"Amu! Wait up!", my neighbor called out to me.

"Hurry up -! Are you sure you're a boy? I'm a girl and I run WAY faster than you! Come on the tree I told you about is this way!"

I remember this memory, it was when I was a kid and my best friend was my neighbor that was just a little older than me. I couldn't remember anything about him thoug. Not even his appearance, I only remember certain events.


"Oooh! You said a bad word, the S word! And I told you, it's a sparkly golden tree! The flowers on it are silver and gold petals, the middle of the flowers are gems! It's just too cool!"


"NEVERMIND! LETS JUST GO TO THE TREE!", we reached the tree soon enough, it was in the backyard woods area. When we got there, my neighbor was trying to climb the tree, I told him it was dangerous. He ignored me and broke his leg after a fall, later he moved away to another town cause his parents thought I was a bad influence around him.

I woke up after someone threw at least a gallon of icy water on me.

"AMU! GOD! STOP PASSING OUT ON US! YOU GOT A PROBLEM!", Utau was frantic and worried, she was holding a bucket and with her other hand, grabbing my shoulder while shaking me.

"Sorry, it's been happening a lot lately and PLEASE stop molesting my shoulder!"

"Oops, and no kidding, seriously, like first with the magical flying now this, next thing you know you'll be awake only minutes at a time!", Utau helped me up from the floor and then told me I missed when the new students were introducing their charas.

"Oh, well, what do we do now?", I asked her, wondering what their charas might been like.

"Um, I don't know, it's time to return to the dorms anyways", she looked around and suddenly look at my chest.

"Utau. . . what are you staring at?", I was confused and kind of grossed out about it.

"It's just that, your wand, its glowing", I looked down wondering what she was talking about. Then I saw my wand, it was floating in midair and then the wand suddenly had silver vines crawling up and wrapping around the golden stem. Jewels were sprouting from the vines, then at the top point, a flower was opening and in the flower were little pearls that glowed. The wand suddenly made Utau pass out, and there in the pearls was the picture of the tree, the one in my memory. It then showed my neighbor, blue hair, blue eyes like night.

"Amu, I have to move away cause my parents think your bad. When I get older, I'll come back for you, and we can meet at the tree again! Let's make a promise, no matter what we will never forget each other and when we get older we'll be like our parents, and get married, okay?", he was smiling on the branch above me, holding out his hands.

"It's a promise!", I was crying and took his hand, we then carved our names into the golden tree with one of the diamonds from a branch, then we each took a flower. We hugged and Ikuto heard his mom calling him. He left and looked back calling out, "Don't forget!"

Then the pearls blurred a bit and moved on to when Ikuto was around 9. It showed him with the flower and his parents were arguing, then the pearls fast forwarded a bit to where his mom died. His father told him he had a sister named Utau. I gasped and stared at Utau who was still unconscious on the floor, I dragged her to a desk in one of the hallways. I then watched the pearls again, Ikuto's father erased his memories by taking him to a witch. Ikuto became unconscious and got put into a foster home, then his father committed suicide. Ikuto later woke up and went through a series of foster homes causing trouble where ever he went. Then the pearls showed Ikuto doing jobs for the magic guard organization Easter. He almost died in battle but, he had the flower with him, the one from the tree. The flower glowed and grew vines wrapping around him talking him to Queen Scarlet. She then talked to the flower.

"He's one of the whole, isn't he? My dear baby will have to marry him? Oh dear, this is dangerous, if the councilmen figure out, then he will be killed", the queen started pacing around and erased his memories a few minutes later.

"Protect him; bring him to the other one of the whole. Change into a wand, if you can't find the other part, take him to the mountains, where Tsubasa lives, ask him to train him in the arts", she looked worried and stared at the chamber door. The flower turned into a wand and in a flash, Ikuto was gone. The pearls blurred again and showed Tsubasa, the headmaster of the school. I felt something on my head. I turned around to see what it was. When I did, a desk came onto of me, and the pain was immense, blackening my vision.

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