Johnny Angel

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Standing by the bed of the patient that the hospital staff had affectionately dubbed "Johnny Angel," Dr. Alison Thomas sighed as she carded her fingers through the catatonic man's long, brown hair. He had quickly become a favorite of the staff when they learned of his heroism in saving five young teens from a burning building, nearly giving up his own life in the process. The firefighters had arrived just in time to pull him out before the building collapsed in on itself when it's structural integrity had been compromised.

He had been brought to the hospital by ambulance with head injuries from a falling beam and a severe case of smoke inhalation that had included burns to his esophagus. This had caused the man to code a few times in the ER. It had taken her and a team of doctors nearly half the night to stabilize him, and by then, he had quietly slipped into a state of catatonia which still had a firm hold on his body. Luckily for them, his particular state of catatonia left him with a form of immobility known as waxy flexibility, meaning they were able to manipulate his arms and legs into certain positions. She hated the cases where the patients exhibited rigid posturing. At least this way, the therapists and volunteers were able to do exercises with his limbs which kept his muscles from atrophying.

"Okay Johnny, let's see if we can get some kind of response out of you today." Dr. Thomas stated as she began a neurological check to ascertain her patient's level of consciousness. Grasping Johnny's hand, she pressed hard on the fingernail of his thumb as she watched his face carefully. Receiving no response, she pulled the reflex hammer from the pocket of her smock. Turning it upside down so that she had the metal tip pointed upwards, she grasped the bottom of her patient's foot and firmly stroked the foot from heel to toe in hopes of getting him to curl his toes, but her effort was fruitless.

"I know you're in there somewhere Johnny, and I'm going to get through to you sooner or later." Alison voiced as she brushed her fingers through her patients long brown hair. "Somewhere out there, somebody has to be missing you."

Pulling her stethoscope from around her neck, the young doctor listened to his heart and then his lungs to check for any fluid buildup. Finding his cardio-respiratory system to be fine, she checked the nasogastric feeding tube that had been threaded through Johnny's nostril for any obstructions. Upon finding none, she then pulled down the sheet and blanket covering the young man and checked his Foley Catheter insertion site for signs of infection. Establishing that there were no problems concerning that area either, the doctor then gathered together the material to give her young patient a sponge bath. "I hope you appreciate this. I don't usually give sponge baths but I will make an exception for our resident 'Angel'," the doctor teased as she began to glide the sponge over her patient's sinewy body.

Content that her patient was doing as well as could be expected after his bath, Alison replaced the sheet and blanket over him and tucked him in. Grasping his hand and squeezing it lightly, she whispered a few words of prayer and then exited the room, not noticing the fluttering of wings that could vaguely be heard in the air.

"Really, Sam? An angel? You have come far since we first met," Cas solemnly said, with a raised eyebrow he must have picked up from Dean Winchester himself.


Working under the hood of a shiny red Camaro at Danny's Auto Body Shop located only a few miles away from the house that he and Lisa shared, Dean sighed at how insanely stupid some people could be when it came to taking care of their cars. All that was required was to service the vehicle at regular intervals, but it was obvious the car he was working on now had never seen a mechanic's touch before. At the rate the spoiled rich teen owner of the car was going, the car might last ten years before ending up in the junkyard just down the street.

Cleaning the sludge from around the carburetor, Dean's mind was taken back to a time before the apocalypse, to a time before he was dragged into hell by those insidious black hounds at the hands of Lillith. Pulling out the grease rag and wiping his hands, he smiled sadly as he remembered trying to teach Sammy how to take care of his car for when he would no longer be there.

"Ya know Sammy, she's going to be yours one day so I figure it's about time I teach you to take care of her." Dean said as he raised the hood on the car and handed a wrench to Sam before pulling up a bucket and upending it to sit upon.

"Wh-what? You mean you want me to service the car?" Sam gasped, feeling the unfamiliar weight of the wrench in his hand.

"You got it bro." Dean answered, pulling a bottle of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer from the cooler beside him, twisting open the cup, and chugging down a swallow of the amber colored liquid.

"But I don't know anything about…"

"That's what you got me here for Dude." Dean informed his baby brother with the raise of an eyebrow. "By the time I'm finished teaching you, you'll be almost, but not quite as good as me in taking care of her."

