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Summary-Haruhi is being stalked. But by who? When the stalkers have her cornered, the host club saves her. But when they arrive at Haruhi's home, they find something that shatters Haruhi's world. As she slowly comes back to life, she learns the truth about the host club, and about the powers she never knew she had.

Who knew perverts could lead to love?

Chapter 1

Running through the alleyway, thinking to myself, "This is where that free karate lesson from Hani and Mori-senpai would've came in handy." I could hear the sadistic laughing of my stalkers following me, getting closer and I sped up. But of course, just like in a bad horror film, I tripped, and the laughing was suddenly right behind me. I scrambled up, more terrified of these two men, than I was of thunderstorms. I started running again, but one of the stalker's voices followed me.

"Hey sweetheart! Why don't you just quit running? We're gonna catch up eventually. And pretty soon you're gonna get tired..." The rough voice trying to be sing-songy was disgusting. I tripped again, and as I tried to get up, they were right there. They smiled at me, sadistically, and I closed my eyes, tired of fighting them. They had been after me all night. But we were in a ghost town, and there was no where to hide. As one of the men touched my arms, I shivered, terrified for my life, and then the host club arrived.

"Daddy won't allow it! Get your fithly hands off my Haruhi," Tamaki-senpai's enraged voice was absolutely scary, but when I opened my eyes, Mori-senpai was scarier. He seemed taller than normal, and as he rushed forward, the guys backed off. Tamaki-senpai came to me, and crouched down protectively.

Kyoya-senpai was satisfied with chasing off the stalker's, but the rest were out for blood. Mori-senpai and Hani-senpai, along with the twins, chased after them, and most likely beat them to a bloody pulp. Tamaki-senpai was pissed off at me, that was for sure.

"What the Hell were you thinking coming out here by yourself? You could have been killed! Don't ever worry Daddy like that again!" Senpai hugged me, squeezing tightly.

"Please don't ever do that to me again. I almost had a heart attack when I got your message earlier. When you told me someone was stalking you, I wanted to get out of there as fast as I could. But since you didn't know where you were, it was kinda hard to find you. Next time, warn me when you go out by yourself. I couldn't survive if I lost you," Senpai's whispered words hit me hard. He had been worried? I mean, I know we're friends and all, but still, he was acting like he had almost lost his girlfriend or something. Don't even get your hopes up girl, I thought ferociously.

"I'm fine Senpai. I just twisted my ankle a bit. Now would you please get the hell off me." I hit Senpai on the back of his head, and he retreated to his corner of woe. Hani-senpai, Kaoru, Hikaru, and Mori-senpai ran up to me, blabbering like crazy, except for Mori-senpai, who just asked if I was all right.

Kyoya-senpai looked at me over the top of his rectangular glasses and said, "Making us find you all the way out here would normally make me increase your debt, but since you were almost raped," everyone winced except for Kyoya-senpai. "I'll let it slide this time. Don't let it happen again." Damn rich bastard. He acts like he has no feelings. It's wierd trying to understand him. I nodded and thanked him, although I was saying a string of profanities in my head about him.

"Kyoya, take it back. It wasn't Haruhi's fault that those assholes tried to rape her. Take it fucking back. Now." Mori-senpai's words hit me like a hammer. They always did. It always shocked me when Mori-senpai stood up for me. But is shouldn't because he is like my older brother. Kyoya-senpai narrowed his eyes, and nodded at me. I guess that's the best I'm gonna get from that rich bastard. Mori-senpai looked at me, asking with his eyes if that was enough. I blinked, and he got the message.

"Oh how sweet! He's standing up for Haru-chan," Hani-senpai said excitedly. I narrowed my eyes at him, and he went and hid behind Mori-senpai's legs. But his hiding place wasn't going to work today. Mori-senpai looked down at him, and picked him up by the collar of his shirt. He shook his head at Hani-senpai, and Hani-senpai looked down sadly. Mori-senpai seemed satisfied, but Tamaki-senpai was aghast.

