Johnny Angel Ch. 37

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Previously: "Yes Sir," Sam replied with a satisfied grin, noting the envious look on Dean's face as he made his way over to the sofa and lay down. Maybe this mother henning wasn't such a bad thing after all. He'd better enjoy it while he could.

Of course, that enjoyment had soon diminished over the course of the next few weeks or so as Sam began to feel more and more like a pin cushion. It seemed like every time he turned around, Bobby was having to give him one of those damn injections and he resented the hell out of it. Sure, he did his best to keep those feelings hidden from the man who was so much like a father to him and Dean, but he could tell Bobby knew how he was feeling anyway just by the way the gruff hunter winced when approaching him with vial and needle in hand. Feeling a desperate need to shake the negative feelings, Sam decided he could use something to drink since his throat was beginning to feel parched. Sighing as he cradled his sore abdomen with his right hand, Sam gently pushed himself up off of the couch to go in search of something decent to drink.

"Sam, you doin' alright son?" Bobby asked, walking in the house just in time to see the look of pain that crossed Sam's face upon standing.

Yeah, M'fine Bobby. Just a little sore is all," Sam answered truthfully as he glanced behind the elder hunter, expecting to see his big brother.

"I'm not surprised with the bruises your sporting from all those injections," Bobby stated as he clamped a supportive hand on Sam's shoulder before walking towards the kitchen. "You need me to get you something for the pain?"

"Nah, I can handle it," Sam replied as he followed Bobby into the kitchen so that he could get a class of water. "Where's Dean?"

"He's outside working on that old Camaro we're trying to rebuild from the frame up. You want me to get 'im for you Kid?" Bobby inquired as he pulled a couple of beers from the refrigerator for himself and Dean.

"No, that's okay," Sam answered before slurping down a glass full of cold tap water. "I was just thinking about taking a walk out back to the old pond is all and thought I'd let him know so he doesn't' go postal on me later."

"Well, if you'll wait just a minute, I'll go grab that idjit brother of yours and we'll go with ya. We could use the break anyway," Bobby voiced as he popped the lid off of one of the beers and took a long swig. Sure, he knew Sam was nearly back to full strength with all the physical therapy he had been through over the past couple of months, but he didn't like the idea of the boy taking off by himself.

"Yeah, okay," Sam mumbled as he placed the glass tumbler back into the sink with a sigh. He was beginning to seriously wonder if Dean or Bobby would ever let him go anywhere on his own again.


Sitting at the pond approximately forty five minutes later, Dean surreptitiously watched his brother as Sam massaged the sore thigh muscle in his right leg. He was afraid his sibling was pushing things by taking such a long walk, but he kept himself from saying anything knowing it would make his brother defensive and the last thing he wanted to do was deal with a moody baby brother on such a beautiful day. Expelling a breath of relief as Sam finally leaned back against a tree stump few moments later and supped on the soda beside him, Dean gazed out over the tranquil waters of the pond and allowed himself to think back over the past few months and how happy he was to finally have his baby brother back. Speaking of which, he really wanted…no, needed to know if Sam remembered anything more about his time in hell or how he got out. It was the only way he would be able to help Sam through the coming times when his memories were sure to surface and cause the kid untold pain.

"Hey Sam?" Dean questioned a little hesitantly, not sure if he was opening a can of worms or not with the line of questioning he was about to open

"Yeah?" Sam queried, turning to face his brother with a concerned look.

"I was just, uh…" Dean stuttered, his eyes dropping to the beer in his hands before glancing up at Sam once again. "I was wondering if you remembered anything about your time in…well, you know."

"No, not really," Sam answered, his mind protecting him by shutting off the horrible memories as best it could, giving him only brief glimpses that haunted his dreams at times. "I, uh, I see some quick flashes, but nothing that really…" Sam drifted off, squeezing his eyes shut to keep the tears from coming forward.

"S'okay Sam," stated Bobby with concern as he reached out and placed a hand on Sam's knee and gave it a light squeeze of support. He couldn't even begin to imagine what the boys had been through during the separate times in Hell and just prayed that the memories would cease in time for them. "What about how you got topside, do you have any recollection of how that happened?"

"No, it's all kind of vague. I'm sorry, I don't…" Sam stated, his voice beginning to tremble as he remembered waking up alone in the middle of nowhere with no idea of who he was or where he belonged.