"So, uh, where do we start?" Sam asked, scratching a hand through his wavy chocolate colored hair as he tried to remember what little he knew from watching their dad service the car in previous years.

"At the beginning Tiger. The first step in learning is to know the name of the engine parts and how they work together." Dean answered as he started pointing out the different parts of the motor and why they were important."

"God, I miss you so much Sammy." Dean whispered brokenly as he swiped away the tears that were trailing down his face with the sleeve of his uniform from the memory. Even after a couple of months, the pain in his heart still felt as raw as the day his brother had sacrificed himself. Some days, it was all he could do to make himself get out of the bed and lead the life he was living now. He would have given up weeks ago if it wasn't for the promise he had made to his baby brother on that fateful day.

"Winchester, you done servicing that Camaro yet?" Danny's voiced boomed from his office door, causing Dean to withdraw from his somber thoughts.

"Just gotta change the air filters and she'll be ready to go boss." Dean answered, going back to work on the car. It still seemed weird to him at times to use the Winchester surname and not have to worry about getting caught and arrested. Because of the sacrifice he and his brother had made for mankind, his slate had been inexplicably wiped completely clean. He no longer had a criminal record haunting him, and for that he was thankful.

"Okay, when you finish with that, you can take the rest of the day off. The wife has some plans for this afternoon and she'll kill me if I'm late." Danny informed his employee as he started preparing to close up shop.

"Will do boss, thanks." Dean called out as pulled out the old air filter to replace it with the new. Maybe a side trip to the bar before going home to Lisa and Ben would help relax his mind a little.


"Okay you fugly bitch, I know you're here somewhere." Bobby Singer whispered, holding the flask of pure sea salt by his side in one hand, the demon killing knife in the other as he searched the old ramshackle place just outside of Sun valley, Idaho for the Rabisu Demon. Seven people had been killed, their mangled bodies virtually drained of blood, within the last five years after squatting in the decrepit looking house, and he was going to put an end to it. That vampiric demon was going back to hell.

Knowing that the demons were infamous for lurking in dark car corners until they could make their attack, he cautiously approached the hallway that led to the area where the bedrooms were located. Tucking the knife in the back of his jeans, he placed a hand on the doorknob and gingerly turned it. He had to be careful since the creature's bloodlust was uncontrollable, Unlike vampires, they were never human so they had no qualms about killing and feasting off of human flesh..

Shoving open the door carefully, he cringed at the high pitched howling sound that suddenly assaulted his sense of hearing. He knew better than to cover his ears though since that would leave him vulnerable and wide open to attack. Moving inside the room, he trained his eye on the startled creature in the corner as it studied his every move.

"Alright, come to daddy you evil little sonuvabitch." Bobby taunted as he watched the demon take a defensive posture, the muscles in its legs straining as it prepared to attack. Slowly uncapping the flask, Bobby held rigid, just waiting for the demon to make its move. He didn't have long to wait.

With an unearthly roar, the Rabisu demon launched its attack as it sprang from the corner, through the air, and landed just in front of Bobby, its gangly body stench assaulting the hunter's nostrils. Shrieking its death call to instill fear into its intended victim, it elongated its teeth preparing to bite when it found itself in immense and indescribable pain as its eyes sizzled in their sockets.

"That's for Sam Winchester you demonic piece of crap." Bobby snarled as he flung the flask full of pure sea salt into the demon's eyes before pulling the knife from the back of his jeans. Holding the knife firmly, he shoved it straight through the struggling demons heart and then watched as electricity shot through its horrid body until the demon turned to dust.

Swiping the blood off the knife using his pants, Bobby poured some rock salt over the ashes before squirting a decent amount of lighter fluid over the pile. Striking a match and tossing it onto the pile, he watched as it flamed up and then made his way out of the old house, ready to face the next hunt.


Standing beside the catatonic hunter's bed, Castiel looked down at Sam Winchester with an observant eye. Outwardly, his body held no scars from his time spent in hell, but he knew that the boy's mind was a different story. There was no plausible way for his mind to survive the torment of having Lucifer in his body for a day, let alone however long the youngest Winchester suffered in hell. He knew not how Sam had escaped from the demonic prison, but he knew he had to somehow save the man who had become his friend.

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