He was blushing a furious red, and glaring at Hani-senpai like he glared at the twins when they hung out with me. It was kind of funny how outraged he looked, and without realizing it, I laughed out loud. Everyone looked at me like I'd lost my mind. I kept laughing until my sides hurt, and tears were streaming down my face. Tamaki-senpai came forward and felt my forehead. I instantly stepped back and looked at him. My face was probably bright red.

"You're extremely annoying. You know that?" He retreated into his corner of woe again, and the twins laughed. I glared at them, and they laughed again.

"Ooooh. Our little Haruhi has the hots for Boss, does she?" I blushed harder, and now everyone was laughing, except for Tamaki-senpai, who was still hiding out in his corner of woe.

"I. Am. Going. To. Kill. You. Hikaru, and Kaoru, you are going to die tonight. Sleep with one eye open." The twins screamed, and I chased them around the little alley way. I stopped after a little while of the chasing.

"Kyoya-senpai? How the hell are we supposed to get out of here? I really need to get home, because my dad will be freaking out extremely."

"We have a car waiting outside the gates of this ghost town. If you will just come with us." I nodded, and suddenly there was a crack of thunder, and I almost had a heart attack. Tamaki-senpai came forward and grabbed my hand in his.

"It'll be alright, Haruhi. Just keep walking. If you get scared just squeeze my hand." The next crack of thunder had me squeezing his hand for dear life. "Not that hard," He said, looking like he does when he goes into his corner of woe.

"Please don't start growing mushrooms." Senpai laughed, and squeezed my hand gently. My heart skipped a beat. The twins looked back at us and laughed.

"Haruhi and Boss, Haruhi and Boss. Aren't you two just the cutest things." I growled, and then hid in Tamaki-senpai's shirt when the thunder boomed. Then it started pouring down rain, and my t-shirt got stuck to me like a second skin. Tamaki-senpai put his arm around me, and pulled me under his shoulder, and we fit together perfectly. The only downside of this wonderful chance to be next to Tamaki-senpai in a wet t-shirt, was the twins and their manical laughter and jokes about us. I wanted to chase them around like I had before, but I didn't want to leave the safety of Tamaki-senpai during the storm.

Thankfully the thunder soon stopped, and the twins jokes stopped as well. But Senpai didn't let go of me. He held me even tighter to him, and I let him. It was a wonderful feeling.

"Boss, you can let go of Haruhi now. The storm is over." And the jokes were back again. Why couldn't the twins just stay quiet for once?

"Would you two shut it already? Let them enjoy the moment." What the hell? Why would Mori-senpai say something like that? He was the only one I had talked to when I had started to feel different about Tamaki-senpai. He was the only one who absolutely knew that I was in love with Senpai. Well Honey-senpai probably knew because Mori-senpai told him everything. And Kyoya-senpai probably knew because he was just like that.

I tried to pull away from Tamaki-senpai, but he pulled me back to him. Baka. Why did I think I could get away from him? He leaned down and whispered in my ear, "Don't let what they're saying get to you. Just enjoy the moment, like Mori-senpai said. I'm enjoying that you're letting me hold you and you aren't trying to pull away. Well sort of." I smiled and snuggled deeper into him. He beamed, and then everyone looked back at us and laughed.

"I'm glad they're finally accepting their feelings. Aren't you dear readers?" Kyoya-senpai looks out at the readers. How the hell does he know?

"I think it's sweet that Tama-chan likes Haru-chan, and Haru-chan like Tama-chan," Hani-senpai said cutely. Tamaki-senpai's eyes widened and he looked down at me.

"You like me? I already knew that I liked you, as more than just friends. But I can't believe that you've finally fallen for me! YES!" I stared down at the pavement, which suddenly fascinated me. Tamaki-senpai tried to raise my head up, but I broke away from him, and ran to the front, and stood next to Mori-senpai. He liked me! Tamaki-senpai actually liked me. I wanted to squeal and jump up and down for the first time in my life.