"Hey, hey, S'okay Tiger. Just relax," Dean soothed as he palmed the nape of Sam's neck and pulled his younger brother's head towards him to rest on his shoulder as he carded his fingers through Sam's chestnut colored hair. "I don't care how you came back, I'm just grateful that you did."

"That goes for both of us Sam," Bobby iterated as he watched the two boys who had become so much like his own children now. Knowing that things were getting a little too intense for he youngest Winchester to handle, Bobby scratched a hand across his lower hair stubbed jaw and said, "So uh, what do you boys say about finishing off these drink and then heading back to the house. I have a few juicy steaks just waiting to be put on the grill."

"Sounds good Bobby," Dean replied, thankful that the elder hunter had taken it upon himself to change the subject. "What do you think Sammy? You up for the walk back?"

"Yeah, I think so. Help me up?"

"You didn't even have to ask Bitch," Dean answered in reply as he pushed himself to his feet first before offering a hand to hoist Sammy up also.

"Jerk," Sam stated as was customary between the two of them, unsurprised when his big brother's arm wrapped around his shoulder and started leading him back towards the salvage yard. Even though he would never admit it aloud, he was grateful for the support.


And so the days turned into weeks, the weeks turned into months, and the time had finally arrived for Sam to get the results of the blood tests done on the previous day to determine whether or not the pressure stocking and medications had worked and kept the clot from getting bigger.

Arriving at the doctor's office at nine o'clock in he morning, Sam couldn't help but be nervous about what the outcome would be, as was evident by the way his legs were nervously bouncing up and down. He really wanted this whole mess to be over with so he could finally get on with his life, but he also knew with Winchester luck that there was a chance he would now have to take the warfarin medication for the rest of his life. If that were the case, Dean would make him stop hunting, not willing to chance him being hurt in the field and bleeding to death before they could get help. And the thought of being left behind while Dean began hunting again seriously scared the crap out of him.

"Hey Sammy, you need to chill out a little," Dean voiced, pulling Sammy from his thoughts as the youngest of the brother's turned to look at his older sibling.

"Huh, did you say something Dean?"

"Yeah, you need to calm down a little Gigantor," Dean answered as he placed a hand on Sam's knees to keep them from bouncing so vigorously up and down "You're starting to make everybody else nervous."

"Sorry," Sam apologized with a slight grimace as he glanced at the others sitting in the waiting room and giving him the odd glare. He was just about to voice his worries too his brother when his name was called by a pretty, young nurse. Pushing himself to his feet, he turned to Dean and asked, "You coming?"

"'Course I am," Dean replied, knowing that was Sam's way of asking him to be there for him. "You didn't think I would let you go through this alone did ya Kiddo?"

Following the nurse to a small treatment room, Sam sat patiently through her taking his blood pressure, temperature and weight, then sat down on one of the chairs in the room to wait for the doctor. He didn't have long to wait.

"Good morning Sam, Dean," Dr Joseph Jernigan stated with a smile as he walked into the room carrying Sam's file folder in his hands.

"It will be if you've got some good news for us doc," Dean voiced protectively as he stood beside Sam, a hand firmly gripped on his baby brother's shoulder.

"Well then, I won't keep you waiting. I'm happy to inform you that not only have the medications worked, but the clot in Sam's leg has completely disappeared as DVT's are sometimes known to do," Dr. Jernigan stated much to the happiness of the men before him. "However, you need to know that there is a chance that another clot could eventually develop so you need to very vigilant in following preventative measures in the pamphlet I will be giving you."

"What about the medications Doc? How long do I have to take them?" Sam asked, nervously chewing on his bottom lip.

"Well, as long as you follow all the instructions I give you and follow the advice on the pamphlet, I'd say you can stop taking them now," The doctor answered thoughtfully.

"Don't you worry Doc. You can count on me keeping a close eye on the Kid from now on." Dean retorted immediately. He would read that pamphlet first chance he got and make sure that Sam followed the recommendations religiously.


Leaving the office with pamphlet in hand a few minutes later, both Winchesters looked forward to actually getting back on the road and hunting again soon as it was safe enough for Sam to do so. Of course, they knew they would have to break the news to Bobby first, a task neither of them envied, but that was something that had to be done. Deciding that they really needed to give Bobby a chance to get used to the idea of them taking off, the boys decided they would break the news to the hunter once they got back to Bobby's place and then wait another week or two before actually leaving.

Sighing in contentment as he climbed into the shotgun position of the Impala, Sam lay his head against the back of the seat and closed his eyes, secure in the knowledge that all was well in the Winchester world once again.

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