Ally Barone was walking down the street from elementary school when a yap rang out when she walked by the alleyway. Ally turned her cute little blonde head towards the ally and creeping out of the ally was a little Chihuahua dog. The little thing was filthy and smelly…and one of it's eyes was swollen shut. It was torn up from a fight with a starving ally cat, whose green eyes glared at the Chihuahua and Ally by a nearby trash can. Most people would've found this dog ugly, but to Ally, it was adorable.

"Come here puppy." said Ally, crouching down, trying to coax the scared little dog out of it's hiding place. The dog slowly came up to her. It sniffed her hand and then after a little while, started licking it with a cute little cotton candy pink tongue, Ally smiled and picked up the tiny creature in her arms and was about to walk home, but she stopped for a moment. She set the dog down and got a extra Lunchable cracker and ham sandwich she was saving for later and tossed it to the starving ally cat who ravenously ate it. Ally smiled and then picked up her dog, pressed it against her cotton pink sweatshirt with flowers with swirls for the middle and walked home.

"I'll name you Stinky." she said as she neared her home.