"Haru-chan? You should go back there with Tama-chan. He looks sad." I looked back to him, and he did look like he was extremely sad. So I ran back, and tackle hugged him. He gasped, and like the overdramatic dork we all know and love, he spun me around.

"Of course I like you, you big dork. What I can't believe is that you like me. That's the unbelievable part." And then I kissed him, right on the lips. He wrapped his arms around my waist, and pulled me closer to him.

"Holy shiznick. They're actually kissing. Who woulda thunk it?" The twins said together. But I was ignoring them, and enjoying the feeling of Tamaki-senpai's lips on mine. They were soft and full, and he wasn't from slobber city at all. Holy shit what was I doing? I was kissing Tamaki-senpai and he was kissing me back.

"Tamaki, Haruhi, we need to get into the car. So pull yourselves away from each other, or I'll have Mori-senpai do it forcefully," Kyoya-senpai cut in. I gasped, and pulled away from him, blushing bright red. He grinned, and pulled me back to him.

"Of course I like you. How could I not? You're funny, natural, and I'm absolutely in love with you."

"And he finally confesses his love. Now can we please get in the car?" Kyoya-senpai said, exsaperated. The twins laughed. Tamaki-senpai bowed, and ushered me into the car. Everyone else piled in, and the seat next to me stayed empty. And then Tamaki-senpai plopped down next to me. I grinned at him faintly, and he kissed me gently.

"Would you get a fucking room already? The nastiness and wierdness of it is going to make me kill myself." And that was Kyoya-senpai. Tamaki-senpai looked to him, pouting.

"But Mommy! I don't want to get a room." I laughed slightly, and then there was a searing pain in my chest. I cried out, and bent over. Everyone turned to me, and Tamaki-senpai started blubbering.

"Something horrible just happened. I can feel it. I think something happened to my dad." The pain in my chest was horrible, like someone had just stabbed me over and over.

"Driver! To Haruhi's apartment! NOW!" Kyoya-senpai said loudly. We were there in minutes, and Tamaki-senpai carried me inside. My father was lying in a pool of his own blood, and Mori-senpai ran forward to feel for a pulse. I already knew that he was dead. Tears started pouring down my face when Mori-senpai shook his head.

"He's already gone. I'm so sorry, Haruhi. C'mere." I ran forward to Mori-senpai, glad that he was like my older brother. He hugged me tightly, and when he pulled away, Honey-senpai jumped off his shoulders into my arms.

"I'm so sorry Haru-chan! Is there anything I can do? Will cake help?" I shook my head, and the tears started falling faster. I fell to the ground with a silent scream. My world was shattered. Both my parents were gone now, and all I had left was the host club. Tamaki-senpai ran forward to hug me, but Kyoya beat him to it. He knelt beside me, wrapped his arms gently around my shoulders, and squeezed tightly.

"I'm sorry for your loss, Haruhi. I'm going to forgive your debt. You no longer have to work as a host." I heard his words, but I took them the wrong way.

"I can't leave the host club!" I screamed. "You guys are all I have left. Don't make me leave. Please." Kyoya-senpai stepped away, and gestured for Tamaki-senpai to come forward.

"You don't have to leave Haruhi. You can stay on as a host. Please don't leave us." He hugged me tightly, and kissed me. He wiped away all the tears. "If you stay on as a host, you will stay with one of us. We won't let you stay by yourself." I looked around at them. They all probably expected me to go stay with Tamaki-senpai, but that would probably make his grandmother hate him more. I looked at Mori-senpai, and he nodded.

"If you don't mind, Tamaki-senpai, I think I'll stay with Mori-senpai. I don't want to start up something with your grandmother." He nodded, and for once the twins didn't make a single joke.

Mori-senpai came over to me. "Let's get your stuff, Haruhi. And we'll call the police." I nodded and stood up, Tamaki-senpai supporting me. Mori-senpai grabbed a bag and shoved it towards me. I put random things in it, and headed out the door behind everyone else. We steppede slowly inside the car, and as I looked back, tears filled my eyes once more. But I had to be strong. I would survive this. I had to, for my father.

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