Once upon a time the world was peaceful and had no war, but then the devil came out from hiding and killed millions of humans, wizards and other magical people. Queen Scarlet forced the devil back to where he came from but in order to do that she had to sacrifice herself. She disappeared afterwards, but before the day she left she gave birth to Amu. No one knew she was Queen Scarlet's daughter. She was adopted by Tsumugu and Midori Hinamori. Her adoptive parents are human, but later on discovers Amu is a magical being. They send her to Seiyo Academy to begin her training. Amu doesn't know she possesses a powerful type of magic. As she learns magic, the devil is slowly gaining power waiting to return yet again. You wondered what I meant by magical beings? This is the list of people who exist in this world:


Mortals are regular humans who use martial arts, judo etc. for self defense. They cannot use magic.


A Mage is a witch or wizard who can only control 1-4 elements. The elements are: water, fire, earth, air. They cannot control rare elements. A Mage can combine an element with another but it takes up your energy and mana in order to do it.

Angel Witch:

An Angel is rare and only 20 exist in the world. Angels are mostly female. Angels are very pretty and have a great voice for singing. They are also great actors. They can control all normal elements and 1 or 2 rare elements. Rare elements are: Control, Illusion, Light, Dark, Teleport, Minds, Past and Future.

Knight Wizard:

Knight Wizards are the same as Angels but they are male. Only 20 exist in the world. They are good looking and can play any instrument.

Full Moon Witch:

Full Moon is the rarest type of magical being. Only one exists in the world. She can control all the elements including the rare ones. Full Moon is the only one who possesses the element of Change and Time. Full Moon Witch can also make wishes that will come true.