the pair had decried marriage however in favour of a ceremony on the beach the previous summer in Bali. 'cedes had claimed it was more 'rock star' and Matt had learned over the years not to argue with his spouse. It didn't matter to either of them whether the marriage was legal or not they still loved each other all the same.

Finn and Rachel had split a short time before the Quarterback had gone on to Penn State with a full football scholarship. Having done his stint at College he'd been called back to William McKinley High of all places; when Coach Tanaka took off one summer with a Thai Ladyboy and was never heard from again. He'd now been Acting Coach Hudson for a season and a half and the team had just recently finished runners up in the state championships. He was hopeful of getting the position on a more permanent basis come the end of the school year.

Quinn had gone on to study to be a Vet and was currently working as a trainee with a practice in Dayton. She'd met a nice investment banker by the name of Jared who had proposed to her the previous Christmas and the pair were due to get married in the Fall.

Tina and Artie had split shortly after graduation, though both remained firm friends, neither had entered into another relationship following the break-up each claiming that they still had to get over the other first. Kurt suspected that they'd be back together again shortly and that kids would follow in short order. Artie had found a job in Lima as a software engineer while Tina was at Nursing College about to finish her final set of exams.

Rachel had gone on to bigger and brighter things, though there were few that could stand to be in the same room as her for long periods. Her talent had earned her the success she had always craved and she was now a permanent fixture on Broadway. She'd started dating and then subsequently married Jesse St James a short while after arriving in New York; when they'd found themselves performing in the same musical. There had been various articles in the press about Jesse's extra-marital affairs, but there'd been no comment from Rachel who it seemed was happy to simply be talked about. No publicity is bad publicity after all.

Kurt had given serious thought to following Rachel to New York and it was still his dream to perform one day on the Broadway stage. However he put his dreams on hold in favour of staying near Lima to be with Noah and was now working part-time for a fashion magazine as a columnist. It was an ideal arrangement for the brunette as he could work from home but he also got to go to the major fashion events in New York, Paris, Milan and the like. It also got him discount on his clothing purchases but he swore that was just an added perk and not the sole reason for his working for the magazine.

Burt when he'd married Carole had offered to teach Noah the ropes in the garage and by the time Nathaniel eventually came along, Noah was a qualified mechanic and Burt was happy to have the man there to hand over the reigns of two of the outlets, to allow him to spend more time with his young family.

Noah and Kurt had moved out of the basement and into a modern two bed apartment just a short walk from the Hummel's house, though they'd considered marriage and adoption they both figured they were still young at only 23 for Kurt and 24 for Noah and they had plenty of time.

Lilith had moved with Sarah to Utah to stay with Raymond about three months after she'd disowned Noah. She had promised Noah unfettered access to see Sarah and she'd been true to her word. Noah and Lilith however never repaired their relationship and though he'd never admit it, Kurt knew that the estrangement hurt the jock. Burt and Carole had taken him under their wing however and that had helped to lessen the sense of loss somewhat.

Noah spent weekends away in Utah with Sarah as often as work would permit him and the girl had come to stay with them on the odd occasion too. Once Sarah had been old enough to understand what had happened when she was younger, she'd threatened to divorce her Mom. It was only an impassioned and tearful speech from Noah that prevented the girl from going through with her threat.

Noah had explained how he felt having lost the relationship he had with his Mom and how Sarah shouldn't use him as an excuse to estrange herself from the woman, as he would never be able to forgive himself. The pair had ended up crying on each other's shoulders for the death of the happy family unit they used to have all those years ago.

In the end Sarah's knowledge of prior events had resulted in a stand-off between the girl and Lilith where Sarah won visitation rights to go see Noah for four weeks a year. Though she'd always shown remorse for the breakdown in the relationship between her and her son, Lilith had never apologised and had never wavered in the belief that she was right. She would still cry herself to sleep however at the pain of having lost her son.

Finally there was Santana, well firstly Santana spent three days, from Friday to Monday stuck on the harness on the trapeze. She was in the hospital for some time afterwards as she'd become severely dehydrated and it was during that time that she'd gotten closer to Dave Karofsky who was still in traction.

Within a year and a half Santana had ended up pregnant with twins and the day after graduation had married Karofsky. The marriage didn't last and three months after the twins were born Karofsky left Santana for Azimio, taking the kids with him. Santana had ended up an alcoholic and working as a stripper in a local dive, washed up and with nothing to live for by the age of twenty-two.

The End...

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