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Chapter 21

This is a dream chapter. It's not just a filler. You actually need to read this! It's important to the plot later on.

Third Person

Colors swirled all around Haruhi, and a dull roar rang in her ears until an ancient voice, sounding like a tornado or a windstorm, rang out.

This is the first time she has fully released her powers. She will need time to recover.

The windy voice was followed by a river, flowing over her like happiness.

Unless we help her.

That was followed by birds chirping, and leaves rustling.

Water, you know we can't do that. It is forbidden for us to mingle in the fates of the races.

The river flowed over once more.

But Earth! Dhampirs are not technically one of the decreed races! We can help her!

Then came a rush of warmth.

Water, hush!

Stay out of this Fire!

Don't even start, you two! She can hear us.

I agree with Wind.

You always agree with Wind!


Jeesh, calm down Wind.

Riots of colors swirled around Haruhi once more, and then love, lust, sadness, happiness, anger; every emotion she'd ever experienced ran rampant in her when the next thing spoke.

All of you, stop acting like children.

Sorry Spirit.



Right, sorry.

Now, the point Water made earlier is valid. The girl is technically not one of the races we are not to help. She is something created of love, not lust as those were in the very beginning. Had she been created of lust, she would not even be able to hear us. Speaking of, our apologies, Miss. We are not used to having an audience while we have council. The elements work together for harmony, but there are certain times when we just can't get along.

Where am I, exactly? And what's going on? Haruhi finally spoke out, her voice sounding strange in this weird dream world. Five figures shimmered into existance around her. One was just a swirling vortex; the more she tried to focus on it, the more it disappeared.

Another was heat itself, like the sun. Then came a river, circling over and over. The next one was hard to describe. It was a rambunctious family of squirrels, then a tree, then a man/woman made of dirt.

The last was every emotion swirled into one large thing.

You are in a dream. Well, this is actually happening, and if you are like the others who have accidentally fallen into our council, you will believe this to be a dream when you wake up.

And if I'm not like them?

Then you will

Remember this in full detail.

Don't finish my sentences Fire!

Both of you, stop!

Am I supposed to be this confused?

Sorry. Would you like an introduction?

That might be nice.

I am Spirit, reigning King/Queen of the elements. We have no sexes, so I guess it would be better to say I am the ruler of the elements.

I am Earth, second in command.

Water, reporting in with all my awesomeness!

Bah, ignore that idiot. I'm Fire.

And I'm Wind. I am the oldest element. Then came Spirit, Earth, Water, and Fire.

I'm guessing you already know who I am, then. But I might as well introduce myself. I am Haruhi Fujioka. And I have no idea why I'm here.

You released your powers fully for the first time, when your soulmate died.

It fell silent, and the color swirling around Haruhi changed to black.

Tamaki-senpai is dead? Tamaki-senpai is DEAD? Tamaki-senpai... Oh God.

Nice going Wind...

Water, hush! Haruhi, breathe. Your soulmate is very much alive, thanks to you, and to us. With power like yours, if your soulmate had truly died, you could have destroyed the world. That is why we decided to channel the raw energy you released into the werewolf lord's body, resurrecting him.

The thing about Dhampirs is that they are a source of unlimited raw energy. Once taught, and channeled, that energy could do amazing things. But with all powers like this, it could also do terrible things. That is why there are only three Dhampirs in the world. You, Sakuno Ryuuzaki, and a young boy in America. He will not be any danger though, for a long while. When his time comes, we will lead him to you, and your group, so he may be protected.

We will be the ones to teach you.

Okay... But Tamaki is alive? And well?

Very much so.

That's good, I guess... When will I be able to go back?

Whenever you wish. Though it would be best for you to rest here, in Elysium for a while longer. You drained yourself when you released all of that power at once.


Actually, you should be okay to go now. Haruhi, we will contact you when we need to teach you. Stay safe until then, and do not let anyone through any mind blocks you put up. Those Hunters are almost to your haven. Don't trust anyone until you've probed their mind. And make sure one of us is always with you. Keep Earth in a pouch, Fire in your pocket, Wind in your lungs, Water on your lips, and Spirit in your heart. Goodbye, little one.

And she was tossed out.


Haruhi's POV

I awoke in a large, floofy bed, surrounded by the Host Club, the Seigaku Regulars, and certain members of the clans. They were all asleep. Sier stared at me from the corner, her eyes narrowed in concentration. She was having a vision.

Already your senses are sharper, and you've only visited us once!


Yes, little one. I will stay in your heart as long as I am wanted.

And I'll be here as well.

What about everyone else?

You will have to gather them yourself. We are the only ones able to manifest ourselves without an outlet.

Oh. Okay then...

My eyes scanned the room. Again. And again.

"Where's Tamaki?" I snapped, jumping up. Everyone in the room bolted awake. Sier stayed in the corner, lost in whatever vision she was in.

"Haruhi! What happened?" Komatsu exclaimed, her no-longer-blind eyes wide. Mori's arm stayed wrapped around her waist tightly. But the expression on his face was a familiar one. He was scared, worried, and furious.

Something really, really bad had happened.

Spirit? Wind? Got anything for me to work with?

After you saved Tamaki Suoh, he was put to trial by the werewolf council. Takashi Morinozuka was the judge, and he judged Tamaki as not guilty, which caused an uprising. Half of the werewolf clan left, outraged. They were some of the best fighters. You will greatly need them when the Hunters arrive.

That's just delicious...

"You had us scared, Haruhi," Kyoya chimed in. Zephi rested against him, still sleepy, but slightly aware.

"Tamaki! Where. Is. Tamaki?" I hissed, springing from the bed. I sniffed the air, filling my lungs.

Follow the breeze, duckling.


It's better than some other baby animal, right? I could've called you calf. Be happy with duckling.

I heard Spirit chuckle deep in my heart. The breeze blew through my hair, and I shoved past everyone, following it.

"Jeez. Bitchy much," Hikaru remarked. I whirled around, stalked up to him, and smacked him.

"He died Hikaru. He died. I need to see him. You would do the same if it was Kobayashi. So just shut the hell up!" I ran out the door, the gusts of wind pushing me along.

The wind blew open a door I didn't recognize, and Tamaki sat inside, his head in his hands.

He didn't look up when I walked in, and for a moment I thought he was dead. Then I heard his small sobs.

Tamaki was crying? Why?

Little one... It might be best for you to leave the Suoh boy alone now. His beast is loose, and he might do something his logical side would regret.

Tamaki would never hurt me!

Haruhi, listen to me. Werewolves are volatile at best, but when they don't have control of their beasts, they're unstoppable. He could kill you in an instant, rape you, anything. The boy on that bed is not Tamaki. He. Is. Not. Tamaki!

I didn't want to believe it, so I kept going. Tamaki raised his head, and his eyes were no longer indigo. They were a deep, dark black that sucked me in.

"You should not be here, Dhampir." His voice was a frightening growl.

"Tamaki?" I whimpered. His eyes narrowed, and he bared his teeth at me in a snarl.

"I am Suoh-sama to you, vermin. You dilute the great line that Ranka had set down before you. Had it not been for that vixen.."

"Do not insult my mother!" I shouted, anger instantly running through my veins.

Tamaki was across the room in an instant, pinning me against the wall.

"Stop me then, vermin."

I was terrified, but I wasn't going to let the monster inside of Tamaki keep me from loving him any less.

I reached deep down inside of myself, and pulled forth the power, all on my own.

It's amazing she can do things like this without training, ne?


"Give me back the man I love!" I screeched, releasing the power.

"He's already gone!"


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